Legoland Malaysia – Sneak peek in pictures!

* A quick sneak peek of my special preview of LEGOLAND® Malaysia yesterday! 🙂

legoland malaysia - johor- 2

So for those who have been asking me on FB and twitter, here are the pictures and PRICE (yes, everyone is asking about the price!) for entry into Legoland Malaysia when it’s open to the public on the 15th of September.

Legoland Malaysia.bmp


LEGOLAND® Malaysia is open throughout the year.
Closed only on Wednesdays outside of holiday periods
Open from 10am – 6pm, but will close at 8pm on weekends and during public and school holidays.

legoland malaysia - johor (24)

How much does it cost?

Visitors can choose between a day ticket, which allows single entry on one day, and a LEGOLAND® Annual Pass. The Annual Pass is valid for 12 months and permits unlimited visits during normal operating hours.

Annual Pass: Full price OR Promotional price (limited time only)
Adult: RM 275 /RM 245
Child (3-11): RM 210 /RM 180
Senior (60+): RM 210 /RM 180

Day Ticket: Full price
Adult: RM 140
Child (3-11): RM 110
Senior (60+): RM 110

MyKad holders get a RM30 rebate at the gate
(Limited time only)
Visit for details.

Spanning an impressive 76 acres, the Park is divided into seven themed areas and contains more than 50 million LEGO® bricks. At the entrance, the ticket booths welcomes you. 😛

legoland malaysia - johor 1

LEGOLAND® Malaysia is a full day family theme park that features more than 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions.
And much has been done to ensure the visitors’ convenience and comfort when they are here at Legoland; which includes ATMs, mini markets, a total of 3 restaurants, 4 food stands, 11 food carts and even “surau” – prayer rooms.

legoland malaysia - johor-004

legoland malaysia - johor (10)

legoland malaysia - johor (88)

legoland malaysia - johor (2)


LEGOLAND® Water Park is scheduled to open in early 2013, followed by the Hotel in 2014. So it is exciting times ahead for Johor!

LEGOLAND® Malaysia mainly targets families with children between the ages of two and twelve. The Park is fully interactive. With over 40 rides, shows and attractions there’s something for everyone, including the young at the heart.

legoland malaysia - johor- 3

Young at heart; get it? :DD

legoland malaysia - johor (70)

legoland malaysia - johor (65)

Yes, there’s something for everyone. For our preview yesterday, both the young and old can be seen having a ball of a time at Legoland. I wasn’t impressed at first with the rides, but that’s because I’m a thrill seeker who prefers extreme, adrenaline-rushing rides.
Legoland is a family theme park, and kids are bound to be happy with the fun rides here; which was the main objective of Legoland in the first place.

BELOW: Kids having a wild “wet” time playing at the water fountains under parental supervision.

legoland malaysia - johor (159)

The weather was so hot that I was tempted to join them; but I didn’t want to scare any of the poor kiddos so I didn’t. 😛

legoland malaysia - johor (158)

At the Lego shop, kids donned some of the costumes and started to get into character! 😀

legoland malaysia - johor (153)

The 7 themed areas of Legoland starts from “THE BEGINNING” – at the entrance of Legoland itself.

legoland malaysia - johor- 2

The entrance to the Park is home to Asia’s largest LEGO® shop, The Big Shop, and LEGO pick-n-mix at The Brick Shop. For food, the restaurant in this area is The Café.

legoland malaysia - johor- 4

legoland malaysia - johor (1)

legoland malaysia - johor (3)

legoland malaysia - johor (2)

legoland malaysia - johor (6)

legoland malaysia - johor (7)

THEME 2: LEGO® Technic: High speed rides and high tech LEGO®

With its switchback track Project X is the Park’s fastest ride. Each car takes 4 riders on a wild ride up to 18 metres above the ground. When I was there yesterday, the ride was close til about 5.00pm due to some testing exercise, which was quite disappointing. I was rushing to catch the bus back to KL by then and the queue for the ride was pretty long so I missed out on this one. Darn!

legoland malaysia - johor (163)

The Technic Twister lets visitors spin a wheel to control how crazy their ride will be. Its twelve colourful LEGO® pods can take 60 people at a time on a highly geared whirlwind ride.

legoland malaysia - johor (11)

legoland malaysia - johor (12)

Aquazone Wave Racers offers a thrilling wave surf where those watching trigger the water bombs which the riders have to dodge. There are 4 water guns for spectators to fire at the twelve wave racers whizzing around their circular tracks.

