Malaysia Monster Product Launch 2012

The obsession with Monster earphones was one I never could understand. RM1XXX ++ for a pair of earphones? Like really??

Diamond Tears: Edge (RM1,600).

Monster Beats-013

However, the Monster’s highly-anticipated 2012 collection line-up officially launch last week served to explain the worldwide fixation on these earphones/headphones. The launch last week saw the Inspiration, Diamond Tears and Diesel range revealed to the world/Malaysia and even I got all itchy hands to purchase one for myself!

Monster Beats-004

The launch saw some really high energy performances as befitting of the Monster product range that was launched.

Monster Beats-007

Part of the launch also saw some of the global marketing campaigns that Monster has executed so far. This was something I was personally interested in being a digital marketer myself. I noticed too that Monster have formed partnerships and collaborations with many funky and hip brands, even global entertainment companies and pop groups which in turn successfully sealed the brand’s standing as a cool, hip and trendy-setting manufacturer and designer of high-performance headphones.

Monster Beats-009

Monster Beats-010

Monster Beats-011

Next was the fashion show that showcased how the Monster Inspiration, Diamond Tears and Diesel range expertly blends the worlds of fashion and great sound together!

Monster Beats-019

Gorgeous models modelled (pun intended) even more gorgeous earpieces from Monster’s 2012 range. The whole vibe I got? How it has become fashionable to wear huge earphones with suits, dresses and even cocktail dresses!

Monster Beats-020

Diesel VEKTR  (Top right & bottom right – RM1,390).

Monster Beats-021

Diesel VEKTR

  • Stylish, compact and powerful.
  • Monster works in tandem with lifestyle company, Diesel, to provide consumers with a comfortable, premium-quality listening solution that blends the world of fashion and great sound.
  • An intricate style: silkscreen Mohican head on both ear cups, touches of contrasting black, grey and brushed aluminium and finished with shiny, matter and rubberised paint.
  • The cables feature a special triangular section that prevents tangling.

Inspiration (RM1,600).

Monster Beats-022

Monster Beats-023

Monster Beats-024

So pretty! All thanks to the interchangeable headbands!

Monster Beats-025


  • Sonorous sounds meet great style
  • Monster debuts its first noise cancelling, over-ear headphone: a high-performance headphone perfect for use at home, office or on commute and flights.
  • The headphone features a unique angled plush ear cup.
  • The headphone boasts a bold new design concept, allowing users to interchange their headbands —which are available in a bevy of colours and materials— to suit their style preferences for any day, mood or occasion.
  • Inspiration incorporates leading-edge noise cancelling and noise isolation technology. When noise cancellation function is being switched on, it blocks out the sound completely but when the noise cancellation function is not switched on, the noise isolation function also keeps out sound substantially.
  • The Monster Inspiration headphones will be available in Malaysia (in titanium or pearl white finish) by September 2012 and will be listed at RM 1600.

Left & Middle: Diamond Tears – Edge (RM 1,600). Right: Diesel VEKTR (RM 1,390).

Monster Beats-028

Left: Gratitude (RM 999), Middle & RightNick Cannon’s Nergy (RM 320).

Monster Beats-029


  • Legendary group Earth, Wind & Fire lends muscle to this collaboration, allowing Monster to create a headphone that can capture the true and deep harmonics of live music.
  • Gratitude headphones boast a specially engineered noise isolation architecture that results in a superior audiophile sound, contributing to a natural sound and elevating the experience to a greater height.
  • The headphone features an eye-catching rose gold finish.
  • It is designed and personally tuned by members of Earth, Wind & Fire.

Nick Cannon’s NTune and Nergy.

  • Comfort, convenience and quality.
  • Appealing to today’s youths, NCredible products combine Monster’s renowned, superior performance and style with fun, convenient features.
  • With Monster’s advanced audio technologies, the headphones are distortion free and precision-tuned to reproduce the subtle nuances of all genres of music.
  • Total convenience: the NTune headphone is lightweight and has tangle-free cables for total ease of use; when not in use, Nergy ear buds snap together magnetically to form a necklace.
  • RCP for NTune is RM710.00 and Nergy RM320.00 now available.

The Monster iSport LIVESTRONG (RM 820).

