Limapulo – Jalan Doraisamy: A Nyonya meal in KL for dinner

This is a follow up from my previous post about the set lunches here at Limapulo.
If you had missed it, the link is –> HERE).
As I have said, I enjoyed the set lunches (or rather the ones that I ordered) but not so much the dinner.

Dinner was actually my first visit and while it didn’t make much of a positive impression on me nor my fellow dinner mates,  I’m glad that I returned for lunch, for the Ayam Berempah Curry was fabulous and the Mee Siam is quite good.

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For dinner we ordered Ayam Pongteh (RM14 for small), Pie Tee (RM2.0 per piece), Squid with Sambal Petai (stinky broadbeans) (RM25) and Cincalok Egg (fermented shrimps egg) (RM12); all classical Nyonya dishes to “test” the authenticity of the food.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Nyonya food, Ayam Pongteh is a chicken, potato plus black mushroom stew cooked with taucheo (fermented soy bean sauce) and gula Melaka (palm sugar).

The Ayam Pongteh at Limapulo is thick, homey and on the whole, a pretty decent version. We just thought it was a tad mild in flavour. The portion is quite substantial as there are black mushrooms plus potatoes and about 5-6 pieces of chicken.

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The egg with cincaluk was well prepared compared to most versions I’ve had. My usual complaint is that it is too oily. The ones we were served wasn’t so but I sent it back to the kitchen anyways as there were barely any cincaluk in the eggs.
The replacement dish had a bit more cincaluk and we could finally taste more of that pungent, salty shrimp paste so all was well in the end.

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Squid with Sambal Petai (stinky broadbeans) (RM25).
Another good dish to gauge a Nyonya restaurant would be the sambal and petai dish. The common favourite is with prawns but I requested for squids instead. It wasn’t spicy enough but at least the squids were perfectly cooked and there was a generous amount of petai.

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You can skip the Pai Tee.

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My personal favourite is still the Ayam Berempah; creamy, thick aromatic chicken curry which Uncle John assured me that it is a recipe uniquely’s Limapulo.
I’ll definitely be back for more of that for lunch!
As for the other items, I personally thought that it is much better than most Nyonya restaurants in Klang Valley and unless you’re lucky enough to have some true blue Nyonya friends hosting you regularly for meals, Limapulo is still your best bet for some good Nyonya food.

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Limapulo – Baba Can Cook
26 Jalan Doraisamy (Asian Heritage Row)
50300, Kuala Lumpur
+603 2698 3268
Mon- Sat: 12pm-3pm , 6pm-10pm

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