Launch of YES 4G by YTL Communications – Rates, Devices & ..

A lot was said about the 4G standard, with some die-hard techies pushing to make their point heard about YTL Comms being misleading and misusing the 4G moniker.

I’m not going into that; for as a consumer, I seriously don’t give a s**t what they call it. Give me SPEEDY, ZIPPY & RELIABLE connection & I’m happy. Even better if all of that comes with reasonable rates.

The rates were finally revealed yesterday. Just as mentioned in the soft launch HERE , there is no plan, no monthly commitments. YES is SIM-less & it is Pay-As-You-Use.

YES 4G YTL (17)

9 cents – 3MB
3 cents – 1MB
RM30.00 – 1G

Cheap? Expensive? You decide.

The current offer is RM99 for the Go Dongle and it comes with RM10 free credit for 10 months.

The Huddle – a 4G Mobile Hotspot, shareable for up to 4 surfers at any one time is RM399 (device only) or RM1199 for device & FREE Rm1200 credit. Interest -free instalment plan is available at RM50 for 24 months. With the instalment plan,  it helps making it affordable for most of us, just as YTL Comms promised.

YES 4G YTL (15)

More details on the devices:

YES 4G YTL (18)

The actual device: The Go USB Dongle, that came in our goody bags yesterday. Thanks YTL Comms! 😉

YES 4G YTL (8)

YES 4G YTL (11)

Very small, very light.

YES 4G YTL (9)

YES 4G YTL (10)

The buzz entry level 4G mobile phone by YTL and the Zoom, the 4G Gateway will be available from next month onwards.

YES 4G YTL (16)


YES 4G YTL (1)

The launch event at JW Marriot yesterday. The ballroom was packed!

YES 4G YTL (2)

YES 4G YTL (3)

The charismatic Wing, CEO of YTL Comm on stage.

YES 4G YTL (5)

The event was officiated by the Deputy Prime Minister, YAB Tan Sri Dato’ Hj. Muhiyiddin.

YES 4G YTL (4)

There was a demo where the Deputy Prime Minister placed a call over to London using his YES ID.

YES 4G YTL (7)

YES 4G YTL (6)

The YES flagship store at Lot 10.

YES 4G YTL (13)

The CUBE at the entrance of Lot 10.

YES 4G YTL (12)

I can’t wait to try out the so-claimed extremely zippy connection myself. I would definitely share my experience using YES once I get my Go dongle. 😉

Thank you to YTL Comms for the invite!

YES 4G YTL (14)

For now, Congrats to YTL Communications for the launch of its “YES 4GNetwork” !!

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  1. daddykhong

    I think it is very tragic that their website has been down since launch. Tells us heaps on YTL’s professionalism NOT!!!

    1. Lee

      Ya, I have been trying to lock into thousand of times, but failed. How to trust that they can provide us with the speedy services as promised?
      Moreever there is no info on where, how, what devise and how is it going to function. I guess YTL needs to improve all this before we says YES!

      1. rebeccasaw

        For all details, I think it’s best you pay their YES flagship store at Lot10 a visit.

    2. rebeccasaw

      Oh dear.. myself was shocked and dissappointed over the issue as well. I expected better from YTL..
      BUt I’m keepin my hopes up!

  2. keith

    faster try try n let me know. i so gonna kill maxis 3G broadband..

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha.. I need to get my Go Dongle from YTL 1st.
      Then I’ll let you know over makan ya!

  3. foodbin

    hope it live up to your expectations.

    1. rebeccasaw

      I’m hoping.. cos I live my life by the internet!

  4. Biopolymath

    I’ll still find fixed charge Internet worthier. But I still find RM 30 for 1G relatively expensive. As a comparison, I’m paying ~30 AUD for 2G in Aussie. You can check pricing offered by Optus, Vodafone or 3 (these are ISPs serving Australia) – just google them for interest 🙂

    On another note, I tried to view Yes4G website but it’s still down atm.

    1. rebeccasaw

      If I pay a pricier charge, then I expect reliable connection whereever I am, at whenever I’m online.
      If YTL can gimme that, then I wont mind paying.

    2. vic

      aiyo… u compare with aussie die la… msia broadband need to compare with the existing players to be fair… i think RM30 for 1 GB is cheaper than most telco… dun think any other telco got a cheap RM30 plan like them.

