Macha & Co @ The Curve, Kota Damansara & 1 Utama: Banana Leaf Rice

A good portion of a complete gastronomic experience encompasses dining ambiance and service as well don’t you think?

Undeniably, great tasting food is of utmost priority to any diner, but throw in comfortable ambiance plus sincere, efficient service, you can expect a line to your restaurant.

Macha & Co at The Curve is the most popular restaurant on the Street recently. With an expansive menu and a comfortable dining environment, snaking queues are common during lunch while other hours sees a steady stream of customers enjoying drinks and light meals.

I have visited twice so far, once for banana leaf rice and another time for tea time. Admittedly I was sceptical at first about a banana leaf outlet in a shopping mall.
I mean, who goes to a shopping mall and eat banana leaf??

But Macha & Co has proven it possible. So far at least.

Yes, that was how the chicken and lamb skewers were served. Interesting isn’t it?
Each order comes with a side of pappadam, fresh vegetables and mint sauce.

I enjoyed both as the meat was juicy and well marinated though on my visit the lamb was a tad dry.

A basic Banana Leaf Set Meal is RM8.90. This includes white rice (or brown) with 3 types of vegetables, 2 papadams, fried salted dried chilli, acar, rasam and curry/dhal. Naturally you can add on peratal (pumpkin, snake gourd, ladyfingers, lamb etc), freshly fried seafood, chicken as well as Red Snapper Head curry. For some, the deep fried bitter gourd is a must and Macha & Co does a great version. This restaurant also serves other items like roti canai goreng, Varuval Fried Rice, Nasi Lemak, Fried Roti Canai (serious!) and Biryani.

I’m personally intrigued with the LAMB SHANK Biryani (RM48++) and I’m planning to try it soon!

Oh, they do great, fluffy naans too. A garlic butter naan is RM5.50 while a Cheese Garlic one is RM7.50. I love the thick dhall and lamb curry that was served with it. On one occasion I asked for chicken curry instead and the staff graciously obliged.

Based on my experience the service can be slow during peak hours.
But business is good, no doubt about that, for on a weekday lunch, there was a waiting list of almost an hour and quite a number of items had ran out by then, for example the lassi and coconuts.

The nasi lemak was commendable though not quite their best dish. The sambal lacked ompph and the chicken though moist and tender could definitely do with a longer marinade time as the spices didn’t quite permeate into the meat.

But the Signature Roti DURIAN Tissue Gula Melaka (RM8.50) is worth the calories! This massive roti tisu is a tad sweet but sufficiently pungent with the King of Fruits.

It was drizzled with fragrant Gula Melaka syrup and liberally showered with toasted coconut flakes. It is definitely made for sharing too, for though the roti is paper thin, it was extremely filling.

Another reason to hang around Macha & Co?
The RM3.90 + breakfast and tea set (valid from 8am – 11am and 3pm – 6pm) is pretty value for money considering the location and environment of their outlets.
For the price, you get a choice of plain roti canai, chapati, thosai, idli, vadai, poori, nasi lemak bungkus or half boiled eggs plus a drink (kopi O, teh O, kopi, teh, kopi tarik, teh tarik).

So far I’ve tried the hot Bru coffee (diluted), Bru Coffee with Vanilla Ice Cream (recommended!) and the Coconut Shake with Ice Cream (recommended). Do note that you should request for less sugar if you have low tolerance for sweet stuff.

Overall the food is good and the ambiance conducive for a comfortable (cool), unhurried meal. The service staff are helpful and polite (The Curve outlet) though they can be overwhelmed at times, especially during busy hours.

PRICES: (10% + 6 % GST applies)
Nasi Lemak with Chicken – RM12.90
Whole Leg Chicken – RM14.50
Lamb Sheesh Kebab – RM19.50
Chicken Tikka – RM12.50

Basic BLR: RM8.90 (inclusive of white or brown rice + 3 vegetables, 2 papadams, fried salted dried chilli achar, rasam and curries/dhall).
Signature Roti DURIAN Tissue Gula Melaka: RM8.50
Bru Coffee (fresh milk): RM2.90 HOT
Bru Coffee Ice Blend with Vanilla Ice Cream : RM10.50
Garlic Cheese Naan: RM7.50.
Coconut Shake with Ice cream: RM10.50

Macha & CO
The Curve (nearer to e Curve and McD eCurve)

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  1. Alan

    Hi Becks,

    This to me sounds ideal. Do they rush you or can you sit down and go thro the menu at leisure as I have found in many such establishments? Keep posting, miss you.

    Alan x

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hey Alan!! 😀 <3
      So good to hear from you!!!

      Yes yes, u sit down and go thro the menu at leisure, not like the other BLR restaurants where its more of eat and leave ASAP coz it is so busy. This feels like a nice, casual dining restaurant 😀

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