Monster Beats-030

iSport LIVESTRONG Edition.

  • Based on Monster’s popular iSport Immersion headphones.
  • iSport is a sweatproof and washable in-ear headphone, ideal for athletes who want to enjoy a hassle-free experience with their headphones while engaging in strenuous and high-impact activities.
  • The headphone also has the advanced noise isolation technology so it is ideal for outdoor use.
  • It is designed to deliver the highest levels of headphone audio performance with extreme clarity, articulation and deep pounding bass.
  • Also featuring the innovative ControlTalk, an inline control system that gives users access to music and movie playback control on their smartphones.
  • The Monster iSport LIVESTRONG edition retails at RM820.00.

Monster Beats-031

The one that really caught my attention that day? It’s the Diamond Tears! (RM1,600) .  “Edgy like diamonds, smooth like tears”.

Monster Beats-013

Beautiful isn’t it? The bling from the “diamonds” effect due to the prism of light reflection made it look very jewelry-like.

Monster Beats-014

At different angles, different colours are reflected.

Monster Beats-015

Monster Beats-016

It comes in black or white, but naturally I’m all for the white one!

Monster Beats-017

Soft, plush ear cup for comfort!

Monster Beats-018

Diamond Tears – Edge.

Inspired by the musical talents of Asia’s most prominent producer, J.Y. Park.

The headphone utilises Monster’s world renowned audio engineering, the same revolutionary technology used in BeatsTM by Dr. Dre TM headphone line.

  • The moniker is inspired by its stunning cosmetic design, which is “edgy like diamonds and smooth like tears.” Visually stimulating and daring, style-conscious consumers can enjoy a truly unique and powerful listening experience while wearing the headphone with pride.
  • It is the first personal listening solution to combine ultimate-quality sonic performance with an exquisite, fashion-forward design. It is perfect for younger consumers who are seeking an energetic and international flavour.
  • The Monster Diamond Tears headphones (RM1,600.00), and it is available now.

So feeling like getting your hands on one of these super trendy earphones?

Monster products are now available at Rock Corner, Harvey Norman, Machines, Switch, Mac City, iStudy, Technocrat, iPeople Lifestyle, EpiCentre, IT One Superstore, iTWorld, Flash Gadgets @KLCC, Electricals & Electronics @KLIA, Desa Home Theatre @Kepong & Low Yat, Gadgetzone, Challenger Technologies, Dot Life, Viewnet Computer @Low Yat, Original Accessories @Digital Mall, Tong Lee @ Low Yat, IT Stuff Computer @ Sri Hartmas, Jaben Audio @Subang Jaya & Straits Quay – Penang, Picotec Sdn Bhd @ Jati Commercial Centre.

Plenty of outlets for you to grab one! Anyone want to buy me a pair of the Diamond Tears? :DD

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  1. Kevin Tan

    The designs are somewhat exquisite. Really gotta test out the sound quality of the devices first before actually buying one. (I’m an audiophile)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ah ok, looks like the Monster is made for ppl like u! 🙂

  2. Sean

    very stylish! i can’t quite fork out that amount of cash for these gadgets, but i can definitely see the appeal, very clear and very apparent!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, the appeal that makes us fork out money! LOL. Thankfully both of us are rather appealed with good food versus gadgets! 😛

  3. George Lim

    I am an audiophile too and has ditched the stock ipod earphones for a Sennheiser in ear earphones since 2007.
    Beats’ RM1k++ for a pair of ear cans, that i really have to think quite a few times before plunge that money in. Haha… What song genres do you think are suitable for this earphones?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hohohooho! Even u as a audiophile thinks twice before considering these Monsters models? Guess it much be really expensive then!
      Errm… hhmm the Earth Wind and Fire collaboration obviously seems more for the jazzy sort? As for the rest – i think it’s meant for all genres – cos if u limit to the genre, u hv less ppl buying them! hahaha!

  4. Camy

    Thanks babe!

  5. David

    Its not cool anymore to own one….there’s so many fakes out there. I will still stick with my Sennheiser anytime 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yups David – that’s the comments I’m getting from my readers too – Sennheiser = pure audio and less of expensive branding!

  6. karthik

    That’s looking nice. Make to love a lot to hear musics all time..

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