Life after LASIK : Top 5 lifestyle changes that I love!

My life changing LASIK operation was done on 9th June 2016 (details and video HERE).

Ever since then I’m no more the half-blinded female that relied on her contacts 18 hours daily.
Oh hurrah! 😀

No more dry eyes, no more panic attacks when my contacts dropped out halfway through the day and no more worries during swimming or contact sport like muay thai.


The world is now bright, clear and well, efficient.

These are just several of the lifestyle changes that I enjoyed after my LASIK procedure.
It may seem ordinary, but eliminating the LIFETIME hassle of worrying about having your contacts on you is liberating!

There are many reasons to get LASIK done (I’ve listed a few HERE) and after 4 months of LASIK, I’ll like to share my happiness post-procedure.

So, here is it – Top 5 life changes that I’ve enjoyed after LASIK!

1. Visual Freedom

I can see when I wake up!

YOU HAVE NO IDEA what a blessing that is.
To be able to immediately have the world greet you with clarity – it is a revelation after 20 years of wearing glasses and contacts!


2. Less danger of eye infection

I used to “save money” by stretching the use of my contacts.
If it is the daily sort, I’ll wear them for a week.
If it is weekly, I wear them for 3 weeks.

If it is a monthly lens, I normally wear them for 2 months!

I was also constantly running out of contacts as I only buy them when I’m out of stock. Likewise, I’ll buy the cheapest, on-0ffer contacts there is in the market.
Now I wonder why my eyes were REALLY REALLY SORE?

3. Travel with Ease

This may seem trivial but when you live life the way I do – constant traveling to Ipoh, Penang and Melaka plus a week in Singapore each month, anything less to pack is a blessing!

I travel with a 32″ luggage and with 3 changes of sportswear (can’t very well re-wear after a sweat and I workout daily), minimum 3 pairs of shoes (trainers, slippers and a pair of heels are a must) and chargers for camera, phone, laptop, Fitbit and more, you can imagine the kilograms added to my baggage.

And it is a hassle to go rushing to buy a bottle of solution if you forgot to pack one, and the frustrated feeling when you open a new one and still have a 3/4 bottle sitting at home – the one you forgot to pack along!

And when your case goes missing?
Well, I resort to water and a glass to store my contact. It is painful to insert the lens the day after, and you would need to shed some tears (literally) so the lens would feel like sandpaper in your eyes!


4. Daily Discomfort NO MORE!

The gritty pain of wearing contacts and getting bloodshot eyes staring at my laptop all day has vanished.

For some people, glasses consistently induce headaches. For me I get dizzy whenever I wear glasses as my vision swings from blur to clear to blur whenever I look up, down, far or near.

Also, have you ever rubbed a contact lens into the back corner of your eye and had to spend hours trying to fish it back out?
It is HELL I tell you!


5. Sports with ease!

I’m a fitness freak.
I jog, I swim, I dance, I yoga, I hike and well, I just enjoy anything that keeps me fit and alert!

Being able to workout at anytime of the day without the worry of injuring my eyes or risk infection does improve my overall quality of life.


Last but not least, thank you dear Dr Aloysius of Vista Eye Specialist for your care and dedication.
He was most professional yet an engaging and caring doctor.
Consultation and check up sessions with him was always fun and educational.

Thank you again Dr Aloysius for restoring my sight!


I believe getting LASIK is still one of the best investment ever to date for me.

I mean, what could be more important than your eyesight?
After LASIK, your vision is improved overnight. Many patients (myself included) are simply overjoyed at the instant gratification of better eyesight directly following the procedure.

If you’re thinking about it, just do it! 🙂

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