      The only sad thing is… when the bankrupt AMAX launch their service at least the website was working properly… how many customers would YES YTL have day 100? 1000? even 10k subsribers in a day, thats not a lot to manage… celcom, maxis have more than 500k subs, tm have 1.5mil subs….
      YES YTL too much hype la

  5. FranG

    It’s not pay-as-you-go as promised nor is it one flat rate either.
    There is a minimum usage requirement of RM30 per month and it’s data charge is on a falling scale with increasing usage.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Seems that there is some discrepancies with the initial promises & the launched rates now.. I for one, only care abt the connection..

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahha.. thks dear! Eh, can’t wait for u to be back!! B-)

  6. Wa.Lau.Wei

    3G/HSDPA/HSPA is still much better than WiMAX.

    I am so waiting for LTE, the true 4G to come…

    Good to see YTL Comms finally launched after 2 years late. Lots to catch up on a mature market. P1 leads with over 100,000 subs. I wonder if YES can reach 100,000 by Q1, 2011. YES has got to get 300,000 at ARPU of 100/mth for all 300,000 subs in order to survive in this challenging market.

    WiMAX is facing coverage (esp. in building) problems and also congestion. I hope YES has researched P1 major issues.

    Celcom, DiGi and Maxis are still the CLEAR leaders in mobile broadband. They have the coverage (incl. in building) and very established network nationwide.

    WiMAX is good for countries like India for an example where they have problems laying fibre and wireless broadband (WiMAX) is the best option to make wireless internet possible for all.

    In Malaysia, WiMAX would be seen more effective in suburbs and rural areas where HSBB is not possible like in urban areas.

    Anyhow, I wish YES the best to win in the WiMAX market.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hey Jason!
      Thks fr the insightful comment! Sigh, I just wish fr zippy stable connection. Dont really care where it is comin from, and YES seems sooooo promising.. sighhhhhhh…

  7. kent chen

    Maxis, Digi, Celcom broadband is coverage more than 80% Malaysia area, include village place also cover. But “speed” is slow.
    How about YES 4G? Coverage cover all space in Malaysia? include “kampung”?

  8. Khairudin Alaudin

    I’m not too sure about the “no monthly commitment” bit in your post. I checked the Yes plans on their website and this is what it says:-

    “All you need to get started with Yes is a one-time activation fee of RM50 and a minimum credit purchase of RM10. After that, just maintain a monthly usage of RM 30 and you’re all set to experience the fastest 4G mobile Internet with voice!”

    What does “maintain a monthly usage of RM30” mean? I would appreciate your views.

    1. Biopolymath

      I’d suggest you to read the T&C, those fine prints or ask in person at the store. These fine prints can be nasty when you’re dissatisfied and consider legal action should it happen.

      With my experiences with telco plans, they usually make you pay the said amount should you not meet the usage volume. But still, ask to be sure.

  9. JLean

    The new thing in town huh becky??

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha.. the hottest thing in town for all the wrong reasons now!

  10. Isobel Rettke

    I don’t unremarkably comment but I gotta say thankyou for the post on this special one : D.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hey Isobel, thanks for leaving a comment and reading my blog too 😉

  11. Alvin

    My recent feedback perhaps, on the 2nd week of Nov about YES YTL is phenomenal and I will only switch to it after hearing testimonies of other YTL users first. The reply
    from Rebeccasaw – the latter part of the reply is inappropriate ” Tonight is the night !! ” This is what I call from the front line to the boardroom of YTL must be ALWAYS be professional, respectful, listening to and reading YES YTL USERS’feedbacks of what are said, and unsaid to improve, to maintain or upgrade its service progressively, to reply tactfully in relation to your audience and subject matters. Some remarks are best kept for private talks. That aside,ADS by SMS to customers must be prohibited by YES YTL !!

    1. rebeccasaw

      I replied tonite is the night cos tht reply was on last Fri, and tht nite is the launch la.
      As for the issues that has happened since the launch, I’m symphathetic but I can understad consumers’ fustrations.
      I have not received any SMS ads from YES YTL though..neither have i heard on twitter or FB or etc..

