The MANIS App – get rewarded for spending!

Spend money and get money. Sounds sweet?

Well, that is what Get MANIS is all about – giving you sweet deals in return for your spending, even if it was for a piece of roti canai!

Yes, you heard it right – Manis rewards you every time you shop, eat and play.

The list of merchants that qualifies you for rewards are crazy – from fashion retail, banana leaf rice, your regular mamak and even small grocery stores.

You’ll have to download the app of course and it’s FREE.
Just find Manis on your App store or Google play store (here), and follow the steps. It is that straightforward!

Once downloaded, create an account for yourself.
Your reward is easy to remember; it is RM1 for every MANIS point.
Basically it means that if you spend RM30 for a meal, you are awarded 30 points in return.

I’ve heard of the concept of the receipts yielding reward before I downloaded the Manis App but I had thought that maybe it only applies to a limited number of merchants.

Upon downloading, I ran a test around my neighbourhood.
After all I spent most of my time in the vicinity of TTDI and make regular purchases near my home.

As it is location base app, it was able to show me the merchants that are around that area, and to my surprise when I saw the number of participated stores on the app, it was almost as if  ANY shop I go into, I will be able to collect MANIS points!
And yes, even at my favourite mamak for my roti canai!

The rule is simple; you will have to snap (an image) and upload your receipts within the same day (BEFORE midnight).

Here’s an example:

I had dinner at Oasis and Restaurant Dima is an approved MANIS merchant.

So I took a picture of my receipt and uploaded it into the MANIS app. The only information that I have to key in is the amount.

Everything else is managed by the app. And you will receive an approved message once your receipt is approved.

Then go on doing so with EVERY receipt (from MANIS approved merchants) and keep on collecting points!

Here is another good news, from now until next week you can earn 3X MANIS POINTS & redeem free mobile top-ups.

Manis is rewarding you 3X MANIS POINTS when you shop at these 20 Featured Merchants for a limited time period. Find out who these esteemed merchants are here –

Redeem top vouchers mobile top-ups on Manis’ Rewards Store, offering five different mobile service providers to choose from – Digi, Hotlink, XPax, Tune Talk & U Mobile.

I’ve personally accumulated 578 points so far.

And I’m going to use it for HonestBee vouchers since I buy a lot of fresh produce and ingredients for my food business.
My 578 points entitles me to a RM25 honestbee voucher and all I did was have a good, inexpensive dinner and bought some meds from a pharmacy.

There are many other rewards to claim so you just have to browse the app and see which rewards suits you better.

So what are you waiting for?
Download the Manis app and start accumulating points and get rewarded in vouchers.
The Manis app is a darn good deal so don’t say I bojio! 😉
So download or to know more about it –> Get Manis!

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