LAUNCHED: Anlene with MoveMax™ – a delicious new formula!

Move As Young As You Feel Inside – that’s the key message from Anlene as Fronterra Brands Malaysia launched ‘Anlene with MoveMax™‘, a new formulation of the already popular Anlene range of milk products.


As of today, Anlene is the only milk in Malaysia with MoveMax™ formulation.
This breakthrough formula includes calcium, collagen, protein and a number of micronutrients for the well-being of bones, joints and muscles, as opposed to the standard formulation focused on nutritional needs for bones alone.


Thus with daily intake of Anlene MoveMax™ these nutrients work conjointly to maintain the health of bones, joints and muscles, which in totality are the key body parts supporting all movements of our body.

As Anlene MoveMax™ supports flexibility, dynamism, strength and vitality, all the components that enable youthful movement, the tagline of Move As Young As You Feel is indeed apt, for it empowers Malaysians to always keep moving as young as they feel, regardless of age.


At the launch I felt both amused and respect as I watched a bunch of energetic ladies move in ways that I myself might not be able to.
Shaking their ‘bons bons‘ to upbeat music, these ladies drove home the point of “Move As Young As you Feel Inside“.


anlene milk

Then Sheila Majid, resplendent at age 50, walked on stage much to the delight of the guests. A collective gasp was heard and scurried closer to the stage for a photo.

I don’t let age slow me down, instead I keep moving to slow down age” she had declared. An advocate of the active lifestyle, Sheila revealed that Anlene plays an important role in fulfilling her nutritional needs.

Well, she certainly wowed her audience with her youthful appearance and exuberance!


The launch was likewise a spirited event.
Members of the media had a taste of youthful movement which featured fun joyful activities such as trampoline jumping, arcade dance moves and a tyre swing game.

anlene MoveMax - launched by fronterra

In another section there was the Anlene Bone Health Check booths where participants were asked to perform a series of movements to evaluate their mobility.

I am glad to announce that I’m above average and at LOW RISK for my bone scan result!

anlene MoveMax - launched by fronterra-003

The tests were simple and took less than 20 minutes. The data secured provides valuable insight into the state of bone health in you so do take bone scans annually to ensure you are at low risk.

anlene MoveMax - launched by fronterra-002

ANLENE - glasshouse

I’ve been consuming Anlene regularly since I took the Anlene 21 day challenge.

Now it looks like I’ve got to stock up on the new Anlene MoveMax™ milk and yogurts ASAP.
Like Sheila, I’m not going to let age slow me down, but I’ll keep moving to slow down age!


The new Anlene MoveMax™ is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide and is available in powdered form (plain and chocolate) as well as in all 4 flavours of Anlene yogurts (plain, mango, strawberry and Mixed Berries).
The powdered form is sold in 1kg, 600g and 175g packs.



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  1. Sean EDKL

    i’ve had to walk relatively a lot this week – including uphill slopes – and i definitely don”t feel very young while moving around … time to look for some anlene yoghurt at least! 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      LOL! But u jumped off a building Sean! If that’s not moving, I don’t know what is! hahaha!

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