Liverpool FC is coming to KL! So GetBehindYourTeam!

As some of you might already know, a few international football clubs are coming to Kuala Lumpur all over the month of July. And I’m sure some of you, even those who are not exactly football fans, want to go watch the matches between our Harimau Malaya and these international football clubs!

There are bloggers out there who are “guiding” you how to win passes for the upcoming Chelsea vs. Malaysia match this 21st July 2011. If you’re not a Chelsea fan, but a Liverpool fan instead, here’s news for you!


Standard Chartered are the biggest bank in Asia and proud sponsors of Liverpool Football Club. Standard Chartered want you to show your support to Liverpool Football club on their forth coming tour of Asia by leaving a good luck message on a fresh, new application which is built inside the LFC tour website.


Go to this website HERE.



Send your support message to the Liverpool team, maximum of 140 characters, like so..



After you click send, it will then prompt you to either make your own avatar, or randomise it.



After submitting, fill in your details to be in the running to win passes to go watch Liverpool live in action!




Share your support message on Facebook, Twitter or email it to your friends! Make sure they ‘Like’ your support message! The more ‘Like’s you get, the closer you are to watching Steven Gerrard and the rest of the team in action against our local heroes, Harimau Malaya!

Yes, it’s that simple! So, what are you waiting for? Get supporting! And I will see you there 😉

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  1. Shin Chan

    did you know the other day when i was at chow kit road, the shopping mall.. hmm jaya jusco i believe? can’t remember the name. Harimau Malaya jersey was sold at rm5. :S i wonder if it is original or fake. Still really low to me.

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