Launch of the new BRATPACK lifestyle concept store at e@Curve

My awesomely comfortable loyal, durable Crocs will be retiring soon. Frankly speaking, if I could still get the stock for this I would buy a few pairs and keep, wearing one after another til the rest of my life.
Seriously, it’s that comfortable. When I was travelling in Korea and Thailand, I walked everywhere for hours in them and never felt any pain at the end of the day.

BRATPACK lifestyle concept store at e@Curve-004

Its durability is amazing; it’s good for the beach, casual outings, and I even wore it once for an amateur trekking session. Though it has a wedge (which I love as that’s added height!), it’s very steady to walk in.
It fact I loved my Crocs so much that I was a proud Crocs Malaysia Blogger Ambassador for 2010.

Just a few days back I attended the launch of the BRATPACK lifestyle concept store at e@Curve. I have been aiming for a pair of Fitflop but the prices are pretty outrageous steep. I wonder how it compares to Crocs.

BRATPACK lifestyle concept store at e@Curve-002

Anyhow, this pair of Sanuk was much much more affordable. At RM129 (ok, I know most of us can’t spare RM129 for a pair of slippers!) it’s pretty comfy. No marks for the design though. Way too simple and plain for its price.

BRATPACK lifestyle concept store at e@Curve-005

But you can check out the other pretty pairs. The pricing is about RM100+- and the reason why I didn’t choose these was because I insisted on one with elevation. And this black pair is the only one that offers a bit of a heel.

BRATPACK lifestyle concept store at e@Curve-001

I was sorely tempted with the pink Native ones. It was extremely comfy as well. But elevation, yes, that’s what’s most important for now.

BRATPACK lifestyle concept store at e@Curve

The launch saw a group of models parading the gear from all the brands here at Bratpack, namely the fun global labels for bags, footwear and apparels such as FitFlop (UK & US most famous footwear with gym built-in), Sanuk (Sandals that brings you to the comfy paradise in no-time), Native, The North Face, Boxfresh, Ellesse, and many more.


I’m always of opinion that if you maintain a healthy and fit physique, whatever you wear looks good anyhow. Here’s a key example. :DD
I’m referring to the hunk of course.

BRATPACK lifestyle concept store at e@Curve-012

Here’s more pictures of the fashion show. Designs are fun and simple and very wearable.

BRATPACK lifestyle concept store at e@Curve-006

BRATPACK lifestyle concept store at e@Curve-007

BRATPACK lifestyle concept store at e@Curve-009

As for me, I’m still aiming for a pair of Fitflops, as they claim to be UK & US most famous footwear with gym built-in. The past 2 days strutting around in my Sanuk has been a pleasant experience so far. Let’s see how long it last. 🙂

Bratpack Concept Store:
Hartamas Shopping Center (opened in May 2011) — too bad I missed this one!
Concourse at e@Curve

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      1. Marcus

        yeah i will attest to that. i know someone with heely problems (yes being on 2 feet for too long is heell for her lol). Dumbass jokes aside, the fitflops are nice and comfy to her Plantar Fasciitis

      2. rebeccasaw

        LOL.. yes Marcus.. and i wonder who this “someone”. These comfy slippers should be great fr Power Hour hor?

      3. marcus

        my mom.

  1. Marcus

    hello again. anyway i was at the shop the other day. andyes nice stock i was taken by the tan north face windbreaker at the entrance of the shop there. nice stuff. good to see timbuk2 stuff on the racks in msia
    even though they be unattainably priced 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      Unattainable? Why la..aren’t u Manager nw? Ask YC for a raise!

      1. marcus

        nah still coolieing around.

      2. rebeccasaw

        Poor u! But u enjoy your work so ok la!

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