Madame Waffle at Mid Valley – the original and Matcha is nice

My friend Jeffry was the first person to break the news about this place.
The pictures he sent to me over Whatsapp was tempting enough, plus he assured me that this is one of the better waffles in town.
I’ve been on a low carb lifestyle for the longest time; but could never resist a good waffle.

It wasn’t difficult to swear off waffles in KL/PJ, considering the lame versions that establishments are serving these days.
Most are crispy and airy; and people go nuts over those, which is understandable as crispy ones are esier to eat and goes well with ice cream (I presume) but I personally love the Belgium thicker, bread-ier ones.


Though new, the queue was almost non-existent on a weekday lunch.
There are 7 varieties currently offered at Madame Waffles – Original, Matcha (Kyoto green tea powder), Belgian dark chocolate, white chocolate, honey and cinnamon and lastly coffee.

The original is RM5.90, while the rest are priced between RM6.50-RM6.90.

I was at the Centro Hair Salon, waiting for my hair to be done and decided to have some waffles to munch on.
Madame Waffle’s premium Liège Waffle are handmade with the finest ingredients sourced from Japan. I have no doubts about the ingredients, as each bite told me it’s definitely made of quality stuff.

I got my wish too; as I finally got to enjoy my “Liege” waffles; 3 of which I bought plain, minus any ice cream or toppings, just to savour it as it is.

The Original is tops for me; and the simplest description of it is alike a Hokkaido milky loaf; crispy and sugar-crusted on the outside with its inside a lovely “brioche-like” texture.
The waffles emits a wonderful buttery, “fresh baked bread” flavor coupled with a dense, chewy texture that is to my humble opinion, so much better than the simple airy ones.

The Matcha had enough green tea intensity to please matcha lovers but wasn’t overly strong.
The coffee one fell short, paled in comparison with the original and matcha.


If you have a bit more time, sit down and savour the other items on offer at this Japanese style quick-service café. Some of the waffles are paired with ice cream and fruits and are advised to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee.

Madame Waffle
T-045, Level 3 Mezzanine, Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur
Above the GSC Cinema level; take the escalator up from across Magnum Cafe

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