Kafe Lin’s Melaka – nyonya dishes chap fan (economy rice) style

There isn’t many (or is there any at all) outlets in Melaka that offers Nyonya peranakan food economy rice style.
In most Nyonya restaurants in Melaka, you are hard-pressed to dine in a group and to order many dishes in order to sample the variety.

Set lunches such as the ones available in the best Nyonya restaurants in Melaka such Bulldog Cafe (pork-free) and Unicorn Cafe (serves pork) are limited to ONE dish per set.

lins nyonya restaurant melaka - economy rice style nyonya food

Here at Kafe Lins’, there are approximately 15 dishes daily to choose from during lunch. If you are dining in a group you can opt to order dishes based on the number of pax; and that can start from as low as one pax serving or up to well, any amount available.

BELOW: Lunchtime – food displayed in food warmers.

Melaka - day 1 JAY1

BELOW: Braised pork belly, salted egg yolk chicken, mixed vegetables, chilli garam babi (pork).

Melaka - day 1 JAY2

BELOW: Pongteh, chicken curry, Gerang Asam Ikan, Pork rib rendang, Buah Keluak Babi (pork).
There are more dishes of course, but I didn’t snap a shot of every dish.

Melaka - day 1 JAY3

Lin's cafe Melaka - nyonya dishes chap fan (economy rice) style-010

Lin's cafe Melaka - nyonya dishes chap fan (economy rice) style-009

There were 2 of us and we were famished so we shared 5 dishes with rice. Each dish serving is for ONE pax. The total bill came up to about RM17, inclusive of one chendol and 2 ice water (RM0.80 for 2).


Now this wouldn’t have been possible in other Nyonya restaurants as those establishments would only serve in (S) – small, (M) medium, or (L) large portions.
The prices will be RM10 – RM20++ per serving (S, M or L) so that would be heavy on the wallet and quite impossible for those dining alone or 2-3 small eaters.

The food however has it hits and misses. No doubt every dish are wholesome home-cooked recipes but for the price paid, expectations should be set right to begin with.

The pongteh was watery and overly sweet. We were told white sugar was used, not gula melaka.
The chendol was bad by our standards; coarse ice, watery and lacking in coconut milk.

Lin's cafe Melaka - nyonya dishes chap fan (economy rice) style-004

Lin's cafe Melaka - nyonya dishes chap fan (economy rice) style-005

That said, the rest of the items we tried were good (for the price).
We had chilli garam babi (pork), pongteh babi, Rendang Pai Kut (pork rib), Buah Kelauk Babi and stewed jicama.


Aunty Lin served us some of the Ayam Kari Limau Purut gravy to try and we liked it that too. A big lunch group emptied the pot of bubur cha cha or else I would have ordered a bowl as I’ve overheard positive remarks about it over lunch.

All in all Kafe Lins’ is a good choice for those seeking variety but are dining in a small group (2-3 pax) or anyone who is looking for cheap and reasonably authentic Nyonya food.

A humble cafe away from city centre (about 10 minutes drive) serving home-cooked, no frills food. Prices are reasonable for the quality.

MAP: Unfortunately it is difficult to find this place as it is NOT on Waze. However you can Waze yourself to “Food Court Limbongan Kompleks Niaga Limbongan” (below on the map as “MBMB Food Court“) and then follow the map as below.

lins cafe - nyonya dishes chap fan style

11:30am to 1:30 pm is lunch time and the dishes available are as above.
For later hours (2pm – 8:30pm) you can order dishes ala-carte. Check out the menu as below.

Lin's cafe Melaka - nyonya dishes chap fan (economy rice) style-002

Kafe Lin’s
Lin : 016 – 222 7762
Raymond: 016 – 626 5681
73, Jalan Kristal 1
Taman Limbongan Indah
75200 Melaka.
CLOSE: Wednesday
Hours: 11:30 am – 8:30 pm.

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