MAS : Launch of iMas Travel Contest & MHBuddy Facebook App

I landed from my Australia trip (check out my 10-days in 1 video HERE!!) on Sat 26th Feb at 845pm. On the very same night, MAS was hosting the MasTraveller event at Neo, Jalan Sultan Ismail.


Exhausted and jet-lagged as I was after a 7 hour flight, plus a 3 hours transit in Sg Changi, I took the KLIA Expres, reached Sentral, hailed a cab, jumped in & rushed myself to Neo in less than an hour.

All that for?

Well, for one, I missed my fellow bloggers friends! 10 days in Aussie feels like a month! Also, this gathering of bloggers is one of the biggest of the year as MAS goes all out to engage the online community for their iMas Travel contest and the launch of the MH Buddy Facebook app.

Advertlets iMas Travel Launch

I heard of their exciting prizes for their iMas Travel contest & I took part!

Here is my entry; the muddy adventure I had in Pulau Tiga, the Survivor Island of Sabah. CLICK LIKE for me PLEASE!

My entry HERE. —-> Click on this link.

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MAS Traveller - wackybecky at Pulau Tiga Resort, Sabah - mud bathing at the mud volcanoes!

THANK YOU in advance! I need all the votes I can get so please please CLICK LIKE for me yea! Appreciate it lots! 😉

Back to the event, it was fun with so many activities going on that night.

Advertlets iMas Travel Launch2

Advertlets iMas Travel Launch3

So as I was saying, other than the launch of the iMas Travel contest, MAS launched their new MH Buddy Facebook app as well.

I thought the concept sounded good ;

Customers of MAS would be able to share trip details with their Facebook friends. With MHbuddy, customers who book a flight are reminded of their friends who live at the destination they are headed for.  They are also prompted if any of their friends on the Facebook network are also planning to travel to the same destination.” as quoted by Dr Amin Khan – EVP Commercial Strategy.

A few things got me here.

  1. So FB accesses your FB friends, and tells you who you can catch up with at the destination of your travel – that’s way cool, cos though I travel often, sometimes it does slip my mind who lives in that particular country that I’m visiting. Also, out of the hundreds of friends who have on FB, do you know where every single one of them are based? People moved for studies, jobs, marriage..etc.  I was surprised when I realized I know someone living in Korea, but that was after I came back from Korea and she left me a message because she saw my Korea travel posts. Wasted! I could have saved my hotel budget. 😉
  2. Being prompted if any of my friends are travelling to the same destination – LOL. Imaging, catching up with your friends on a 7 hours flight. Errmm, it could be fun! Haha..
  3. Want to seat beside your friends? MHBuddy actually allows you to check in via Facebook and select your seats. During seat selection, you will also be able to view the seats of your friends who are travelling on the same flight. OMG! This is almost “stalk-ish”! LOL.

Anyway, I had to test this app out for fun.

1. Go to the Malaysian Airlines page on Facebook and click “Like”.

2. Then you’ll see this screen. Click on the red Get Started button.

FB Malaysia Airlines

3. Then it comes to this screen, where you start booking your flight. After that, click on the Search button to start stalking your friends. 😉

MHbuddy on Facebook1

4. Unfortunately for this trip I’ve got no friends on the same flight. 😥

But MHBuddy tells me I’ve got friends in KL! I’ll just have to scroll down the side bar and I’ll see the whole list of friends I’ve got in my FB that is based in KL. Ok, let’s try with Victor Liew.

MHbuddy on Facebook3

If I click on the “share” button, this comes up. Wow! Auto message ready too!

MHbuddy on Facebook4

And if I click “Publish”, OMG! I’m published on HIS (Victor Liew) FB WALL!! No way he can miss it! LOL. Can’t say he doesn’t want to meet me even if he doesn’t!! LOL.  And you can continue to share as many friends as you like.

Victor Liew1


Ok, that done, I’m going ahead to finish my booking. Going back to the same screen, I clicked on the time of the flight that I want…

MHbuddy on Facebook3

And after I’m done choosing my flight, I’ll have to purchase them of course.

MHbuddy on Facebook5

So I have to confirm my flight, etc.

MHbuddy on Facebook6

Ok, I have pretty much got the hang of it works now, did you? It’s simple enough. So now I’m testing out the other tabs at the left corner.  Naturally after you have made a purchase, you ‘ll have a a booking number. So here on the “My Booking” tab, you’ll be able to check back on the booking you’ve made.

MHbuddy on Facebook7

Lastly, the MHBuddy app allows you to check-in online and here is the part where you can see where your friends (if they are on your FB) is seating and opt to seat next/near to them.

MHbuddy on Facebook8

Would be interesting to check that out, but since I’m not actually booking any tickets to anyway at the moment,  I can’t to access beyond this point. Anyhow, I’m sure you guys got an idea of how the MH Buddy app work yea?

Well, Malaysia Airlines is now one of the most active airlines on social media, with not only presence on Facebook and Twitter, but with a fully integrated app that allows you to book your flight, share your itinerary & even check-in all without leaving the FB page.

And one last pic, we Advertlets bloggers made it into the papers! =)

Star papers

And lastly, PLEASE click LIKE for me??

My entry HERE. —-> Click on this link.

Look for the “Like” button at the bottom :

MAS Traveller - wackybecky at Pulau Tiga Resort, Sabah - mud bathing at the mud volcanoes!


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