License to indulge – Gelatomio Lounge, Pavilion, KL!

14 years ago, a suave Italian 😉 came to Malaysia and made Malaysia his home.
Like all others, he seeked the comfort of his country’s cuisine & FORTUNATELY for us, he did NOT open ANOTHER Italian restaurant.
Instead, he creates with his hands..lovely creamy gelato, the way he knows how, the way he recalls they were like in Italy & as authentically as possible despite being 9700km away from home.

Dr. Massimo Minecci started Gelatomio (aptly named My Gelato), from a humble 12 flavours shop to currently a gelati-empire boasting 60 flavours with outlets in Time Square, Subang Parade, Pavilion KL, Penang, Melaka and Johor.
He supplies approximately 70 major hotels and restaurants in KL which includes Shangri-La, Le Meridien, Pan Pacific, Prince Hotel, Hilton, G Hotel, chinoiz and espressamente.

Dr Massimo - Gelatomio lounge

Here at Pavilion, KL, the concept is a cosy lounge where you can sit back, use the WIFI (yay!) & slowly savour your dessert.


Massimo’s secret to his success? HARDWORK (what else?) & top grade ingredients; only the best are chosen, and most of them are imported from Italy to preserve the authenticity of his gelati.

His gelati adheres to stringent Quality Control, where the toppings/nuts & CHOCOLATES are imported from Italy, and the FRUITS used for Gelatomio fruits-based gelati are sourced from the best countries that produces them.

I love Gelatomio ‘s Mango (the flavours of the fruit are really intense) & I find the Soy-apple to be a lovely sourish-sorbet gelato.


The DARK CHOC (Regular – RM6.60) is rich & creamy (NO MILK added!) and the Black Sesame (GOMA) (Regular – RM6.60) is one of the best I tasted so far. I started to compare it to other Japanese restaurants’ version, till Dr Massimo grinned & said he supplies if not ALL, 70% of the gelati in the Japanese eateries in Malaysia!!!


Actually, prior to this session, I sampled Gelatomio’s gelati before ( in April, as per the date of picture taken). I had the Crunch & Rum (RM6.60) then.


As soon as I put a spoonful in my mouth and swooshed it around with my saliva, I thought, “….hmmm…NICE.” :yes:
The Crunch & Rum is delightfully ALCOHOLIC :good: :good:

crunch rum

The Gelatomio Pavilion KL added a new feature that his other outlets do not carry: the cold stone. Aptly called ‘Gelatomio on the Rock’, you can choose your favourite flavours to be ‘fried’ together with your favourite toppings on the cold slab.

I had alcohol on the rocks before but ice cream on the rock?? :unsure:

gelato on the rock

below: The cold stone.

dr mossimo

So cold that you can see a layer of thin ice on the surface.

gelatomio rock

2 different bowls at the side of the “work space” holds MELTED white & dark chocolate. Massimo ladles a spoonful of melted chocolate onto the slab & spread it out thinly. The liquid chocolate cools & forms a paper thin layer.


For our chocolate “bowl”, Massimo mixed both white & dark chocolate.


An order of Gelatomio on the Rock is RM 19.80 where you choose 2 flavours of gelati – (ours was Macadamia & Double Choc) & 2 toppings to be mixed with your gelati. If you wish to have it served to you on a chocolate bowl, ADD RM2.00. Additional toppings are RM1.00 each.


The lucky bunch of us enjoyed: (anti-clockwise frm top left)

Gelatomio on the Rock – Macadamia & Double Choc gelato with Oreos, chocolate crisps & chocolate chips imported from Italy. :good:
Gelatomio on the RockStrawberry Cheesecake, Blueberry cheesecake gelato with apple pie fillings (made in house), figs & chocolate chunks (all imported).
Rum & Raisins, Orange Cointreau & Crunch & Rum – the ALCOHOLIC gelati bowl. :good:


All of Gelatomio gelati is 93 – 97%  FAT – FREE ! (hence my title – License to Indulge 😉 ).  For their Fruity range, it is only water, sucrose, fruits added (and of course whatever it is that is needed to make it set). No cream or milk.

Another option: The Platter (RM16.00) which is great for sharing & also to prevent the gelati from being mixed up once it melts.
For our platter that day, Massimo chose Coffee (rich aroma & taste of coffee), Berries (made from Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries & raspberries, & as expected was sweetish sour), white chocolate ( smooth & not overly sweet), & Calamansi (sorbet-like & extremely refreshing! This one really perks up the tastebuds!).


