Martin Yan Live in Malaysia on “8 Treasures of China” Tour @ Ritz Carlton KL

It’s a challenge to describe how entertaining Martin Yan is in person.

I hope the below managed to illustrate it for you:

Martin Yan2 copy

The recipient of numerous awards and accolades, Chef Yan is recognised internationally as an accomplished chef among his peers. He has also captured the attention, admiration and hearts of millions of fans by spicing up his cooking repertoire and teaching with a personal ingredient – wit! Whether on television or in person, a session with Chef Yan proves to be both invigorating and educational.

The whole group of invited guests & media was tickled with his antics & animated gestures at his recent cooking demo at Ritz Carlton.

SAM_9674 copy

Dedicated to demystifying Asian cooking, Chef Yan furthers the understanding of these excellent cuisines and the cultures that created them with spirited lessons, fun and entertainment.

These were some of the delectable but easy to prepare treats we had that day.

martin yan, 8 Treasures of China tour, malaysia copy copy

As you may know, one of the revered skills as a cook is the art of being able to slice raw ingredients into teeny-weeny slivers and with uniformity. Yes, each and every slice must boast of the same thinness.

And here is Martin Yan very happily showed off his prowess in this department.

SAM_9640 copy

His deftness with the knife bears testament of his dedication to his art – cooking. It was obviously a skill horned sharp by numerous years of reign in the kitchen.

SAM_9664 copy

SAM_9665 copy

martin yan, 8 Treasures of China tour, malaysia-4 copy

martin yan, 8 Treasures of China tour, malaysia-3 copy

SAM_9643 copy

Not applicable just vegetables; but even for seafood as well!

Martin Yan copy

Born in Guangzhou, China, to a restaurateur father and a mother who operated a grocery store, Chef Yan possessed a passion for cooking from an early age. His formal induction into the culinary world began at age 13 with an apprenticeship at a popular Hong Kong restaurant. He refined his natural talent at the Overseas Institute of Cookery in Hong Kong, and then pursued a Masters of Science in Food Science at UC Davis in the United States.

With all that accolades, I couldn’t wait to EAT the food prepared by the hands of this capable Chef.

SAM_9682 copy

Martin shared 3 recipes with our lucky group that day. Recipes that he claimed is created & first time ever debuted to the public. Wow! We are indeed an honoured bunch!

First up: Siu Mai with Spicy Tomato Sauce.

SAM_9651 copy

SAM_9656 copy

Then it was the Yin Yang Vegetables Pockets.

SAM_9671 copy

SAM_9668 copy

Yin Yang because some of the potstickers were poached………..

SAM_9675 copy

………….and some were pan fried.

SAM_9677 copy

Poached potstickers.

SAM_9679 copy

SAM_9680 copy

Pan fried potstickers.

SAM_9686 copy

Both equally delicious! 😉

Last was the fusioned Spring Rolls. Prawns, cheese & avocadoes =Yummy!

martin yan, 8 Treasures of China tour, malaysia-1 copy

Step by step: Really simple! Start with spring roll wrapping, then fresh avocadoes followed by poached prawns and lastly topped it all with shredded creamy cheese of your choice.

Martin Yan1 copy

Fry it all up in some vegetable oil.

martin yan, 8 Treasures of China tour, malaysia-5 copy

Now imaging eating this; creamy avocadoes with crunchy prawns and melted hot cheese… lovely!

martin yan, 8 Treasures of China tour, malaysia-2 copy

My personal favourite is the dip that came with the spring rolls. Pretty simple as well, just mash avocadoes with a squeeze of lime juice plus some seasoning of salt & pepper. Add bird eye chillies for some heat and you got yourself a very appetizing dip!

All recipes for the above dishes will updated by tomorrow.

SAM_9676 copy

martin yan, 8 Treasures of China tour, malaysia-6 copy

SAM_9670 copy


Martin Yan’s accomplishments:

martin yan, 8 Treasures of China tour, malaysia-7 copy

30 cookbooks, including the award-winning “Martin Yan’s Feast”, “Martin Yan’s Asian Favorites”, “Chinese Cooking for Dummies”, and “Martin Yan’s Quick & Easy”. His latest cookbook, “Martin Yan’s China”, documents his travels and culinary discoveries throughout the far reaches of China.

SAM_9667 copy

A valued instructor at top culinary institutions, Chef Yan has taught at The Culinary Institute of America, Johnson & Wales University, The California Culinary Academy and The Chinese Cuisine Institute in Hong Kong.
In 1985, he founded the Yan Can Cooking School in California and in 2007, founded The Martin Yan Culinary Arts Center, a unique international culinary academy for professional chefs in Shenzhen, China.
Besides teaching the culinary arts, Chef Yan is also a restaurateur. His restaurants, Yan Can and SensAsian, offer inventive pan-Asian menus.

About AFC:

martin yan, 8 Treasures of China tour, malaysia-8 copy

Asian Food Channel (AFC) is the premier food and lifestyle broadcaster based in the heart of Asia. Launched in mid-2005 into multiple territories across the region, AFC offers viewers insights into the world’s top tables, top chefs and tantalising cuisines from around the globe.
For more information, please visit:

Thanks AFC for making this possible! Do bring more of these celebrity chefs to our Malaysian shores!

And special thanks to Alice George for the invite! 😉

All pictures are:

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  1. Baby Sumo

    Martin Yan is the greatest Chinese chef ever!

    1. Rebecca

      Haha.. I agree he is entertaining. But I did prefer Anna Olson’s session few mths back. Maybe I like my cooking demos a bit more serious.

  2. Michelle Chin

    I always watch afc and i know that there is this event! but what to do 4000 miles away. the only way i can meet martin yan is via your blog!

    1. Rebecca

      Awww… u left at the wrong time!!

    1. Rebecca

      Everyone watch him one arrr?? OMG. All same comments!
      I have NEVER watched any of his shows ;p

  3. Fahriee

    I’ve never watched his shows too, but I’ve heard of him. LOL. Celebrity chefs…I guess it goes without saying?

    The dishes look scrumptious, by the way…bad idea to come here on an empty stomach, but I guess I just couldn’t resist. 😛

  4. Sean

    looks like some modern, contemporary dishes for a veteran chef! he keeps up with the changing times! 😀

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    It is a result of the sincerness displayed in the post I browsed.
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