legoland malaysia - johor (17)

legoland malaysia - johor (18)

This was one of the many Lego sculptures around the park.

legoland malaysia - johor (15)

Each themed area has a F & B outlet and Robot Kitchen here at the LEGO® Technicserves Asian delights such as curry puffs, pratha bread wraps, steam “Pau” buns and samosas.

legoland malaysia - johor (19)

Budding robot designers can build the future at LEGO® Mindstorms. The LEGO® Academy helps model builders of all ages to turn designs into reality.

legoland malaysia - johor (20)

THEME 3: LEGO® Kingdom: Where legends come to life in LEGO®

legoland malaysia - johor (23)

Here’s a tree-top adventure for children and parents in the multi-level playground in The Forestman’s Hideout. The slides and ropes would keep the little ones occupied for a while.

legoland malaysia - johor (25)

The Dragon’s Apprentice offers younger guests a taste of what to expect when they are big and brave enough to ride The Dragon.

legoland malaysia - johor (26)

Guests sit in a long dragon shaped car. In the Dragon Apprentice, the ride is less scary and shorter while the Dragon is higher from the ground, with more spins and dips.

legoland malaysia - johor (29)

The Dragon. 

legoland malaysia - johor (30)

legoland malaysia - johor (31)

Like I said before, there isn’t a need to worry about food. Every themed area has a food joint and for here it’s aptly named “Knight’s Feast“; where “brave knights and fair maidens will be able to satisfy their heroic appetites with grilled food such as burgers, hot dogs, sausages, chicken, fish, satay, and lamb chops”. There’s also a self-service counter serving ice cream and waffles.

legoland malaysia - johor (32)

For entry to The Dragon, guests would need to step into this man-made castle.

legoland malaysia - johor (33)

legoland malaysia - johor (34)

Little Lego miniatures peeked at us at the most unlikely corners. 🙂

legoland malaysia - johor (36)

legoland malaysia - johor (39)

This Lego man is so cute!

legoland malaysia - johor (41)

Portraiture comprised of Lego bricks hung on the walls of the castle.

legoland malaysia - johor (40)

I wish Legoland would sell customisable lego self- portraiture such as these. I certainly won’t mind paying for one! 😀


BELOW: A storybook.

legoland malaysia - johor (43)

Coat of arms, all done from lego bricks of course.

legoland malaysia - johor (44)

I bumped into some media friends here too! 🙂

legoland malaysia - johor (45)

I got in line and waited for my turn on The Dragon but didn’t managed to make it for the ride as it was stopped due to some technical error. It was open again a short while later I think but I didn’t wait around to find out.

Merlin’s Challenge is a high speed carousel for parents and children. Its 24 cars can put 48 visitors at a time into a spin.

legoland malaysia - johor (47)

The Royal Joust is a classic medieval contest, which puts children in the saddles of 20 LEGO® horses.

legoland malaysia - johor (48)

legoland malaysia - johor (49)

legoland malaysia - johor (50)

This kid was having a jovial time. In true cowboy fashion he took off his cap and waved it like a pro.

legoland malaysia - johor (51)

He even got those around him doing the same! 😀

legoland malaysia - johor (52)

There were some games stalls at a corner but these requires additional payment per game.

legoland malaysia - johor (53)

The princess from the castle was out for a walks so I grabbed her for a picture!

legoland malaysia - johor (54)

THEME 4: Imagination: Where LEGO® knows no limits

legoland malaysia - johor (55)

The Kid’s Power Tower challenges 200 visitors per hour to test their strength by pulling their two-seat car up a nine metre rope. A beautiful view over the park is the reward at the top.

legoland malaysia - johor (56)

Here’s me waiting for my turn! See the black rope in the middle? You’ll just have to pull yourself up to the top while remaining seated. Here’s the video, catch me in it! 🙂

legoland malaysia - johor (70)

At the Build and Test Centre, LEGO® inventors can bring their imaginings to life and find out if their creations really could work. There are thousands of LEGO bricks for experimenting, testing, and building. Inventors can construct and race cars,and test their buildings on the earthquake table.

legoland malaysia - johor (57)

legoland malaysia - johor (60)

legoland malaysia - johor (61)

legoland malaysia - johor (62)

A must visit; the Build and Test Centre offers an abundance of lego bricks to form anything you want!

legoland malaysia - johor (64)