I “Liked” Gelatomio on FACEBOOK !!! Have you?? :heart:

With so many flavours offered by Gelatomio, you can be sure to find one that you’ll enjoy. I would personally recommend Dark Choc, Sesame, Calamansi, Crunch & Rum, Coffee & Mango!



Gelatomio, Level 4, Pavilion KL (in front of Forever 21).
Pavilion, Times Square, IOI Mall & Subang Parade.
Dataran Pahlawan – Melaka, City Sq – Johor & Gurney Plaza, Penang.

Gelatomio on FACEBOOK.

TQ to sweet Mei Ying for the invite & Dr. Massimo for having us! *hugs*

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  1. Sean

    ya, i think that if this place was on the gsc side of pavilion, it would be packed with customers 12 hours a day! u’re 100 percent right about the top-grade ingredients 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Do I dare say it? goes – It tasted even better than Bar Italia’s!
      And at half the price!

      I only liked Bar I’s pistachio version.

  2. augustdiners

    Dr. Massimo is a very nice man. Absolutely delicious gelato, i’ll def be back for more.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hey ..glad bumping into ya! 🙂
      Yup, Dr Massimo is sure a delightful fella isn’t he?
      i’m glad u liked the gelato, now I can safely recom the gelato here to everyone – u would knw how a good gelato taste like i’m sure!

  3. J

    Oh my goodness – everything looks too good! I must try that chocolate ice cream! 😀

  4. ai wei

    that’s a lot of ice!!! slurrrpppp… this place is newly opened, right???

    1. rebeccasaw

      Not entirely sure whn it opened but its been a few months!
      Just that the location might be a bit off. But Massimo thinks it’s perfectly fine & I do agree, there were loads of customers!

  5. superwilson

    Well, the ice cream looks very tempting to me. 🙂 Will try one day!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh do try! While taking RAchel shopping! HEhehe

  6. minchow

    Oh awesome… loved the Cold Stone Creamery, wondering when we’d get the same deal here in KL! Wonder if the texture of gelato makes it easier to mix them up on the stone?

    1. rebeccasaw

      I think so too!
      Gelato are softer in texture compared to ice cream??

  7. JustinH

    Wah go ice cream testing! nvr call~ =P
    Well will try a branch near me arouund Subang parade~

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hhaha..was invited by Mei Ying!
      Yea go try the Subang one, & do join me soon for cheesecakes ya!

  8. Hanie Hidayah

    They all look so tempting T_T
    must go next time already!

  9. kruel74

    Nyums….but @loveykatz says gelato is not real ice cream as there is no cream :scratch:

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup..I didnt write anywhere saying tht this is ice cream right? 🙂

  10. A Lil Fat Monkey

    It’s freaking hot now. I wish I was licking some gelatomio now! But location abit salah lah. Didn’t they take over another cafe that didn’t made it after a year?

    1. rebeccasaw

      To be honest, I’ve got no clue. I seldom come to this side of Pavilion! LOL.

      But yes, at RM6.60, I do not mind this to be a daily lunch dessert! Oh, make it tea too! 😉

  11. munny

    :good: ohh… favourite ice cream!!!U make the ice cream so delicious;oh….i like it!!!oh my god…sudenly wan to eat now!!!yummy…yummy….

  12. munny

    I like the coffee with chocolate chip!!!ohh….nice :yahoo:

  13. Wulan

    Yummyyy…Must be delicious lah!
    U have one in Bali??

  14. Michelle Ng

    yes I love the Italyn Ice Cream so smooth and the taste was good till you will never forget… :heart:
    If you wanna try also can get at Pg Island g Hotel (near to M’donald at Gurney Plaza)

  15. iamthewitch

    Fat free!! yum!! And it’s available in IOI mall? GREAT!! I’ll definitely go and have my scoop tonight itself! 🙂

  16. mimid3vils

    99% fat free…not so guilty when having it, haha!!

  17. Agnes Lua

    Great taste and variety…. Ladies, it’s up to 99% FAT FREE. Yummy!!

  18. sophia

    um, holy shit. I’ve been looking for gelato all over Singapore….looks like I should be in Malaysia instead!!! But no green tea flavor? 🙁

  19. poshies, make me feel hungry now…

  20. Tian Chad

    Your blog post is definitely a very good review =) Very detail too :yes:

  21. Esther Lee

    It is one of the better ones in KL indeed!

  22. Margarett Friede

    My kids love it! Agree on the quality & taste.
    We have our doses of gelato here. without fail 😉

    1. Rebecca

      GREAT! 🙂 I felt tht this one beats all the other gelato outlets in KL!

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