Launched: The Jaguar F-TYPE Coupé

Given a choice, I’d pick a dog for a pet over a cat anytime.
I like myself lean, but my pets chubby. The ideal of a plump puppy enthusiastically greeting me upon my arrival home and doleful eyes watching over me in the house certainly appeals.

Felines are not my thing, but I allow an exception to this preference of mine when it comes to Jaguars.

Launched The Jaguar F-TYPE Coupé - Malaysia-003

Sleek, smooth and sensual. I was referring to the vehicle by the way.

Launched The Jaguar F-TYPE Coupé - Malaysia-001

Jaguar Land Rover (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, the exclusive importer of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles in Malaysia has launched the new all-aluminium Jaguar F-Type Coupé and it is gorgeous.
Drool-worthy enough for me to take time off work to be in the showroom of the launch; that’s it.

For a person who imagines microwave foils when aluminium is mentioned, I am amazed to learn that the cold press aluminium used in the F-type is not only as stong as steel, it makes the car lighter and hence, as nimble as its namesake.
This material also have the benefit of reducing the amount of joints and panels which accentuates it’s beautiful, sleek profile.

And it’s not all just looks and no show. The top-of-the-line 550hp F-type R Coupe has a 5.0litre supercharged engine that makes me see the speed meter in three digits in just 4.2 seconds from standstill.
If you feel the road tax is insanely high, there’s an S Coupe that makes do with a 3.0litre supercharged that’s no less potent in delivering 380hp and hitting 100km from standstill in 4.9 seconds.

The F-type is loaded with a lot more technology that makes it a vehicle that not only looks fantastic, it is amazing to drive.
The only thing I didn’t quite like is because the seats are slung so low, anyone with skirts will be in a compromised position, particularly when alighting.
Still, I’m not going to complain if anything offers to drive me around in one. This is one Cat that I’ll be sure to keep!

BELOW: What do you do when you get to sit inside a Jaguar? Well, grin like a cat of course. 😀

Launched The Jaguar F-TYPE Coupé - Malaysia

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  1. Sean EDKL

    very sleek car … befitting of a jaguar! 🙂 p.s. i want BOTH a dog and a cat … but i’d need to move into landed property 🙂

  2. duan

    hi there,
    just stumble your sites tru p1 review actually.
    anyway i think your better put a newsletter subs.
    so when a new post is added,visitor/fans will know


  3. Sally Water

    My hubby drives this beautiful car. I do love cars and my appeal is the speed and look. This may sound corny but this one takes my breath away. I literally needed my man to slow down. Most of the snobs he hangs with drive porches or BWM but really they are so biased. Im glad he went out on a limb to buy this and not follow those sheep. Loads of room in the boot for traveling which is rare in sports cars…more room for my dresses and shoes ;). Also the sound of the engine is a massive turn on. You must listen to the engine to understand how rousing it really is … caradvice have a hot video showing of the V8

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