Adults and kids all love Lego huh? 😀

legoland malaysia - johor (65)

legoland malaysia - johor (66)

I saw more adults then kids here actually. LOL!

legoland malaysia - johor (67)

Amazing work yes?

legoland malaysia - johor (69)

Young engine drivers in particular will love the DUPLO® Express, a colourful five carriage train for ten passengers at a time.

legoland malaysia - johor (71)

I wanted a ride too, but they say it was for kids only. 🙁

legoland malaysia - johor (72)

Here’s more of the many huge Lego sculptures around the park. I would never, never had imagined that these were all made up from Lego bricks if I wasn’t there to see it with my own eyes and feel it with my fingers!

legoland malaysia - johor (73)

legoland malaysia - johor (74)

legoland malaysia - johor (75)

Children can take over the town and explore their very own child size city at DUPLO® Playtown. 

legoland malaysia - johor (76)

legoland malaysia - johor (77)

legoland malaysia - johor (78)

Here’s another attraction in Legoland that I’m sure is going to be the most popular when Legoland opens on the 15th of Sept. The Observation Tower can lift 1,000 visitors each hour to a viewing position 41m above the ground for an excellent aerial view of the Park.

legoland malaysia - johor (57)

Next to the the Build and Test Centre is LEGO® Studios, which can fit about 500 people at a time. Get right inside the action with a fascinating 4D movie adventure where wind, smoke and water take 3D into the next dimension. Karen and her kids went for this and reported that it was really fun.
I however, went in search of food….

This is Pizza Mania, where fresh pizzas and pasta awaits hungry visitors like me.

legoland malaysia - johor (79)


Each pizza are priced from RM15+ to RM30, depending on toppings.

legoland malaysia - johor (81)

legoland malaysia - johor (82)

Opting for something healthy, I took a salad instead. For RM12.50 per serving, help yourself to selected greens and cold pasta salads at the bar.

legoland malaysia - johor (84)

Legoland is extremely hot, no thanks to our humid Malaysian weather. Luckily I kept on piling on sunblock and had a cap with me else I would have been baked red. If you’re not squeamish about walking around with an umbrella, I strongly advise you to bring one along. I thought it would be “aunty” to bring one around and I regretted that I didn’t!

legoland malaysia - johor (85)

Since it’s a park for kids, there’s a baby centre for the young ones.

legoland malaysia - johor (86)

legoland malaysia - johor (87)

THEME 5: Land of Adventure: A daring journey into ancient LEGO® worlds.

legoland malaysia - johor (89)

legoland malaysia - johor (90)

In this theme area, visitors takes a journey into the forgotten worlds of Pharaohs and dinosaurs.

legoland malaysia - johor (91)

Dino Island takes visitors on a boat voyage through a forgotten time. Explorers pass rocky outcrops, man-eating plants and a dinosaur lagoon. A twelve-metre high waterfall is the only way down, and there’s no escape without getting wet! :DD

legoland malaysia - johor (93)

I was most interested to try the Dino Island ride, but it was closed that day. Exploring the rest of Land of Adventure, I found the The Pharaoh’s Revenge – a play area that allows young children create their own adventures.

legoland malaysia - johor (94)

This was fun, the Beetle Bounce launches children up and down a 15 foot tower, nearly touching the gigantic LEGO® beetles with every bounce! You can see the action in my video!

legoland malaysia - johor (95)

In Lost Kingdom everyone can play the role of an adventure hero in a laser-blasting hunt for hidden treasure. Using laser guns to shoot your way through a labyrinth, you battle evil mummies and dodge deadly traps! Almost 1,000 “heroes” each hour can board a desert off-roader and discover the secrets of the ancient temple within.

legoland malaysia - johor (96)

THEME 6: Miniland: Asia in LEGO® Bricks

legoland malaysia - johor (97)

I was just astounded with the miniatures! Though I’m not a hardcore Lego fan, I wouldn’t mind spending time building miniatures like this! 🙂

legoland malaysia - johor (98)

I wonder if every miniature Lego built can really be put on the water and float it like this?

legoland malaysia - johor (99)

legoland malaysia - johor (100)

The Miniland at LEGOLAND® Malaysia is the largest ever built for a new park, and the project took more than three years to complete. All of the models are animated, so visitors can bring LEGO® figures, trains and aeroplanes to life at the touch of a button.

legoland malaysia - johor (101)

legoland malaysia - johor (102)

