Lotus Curry House, Aman Suria – Banana Leaf Rice

Though not as popular, or often mentioned in the same breath as it’s more famous counterparts (ie; Kanna, Nirwana’s @ Bangsar, Devi’s @ TTDI & Sri Paandi’s or Annalakshmi & Vishals),  Lotus Curry House actually serves pretty decent Banana Leaf Rice.

The one I frequent, which happens to be in close proximity to my place, is the one at Aman Suria. I believe Lotus Curry House has quite a chain of branches as well, but I like it here as it’s newer, cleaner and usually not as crowded with people (previous statement reworded in respect to a reader’s feedback).

Banana leaf rice- Lotus Curry House, Aman Suria-05

There’s 2 section to the dining area, one air-conditioned and another “alfresco” where the dishes, drinks station, frying station and roti-making stations are located. Tables are spaciously laid out and the place doesn’t reek of grease or sweat.

Banana leaf rice- Lotus Curry House, Aman Suria-06

Most importantly, the dishes displayed are hot, freshly cooked and replenished pretty fast, especially during lunch/dinner hour. Hence the dishes are not left for long hours on display, minimising the risk of food poisoning.

Having said that, a friend of mine recently reported a mild case of food poisoning after a meal here. But I have not personally encountered any unpleasant experiences myself.

Banana leaf rice- Lotus Curry House, Aman Suria-09

I guess the key is to visit in the earlier part of the day when the food is fresh. After all, curries are mostly coconut milk based and they don’t keep too well.
I’m certainly not implying that it’s acceptable for food served in the evenings to be lacking in freshness and quality, but for our own safety & hygienic reasons, it’s better to err on the the safe side.

Back to the food.
Another reason I liked Lotus is for their fried bitter gourd. Nirwana’s is famous, and this comes close.

Banana leaf rice- Lotus Curry House, Aman Suria-07

The vegetables were cooked properly as well, with at least 4 -6 selections available during peak hours.

Banana leaf rice- Lotus Curry House, Aman Suria-08

As I have mentioned before in my post, I tend to judge a banana leaf outlet by it’s basic set, which consisted of just the rice and vegetables.
The add-ons of fried chicken/fish and mutton or chicken varuval are a bonus. I love my vegetables and would prefer them not to be overcooked or overly oily. So far, Lotus Curry House at Aman Suria met these simple criteria.

Banana leaf rice- Lotus Curry House, Aman Suria-0

Price-wise, I can’t complain either as it’s pretty standard. The basic vegetarian set is RM5.00 and add-ons of chicken or mutton curries are about +- RM5.00.

Banana leaf rice- Lotus Curry House, Aman Suria-01

Their fish and dhall curries are flavoursome and so is their rasam; a delicious south Indian soup with the predominance of tomato extract, which has a good balance of sourness and spices.

Banana leaf rice- Lotus Curry House, Aman Suria-02

Mutton curry; tender and tasty.

Banana leaf rice- Lotus Curry House, Aman Suria-03

Banana leaf rice- Lotus Curry House, Aman Suria-04

So, any fans of Lotus Curry House banana leaf here? 🙂

Lotus Curry House
Aman Suria.

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  1. Michelle chin

    Haven’t eaten indian food for years. am always heaty or having some bloody sore throat! grrrrr

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ahh.. like that you might as well just eat and not worry about it! Hahah..else ýou’ll never get to eat it1

  2. Nikel

    How was the price for a plate of this? I dare not to try this, some place is chopping man..

    1. rebeccasaw

      Basic set is about RM4-5 . If you add on mutton , chic, etc.. well then it goes up. Each small plate of mutton/chic is abt RM5- 7 .

  3. Simple Person

    hmmm .. seems that nowadays u r going for indian food.. LOL…
    for me once a blue moon….

    1. rebeccasaw

      I love Indian Food actually! Just that sometimes all that curries are a bit greasy & heavy. So I have it once a week! 😀

  4. Sean

    lotus … the name sounds familiar. do they have a branch on jalan gasing too? hmmm, now i’m thinking: since we have chinese-themed food halls like hutong at lot 10 & eat food village in publika, it might be nice to have an indian-themed one someday! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Actually yes! Good idea!
      There can be North Indian, South Indian, then Kerala and all those in between!

  5. Alexandra

    ME! Haha! I’m so going to try this when I get back. Been saying it for ages, gotta make it come true now! 😀

    Thanks for the review! Woooo!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha.. and I have said for ages that I’ll makan-makan w you! So we must make it happen ok!

  6. June Tan

    I been here to this place when launching first time. I love their fried fish when eating banana leafs. not bad I would said.. but hygiene a bit so so.. -_-“

    1. rebeccasaw

      The Aman Suria branch? I thot tis branch was newer and cleaner vs the ones at Jln Gasing, etc

      1. June Tan

        Yeap, this more cleaner.. but a lot flies sometimes if sit outside.. preferable to sit insider under air con =)

  7. Indian Man

    YOUR REMARK “The one I frequent, which happens to be in close proximity to my place, is the one at Aman Suria. I believe Lotus Curry House has quite a chain of branches as well, but I like it here as it’s newer, cleaner and usually not as crowded with Indians people.” IS VERY RACIST. IF YOU CHINESE PEOPLE DONT WANT TO BE TREATED IN A RACIST MANNER, YOU MUST FIRST STOP BEING ONE YOURSELVES>

    1. rebeccasaw

      hello indian man.
      thanks fr your comment.
      with regards,
      chinese gal.

      1. indian man 2

        i really hope u die out of food poisoning,slow death if possible u racist bitch.

      2. Indian Man

        Dear Indian Man 2… there is no need to over react to this matter. Its just a matter of pointing out the error, getting an apology and moving on. Cheers

      3. Indian Man

        just so you know…im half chinese…and i dont tolerate racist remarks. I am sure you have friends of all races and im sure they would not be too happy to read what you posted. I humbly request that you change your statement and kindly apologize for your error which was probably unintentional. There is no need to give sarcastic comebacks because we are all adults and have values.

      4. rebeccasaw

        I like this comment better.
        Firstly, I don’t give a shit about race. Yes, I have friends of all race.
        My statement was just stating the obvious, it is a shop that is has very good patronage from Indians.
        Also, your words in CAPS does relay your msg a bit strongly. And I don’t take such remarks lightly.
        I apologize for the unintentional reference to your race that you have taken personal offence to.
        The statement shall be reworded accordingly.

      5. Indian Man

        A straight up apology would have been sufficient. But, it will do. Thank you and have a pleasant weekend.

      6. rebeccasaw

        U too! I just had banana leaf rice! 😀

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