Malay Mail – the Laureus World Sports Awards 2014

I have never heard of the Laureus til a good friend John (who’s an absolutely sports fiend) told me about it.
Even then I wasn’t particularly interested though I’m quite a sports person myself. The Laureus was more like an event, not so much about playing a sport and my interest in sports has always been about participant and doing; not so much as a spectator.

But I mentioned about it to my editor, and she got excited for a lifestyle angle to the story (since the Malay Mail sports desk is already sending a rep) and asked if I could secure a pass for myself.
Leveraging on the vast pool of contacts I’ve got, I said I’ll try and I did.

To cut a long story short, I got media passes for myself and Joanna; a skilled photographer for the job. Joanna fancies Benedict Cumberbatch very much, which so explains the amount of photographs of Cumberbatch from the event. LOL!

benedict cumberbatch

But there are more of the serious stuff of course.
I didn’t managed to get many personal one-on-one interviews with the stars as they are extremely preoccupied over the period they are in town, but Missy Franklin, a Four-time 2012 Olympic champion and the youngest winner of a Laureus Sportsman or Sportswoman of the Year did gave a interview after collecting her award on stage.
Missy is an inspiring icon, and 5 minutes into the interview, I totally fell for her charm, grit and maturity .
And yes, I don’t waste time being negative either. You go girl! 😀
Link to full article online –>’t-waste-time-being-negative-says-franklin-75968

MMAIL_20140328_013-Missy Franklin

The other big piece for the Laureus was this FASHION centrespread.
Oh, I love fashion. The men were a bore; though I admit there were some that did attempt to demonstrate a bit of fashion sense, but even the women weren’t dressy; with most just donning a single-shade long dress  or opting for the safe option of BLACK.
For the local women,  Marion Caunter dazzled in her gorgeously embellished Alexander McQueen ensemble with matching Swarovski Skull Box Clutch. This socialite really rolls with style and nothing less.
The fashion star of the night, synchronised swimmer and Laureus Ambassador and Honoured Master of Sports of Russia Angelica Timanina was dressed by designer Vlad Loktev of Yanina, a haute couture maison from Russia.
Standing at 1.76m, the athlete radiated natural charm from top to toe with a thick grunged bracelet, sensuous chilli red lips and grey glossy fingernails.

Here’s the link to the Malay Mail article, published 1st of April 2014 –>
The words were much edited unfortunately, as the original were more detailed and we did criticize a few sportmen/women. Well, I’ve no say on the final published work so yeah….

Laureus Sports - Fashion Spread- 1st april 2014

Laureus Sports - Fashion Spread - Cover2

Laureus Sports - Fashion Spread - Cover1

Who says being a journalist is no fun? 🙂

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