Lou Yao Kei Tau Tu Fa – Bercham, Perak

Ipoh offers great gastronomy finds and besides dim sum and the ubiquitous bean sprout chicken, another quintessential “Ipoh food” (if you can call it that) is the tau fu fa aka beancurd and soya bean milk.
Finding a good one in KL/PJ can be a challenge (but hey if you know of a good one to recommend, please do drop me a comment!) as most sold by vans, stalls and even in coffeeshops are diluted and lacked the full glory of the mouthfeel and fragrance of fresh soya milk.
Worse are the ones that left a powdery aftertaste in your mouth!

I’m in Ipoh currently for a photoshoot with the Volkswagen Passat. It is a 7 days experience with the mighty Passat and so far I’m on the fence about liking it or disliking it.

The ride is incredibly smooth and the pick-up (acceleration from standstill/informal way of saying an ability to accelerate rapidly) is a pleasure but the car does seem very masculine to me.
Still, we are on the mission to make the car look sexy so we will! 🙂

Volkswagen Passat review Malaysia - REbecca saw

After a whole day of shoot, there’s nothing like a glass of cold soya bean milk and silky tau fu fah (beancurd) to cool us down.
The legendary Funny Mountain and its legendary queue put us off. Joanna who is a Ipoh-native girl said her favourite tau fu fa stall is this ‘unheard of’ Lou Yao Kei Tau Tu Fa in Bercham, Perak.
Since we have the VW Passat at our disposal, what’s a little drive out of Ipoh centre right? 🙂

We were rewarded with the silkiest, soft tau fu fa ever. The sugar is barely sweet and at one point I contemplated asking for sugar top up. This would certainly suit those who prefers to appreciate the soybean curd minus too much sugar.

smooth Lou Yao Kei tau fu fa - Ipoh, Perak-002

It is good. Can you tell? 🙂

smooth Lou Yao Kei tau fu fa - Ipoh, Perak

I would have ordered a glass of soy milk if I wasn’t so exhausted. Perhaps today I will return after another round of shoot.
I do hope the soybean milk here is of the fresh, velvety consistency that I like.

The rich natural resources are providing Ipoh one best essential ingredient of its food chain; the fresh and clean mountain water. I believe this truly makes a difference in the soybean produce here.

How to find Lou Yao Kei Tau Tu Fa in Bercham?
Look out for this electrical shop. See the hole-in-wall shop and that van? This is it.

smooth Lou Yao Kei tau fu fa - Ipoh, Perak-001

It is just opposite the food court it is located across the lane from 7-11 of Bercham. Do not mistaken this for the Woong Kee ‘tau fu fah’ which is directly in front of the 7-11.

GPS:  N04° 37′ 50.5′ E101° 7′ 38.1′

There is no queue at all in the evenings.
And the many stalls around here offers local snacks and traditional kuih so you can buy those and eat with your soybean drink.

smooth Lou Yao Kei tau fu fa - Ipoh, Perak

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  1. enjoy your week with the car 😀 ooo, i’m usually not a fan of tau foo fa, but the one in your pics looks glorious 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yes it’s a powerful machine and drives so smooth!
      oohhh.. i love tau fu fa!! 😀 And soybean milk too!

  2. Camelia

    Great recommendation – something different from the usual Funny mountain place. I like your postings. always highlighting the lesser knowns.

  3. John

    Ipoh does have the best tau fu fa in Malaysia! It’s the waters.

  4. Pauline

    The one right in front of 7-11 is not bad too! Can u teach me how to get back there?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hahhaha! this one was a while ago, I can’t remember myself. Will update when I’m in Ipoh ok!

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