Miniland was designed and built by a team of more than 100 people from around the world. First, a team of LEGOLAND® designers photographed buildings, roads and streets across Asia to help familiarise themselves with the landmarks they would be recreating.

legoland malaysia - johor (103)

legoland malaysia - johor (104)

There were then two years of 3D design and production before a training studio was established in Malaysia and the models were built. Many were constructed locally at the LEGOLAND Model Shop in Nusa Cemerlang in Johor Bahru.
Others were built in the USA, Denmark, England, Germany and the Czech Republic before being carefully transported in cargo containers to LEGOLAND Malaysia for installation.

legoland malaysia - johor (105)

Miniland’s 17 highly detailed clusters pay tribute in LEGO® bricks to 12 different cities and countries across Asia, including Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Singapore.

legoland malaysia - johor (106)

legoland malaysia - johor (107)

Visitors from Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam will also find their iconic national landmarks in miniature. The Petronas Twin Towers, Taj Mahal and Angkor Wat are among the highlights.

legoland malaysia - johor (109)

legoland malaysia - johor (110)

legoland malaysia - johor (111)

legoland malaysia - johor (112)

Amazing isn’t it? I was really really impressed with the detailed workmanship and how “real” the miniatures were!

legoland malaysia - johor (113)

legoland malaysia - johor (114)

legoland malaysia - johor (115)

legoland malaysia - johor (116)

This area alone uses 30 million bricks!

legoland malaysia - johor (117)

legoland malaysia - johor (118)

legoland malaysia - johor (119)

legoland malaysia - johor (120)

legoland malaysia - johor (121)

legoland malaysia - johor (122)

Could you guys recognize any of these landmarks? 🙂

legoland malaysia - johor (123)

legoland malaysia - johor (124)

legoland malaysia - johor (125)

legoland malaysia - johor (126)

legoland malaysia - johor (127)

Such intricate work. I could go on taking picture after picture in this area but oh god, the sun was so unforgiving!

legoland malaysia - johor (128)

legoland malaysia - johor (129)

Absolutely gorgeous isn’t it?

legoland malaysia - johor (130)

All build from Lego!

legoland malaysia - johor (131)

legoland malaysia - johor (133)

This is Singapore!

legoland malaysia - johor (134)

This is supposed to be Port Klang.

legoland malaysia - johor (135)

legoland malaysia - johor (136)

Spot the Merlion? 🙂

legoland malaysia - johor (137)

legoland malaysia - johor (138)

legoland malaysia - johor (139)

legoland malaysia - johor (140)

legoland malaysia - johor (141)

Here we are at KL city!

legoland malaysia - johor (147)

At nearly 10 metres high, the Petronas Twin Towers are the tallest Miniland models ever made. They contain more than 500,000 LEGO bricks!

legoland malaysia - johor (146)

legoland malaysia - johor (148)

legoland malaysia - johor (149)

legoland malaysia - johor (150)

The last themed area was LEGO® City: – A LEGO® world where children really take control.
Attractions at the Lego City includes:

* Driving School
• Junior Driving School
• Boating School
• LEGO® City Airport
• LEGOLAND® Express
• The Shipyard

Unfortunately I really couldn’t stay under the sun anymore. It was 5.00pm by then and the sun was still blazing hot. I ran for cover at The Big Lego shop.

legoland malaysia - johor (151)

This is Asia’s largest LEGO® shop. There’s everything from lunchboxes to mugs to umbrellas and bags and of course, Lego sets. As with all branded merchandises, prices are on the high side.

legoland malaysia - johor (152)

I got some Lego merchandise to give-away on my blog and my FB page – so stay tuned! 😀

legoland Johor Malaysia

And yes, I was hungry again….

legoland malaysia - johor (157)

legoland malaysia - johor (162)

What do you guys think of Legoland? Any questions? Leave me a comment here so I can answer them!
If the pictures and words above isn’t enough to show you how Legoland Malaysia is like, take a quick at the video! 🙂

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  1. Sean

    ooo, slightly on the pricey side for day passes, but looks like it’s kinda worth it, since there are tons of things to do! cool rides, definitely! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      I thought it was rather pricey too… I think a family package would work better.

  2. Ckeong

    If one day enough to play all games ?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes Ckeong!
      More than enough! But if there are many people and the queue is long then you might waste some time waiting so do go early yea!