      1. Hunter

        YTL Yes = Bad

        1 cheat your money , all have you pay and can’t use
        2 call centre all dead , call all the way no answer and ask you list down your number but never call back to you.
        3 Go to “KL Centre” to ask for help they said its something problem with yes system , we will call you tonight or tomorrow for sure to explanations, few day no one call from them.
        4 Log on to “” , just press all the link have to wait 1hour or more than that and alway came out “server error”
        5 super waste time and super bad service.

        Don’t remove this, because this is a complaint, till you fixed the problem. s

    2. Alvin

      YES YTL & its support staff must
      compile a daily updated list of complaints, suggestions received nationwide, its accurate statistics, and actions / response taken with its date. Studying from the trends of both negative and positive feedback received daily,a detailed USER- friendly feedback check -list should be posted on YES YTL website, even on this website soon for users to put a check, yes / no; from a 7 ( excellent ), 6 ( good ), 5 ( fair ), 4 so so; 3, 2, 1 or below ( non performing to expectations ). And those Call for Help Centers, a lot are redundant, unprofessional, with grumpy intonation, some even passing jargon,remarks, moronic jokes, no team work ( due to limited knowledge, indifferent, bad attitude,arrogant so they pass the concerns, complaints to others,etc. YES YTL team from the boardroom must find solutions, fast, efficiently to meet its USERS expectations, or potential clients’ interests. And make each support staff be accountable for both bad, good and excellent services swift and fast. Perhaps, YES YTL can learn from AM BANK insurance, how they have improved its service the last one year, it now shows international class services : handle calls superbly, excellent collaboration and team work in handling a client’s concern tactfully on the spot,very attentive to clients’ concerns, even complaints; they even call back in 15 mins, there is no stupid remarks, moronic jokes, or slur; not defensive; JUST PROFESSIONALISM.and professional does not have to be DEAD, Serious Yes, but Not DEAD, but very courteous.YES YTL must come up with fast and most efficient solutions to respect YES YTL clients’ time : we all have just as busy schedules or busier. This is taking too much of my invaluable time to write, even to consider switching to YES YTL,perhaps, not in the near future. YES to all excellent services, YES YTL must separate NO from its YES, unless it wants the users to perceive it as a norm – SLOGAN. However, YES YTL, thanks a lot for Pavilion, many get to enjoy its ambiance !!
      And do begin your response with Thank you for your feedback. And end with an accountable response that reflects you and YES YTL.

      1. Victims

        YES=Bad support service

        Even call for reset password. It need to takes few days reset it.

  12. Hunter

    YTL Yes = Bad

    1 cheat your money , all have you pay and can’t use
    2 call centre all dead , call all the way no answer and ask you list down your number but never call back to you.
    3 Go to “KL Centre” to ask for help they said its something problem with yes system , we will call you tonight or tomorrow for sure to explanations, few day no one call from them.
    4 Log on to “” , just press all the link have to wait 1hour or more than that and alway came out “server error”
    5 super waste time and super bad service.

    Don’t remove this, because this is a complaint, till you fixed the problem.

  13. Peter

    I paid 100 bucks last month and don’t even know how to activate it. The website down is of no help.

  14. jake

    some considerations if u want to start using yes. monthly commitment rm30 equals 1gb . other telco is you divide to get 1gb around rm22. some rm38 get 3gb. of course yes you are buying speed. so i guess is speed really that important for you? think of in the long run how much extra u spend.

  15. Gary

    Thks to Rebecca for this YES YTL post. I subscribed to YES last mth on the package of RM30 min usage-for 1G / mth. Let say I downloaded 10 youtube clips, 100Mb each clip, is that mean, I already used up RM30 (approx. 1Gb)? Can someone to enlightened me on this.Thks with rgds.

  16. Born2Reign

    What is your opinion on the speed?

  17. Clay Delinois

    After reading this posting, I contemplated the exact same level that I invariably wonder about when scanning new blogs and forums. Just what do I take into consideration this? Exactly how should it effect me? This and extra posts in your weblog proper right here actually give some stuff to look at. I essentially ended up right here via Yahoo once I was very first doing some internet study for some course carry out that I have. Always very good instances browsing by the use of and I’m hopeful that you will keep on writing new posts. Cheers!

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