MATIC FEST 2013 – who wants to join us?

Hey guys, join me on Saturday and Sunday at Malaysia Tourism Centre ( MaTiC ) ?

It’s on Jalan Ampang; the nearest LRT is Monorail Bukit Nanas and it’s located on the same row as Zouk. What’s happening starting from Friday (November 29) to Sunday (December 1, 2013) is that the annual MATIC FEST is here again!
MaTiC is an agency under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture which aims to promote itself as ‘One- Stop Centre’ for the convenience of travelers in and out of the state through a variety of services and amenities.

The MaTiC Fest is an annual event and participation is open to the public as well as foreign tourists.
It looks like there’s a lot of fun activities lined up for 3 days. I’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday to support my friends who are in the Paintball, Treasure Hunt and Arm Wrestling competitions!

MaTiC Fest also got support from various quarters including KFC, Ribena Malaysia, Secret Garden, Cocoa Boutique, Saloma Bistro, as well as the close cooperation of Tourism Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL ) and the Secretariat of Visit Malaysia Year 2014. During the day , several artists will enliven the event of Hyper Act, Estranged Group , Lan Typewriter , Amanda Imani , M David Luster and Ezlyn . Further details for this event can be found on the website [email protected] .

Those interested in participating in any events in the program MaTiC Fest 2013 please contact Mrs. or Ms. Norwati Mislan Mcfarizsa Daniel at 03-9235 4800/4900/4912/4915/4816.

a5 flyer(bm)

All activities designed are suitable for every age. Among them are as below and there are prizes for the winners of course! 😀
i . Paint Ball Tournament Champions ( Rs 2000 & Medals )
ii . Competition & Exhibition Cat Show – Champion ( Trophy & various gifts )
iii . Treasure Hunt Competition – Champion ( Rs 600 & 2 medals ) iv . Karaoke Competition – Champion ( RM1000 & hampers)
v . Batik Coloring Contest – Champion ( RM 150 )
vi . Citizen Sports Challenge Competition – Champion ( RM 500 )
vii . Colouring Competition – Champion ( RM 150 )
viii . Arm Wrestling Competition – Champion ( L- Rs 1000 & Medals )
( P- RM 200 )
ix . Tamiya Competition – Champion ( Tamiya cars, trophies & hampers)

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  1. Abang Bro

    bro. kan paintball tu haram? hari tu ada keluar surat wei.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Surat ape????
      Eh, u mau pi? Kita pi Sabtu ke… Ahad.. oh, u kerja ye? Chehhh

  2. Marcus

    yo what doe sthe Rs stand for ? rupees?

      1. Marcus

        why the heck are we playing with indian currency then?

  3. Veron

    Hmm I’m interested in the cat exhibition! Hubby would love the paintball though

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