  3. Cindy Tong

    kinda pricey to me…mayb they target people across the ocean…lol

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah, seems that a lot of people are saying that 😛
      But really, across the ocean already got Universal studios la… but no Legos of cos! 😛

  4. Anderson

    Seems to be a nice place and many things to see.nice photos

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, there are attractions, and I saw many people enjoying themselves. What’s there is what you see here, so if it’s suitable for you, go ahead and visit Legoland! 🙂

  5. yanmie


    OMG! mesti suruh hubby baca entry ni hahahaaa, ok nak pegi!!!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      So wait till you’re back from Safari ok! Go play hard in Kenya first!

  6. msbulat

    Omgosh, Thnks for sharing! I have been waiting for it to open, since, like, forever! Miniland looks absolutely crazyyyyyyy! Can’t wait for it to be open to the public

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes Ms Bulat!
      The Miniland is lovely! It was really work of genius! I was very very very impressed! 🙂

  7. jolene

    if you don’t fully utilise your entrance to legoland then it is a dreaful waste of paying so much. my first reaction when i saw the price was OMG!!! SO EXPENSIVE!! because i can’t fully utilise theme park

  8. Simon Har

    photos overloaded haha! but very nice leh Legoland!

    1. rebeccasaw

      It is for the Lego fans! Do go if you love your Legos! 😀

  9. ericleeh

    so means not all attractions are fully open? shall wait till next year then!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      The Technic was finally open when I went pass around 5pm.
      The Dino Island wasn’t as yet. But i think by Sept 15th – since that’s the formal opening date – all should be open! 😀

  10. June Tan

    wah, nice theme park, but the entrance fees damn expensive.. @.@

    1. rebeccasaw

      I think all theme parks and future attractions will be this pricing as times goes by…everything is going at inflated prices nowadays – food, rent, etc. 🙁

    1. rebeccasaw

      Not at all.. esp for a family, 2 adults and 2 kids – RM280 + Rm220. RM500 for a day out non incl of petrol and toll if you’re coming from other states… well, make it an annual treat for the family? 🙂

  11. Badri

    wow, how many surau they have?
    kind of feeling like my childhood memory being re-lived again in a LARGER scale! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yea? Lego does bring back memories for a lot of people! 😀
      There’s 2 surau that I saw 🙂

  12. sawleng

    Hi Rebecca,

    I’ve been reading your blog quietly until now 🙂

    A guy has mistaken you as me for someone who has visited The Andaman Langkawi. How funny.

    For the annual pass which is less than double of a single pass, who you agree that it make more sense to purchase annual pass?

    Do they have family package of 2 adults and 2 kids?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Sawleng! HAhh really? I got someone askng me on twitter about Andaman recently too! Wonder if it’s the same fellow 😛
      Yups, very much so! An annual pass is so worth in comparison. And so far no news of family packages as yet. Anyhow, if you got an annual pass that means you have to go at least 3-4 times a year to make it worth your while! 😀

  13. Kash

    Always love your coverage. Comprehensive, plenty of pics and now videos too!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks Kash! That’s how my reviews are 🙂 Glad you enjoyed them, as it’s hard work I tell you! 😛

  14. Yee Ling

    Don’t know where my elder girl gets to know about Legoland and she edy started pestering me to bring her go…**sweat**

  15. Ky

    Hey, what a nice blog about legoland. Btw, do you think this suitable for a teenager to visit, all the facility seems like more suit children, scare I waste the money to visit as I’m from kl! 😀

    Keep up the good jobs! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thanks for the encouraging words KY! :DD
      Oh I wont say its suitable for adults really.. it’s rather kiddie.. but some parts – the mini legoland and the Technic ride are quite nice. 80% is for kids really…

  16. Hareez Haiqal

    hye rebecca!
    seems it’s very nice place to go yeah~
    is’t too hot there? hoho ..
    and i want to ask is there any elephant model made by lego or any elephant toys selling there?

    1. rebeccasaw

      HEyo Hareez !
      It’s offically open today! And no i didnt see any BIG elephant Lego structures..and not in the Brick Shop either…

  17. Juan

    you have many pictures here, good to see what legoland is about, thanks rebeccasaw

    1. rebeccasaw

      No problem! Glad it helped. So you going? Other than visual, the video is informative too – in a “moving” way.. LOL!

  18. Vin

    Hi Rebeccasaw,

    How many days for us to visit all the attraction dear?

    Thank you.

  19. Raleigh

    Hi there to every one, it’s genuinely a nice for me to pay a visit this web page, it contains precious Information.

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