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I do love fashion, and wish I have more time to explore, read and write about it.

When I was assigned to some fashion stories I was more than eager to learn and talk to some powerhouse in the local fashion industry.
I knew about Earth Heir from a friend, and I hunted both partners down for a quick chat.
I found out soon enough that both Sasi and Ee Leng are great, inspiring women. And as Sasi spoke about her brand and her vision, I felt myself drawn to her stories and her ambitions to reach out and help the less fortunate.

You can read about her story here –>

Earth Heir’s range of handwoven silk scarves start at RM160, while the hand-stitched clutches starts from RM480 and the necklaces are from RM450. They are located at the Square Room in Bangsar Shopping Centre.


Next was Cuba Cuba, a brand that was started by the power trio of Yap Yew Choon, Peggy Cheong and Villiam Ooi.
All 3 are successful designers in their own right with their current labels already established in the market. But their latest baby – Cuba Cuba debuted at the recent KL Fashion Week 2014 to much lauded applause.
Their story is unique in the sense that they are all Chinese designers and yet they dipped their feet into the world of Muslimah fashion.
You read about it here –>

MMAIL_20140813_Trendy and rich in hue

Since it was the Raya season I looked for another Muslimah fashion designer to feature in addition to Cuba Cuba. It was Natasha Hudson’s DreamCloud at first, but she proved to be a tough person to catch.
I even went for a Poh Kong event where she was hosting some guests because she requested me to, yet when I was there she didn’t have time to speak to me.
I took some life shots of her then and requested for her brand profile. She said she will but she never did.
After weeks of consistent follow ups I had to give up.
I don’t understand how some people can be so inconsiderate!

Another brand was a label by a big shot in IFF (Islamic Fashion Festival). Gosh I don’t even want to tell you the story of dealing with this person. Such an obno…. id***!

Anyhow I managed to learn more about Jubahsouq next.

Full story –> 


After the research on muslimah fashion for this assignment I actually found out that Yuna and Miss Nina have their own labels too!
In fact some of the muslimah fashion pieces are so trendy that I wouldn’t mind wearing them.
Due to requirements of covering most parts of the body, more emphasis are placed on the cut, fabric used, embroidery, embellishments etc so the strength of each piece are truly about the designs/workmanship. 🙂

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