Las Delicias – Citta Mall

Las Delicias in Citta Mall apparently has a strict no-photography policy. Or rather, that policy was in place when I was there last Sat night. A fellow food blogger who visited a week before was spared the unpleasant experience that we (ulric and I) encounter when we were there, probably because that particular staff wasn’t present at that time of his dinner.

Great food. Bad customer relations. Would you dine at such a restaurant ?

las delicias - citta mall

Citta Mall is fast affirming itself as the upcoming hip and happening mall in the PJ vicinity. While the more strategically located SSMall is still unable to excite the epicureans in us, Citta Mall’s outlets are surprisingly noteworthy, with most outlets offering intriguing fusioned cuisine but there are still the good old Chillis, Subway and Pappa Rich for those who rather stick to the familiar.

las delicias - citta mall-1
Las Delicias’ food are by no means cheap,  but you paying for its premium ingredients and skilled preparation techniques. Most of the dishes were faultless; while the desserts were to die for.

las delicias - citta mall-9

The only menu in the restaurant is the blackboard on the wall. Walking in later than my dining partner Ulric, I was taken back when he told me that he was “told off” by the “supervisor” that no photography were allowed here. And if we wish to take any, we would need to seek his permission first.

Fair enough, I thought. One should always respect a restaurant’s policy.

Ulric showed me who I needed to seek permission before I can start to be shutter-happy, and I went up to him and requested politely to snap a picture of the display counter where VERY delectable looking quiches and sandwiches were on display.

His reply?
“We do not allow any photography here, but like I have told your friend here, I shall make exceptions for you two tonight.” While that sentence was harmless enough, the very snotty air and impertinent way of communicating it wasn’t. Not a very good natured person myself, I bristled and asked “So may I take a picture of the display counter? And of my food later?”.

His reply: “No, we do not allow photography of your own orders either.” And with that he walked off and focused on his cashier machine, without as much as looking up at us standing there feeling rather dumbfounded.

Ulric consoled me; “No worries, I have taken some when I came in, before he came up and stopped me. So I can share these pictures with you if you want.”
Well, that wasn’t the point. The point was such disgracious attitude in a service staff was atrocious. I wanted to walk off there and then, but poor Ulric came all the way from KL city, and he was really looking forward to sampling the food here. I decided one unpleasant experience for him in one night is enough, and went to take my seat quietly.
Meanwhile I looked around if there was any senior staff that I may communicate my dismal experience with, but at that point of time, there was only a caucasian guy who seem to be pretty oblivious to the situation on the dining floor.
We started with the Pork Bacon and Scallops pasta. RM34++.

las delicias - citta mall-2

But somehow at the point of order, there was a miscommunication of sorts and we were served both a Pork Bacon Pasta AND a Pork Bacon+Scallop pasta. Credit to be given where it is due, the wait staff apologized immediately and took the dish back without an issue.

Our “accidental” order – Pork Bacon Pasta.

las delicias - citta mall-3

Kitchen service was brisk and our orders was timely. The excellent Duck Confit RM39++, was recommendable. Even for a sodium intolerant diner like me, I didn’t have any trouble with the dish. The outer layers of the duck was as crisp as it should be, and the tender flesh within was flavourful and delicious to eat.

las delicias - citta mall-4

Duck confit in herb oil, served meclun mix, mash and plum sauce. All of us enjoyed every part of the dish, even the plum sauce, the dressing with the salad and of course, the fresh, spuddy mash.

las delicias - citta mall-6

Though less al dente than I would have liked, the pasta was good as well, cooked in a spicy light tomato cream sauce that stayed true to its name “light”. The luscious scallops was seared nicely, and the insides remained juicy and sweet.

Portion were reasonable too for the price. 3 of us shared 2 mains and 2 cakes. For the sweets, I ordered the Coffee and Chocolate Brownie RM6.90, while Ulric added a Double Cheesecake (RM10.90).

This was misleading for a “brownie” as I expected a dense, rich brownie cake but it turned out to be “sponge” quarter with chocolate coating.

las delicias - citta mall-7

BUT it was utterful delightful! I loved the moist but non-greasy texture and the mild coffee aroma. Even the chocolate layer wasn’t too sweet and we appreciate the quality of chocolate used.

However, it was this Double Cheese Cake that got everyone addictively digging in till the last crumb though we were stuffed. Luscious yet non-cloying, this would be the  ideal texture of a cheesecake for me. The biscuit base was crunchy and non-greasy, yet it didn’t break apart when we handled the cake.

las delicias - citta mall-8

We only had 2 cakes but I must say I was impressed! A dessert lover and a fussy one too, I certainly must convey my respect to the baker, who I incidentally found out that she was from New Zealand. No wonder!
The Australians and New Zealanders has great recipes for cakes (not that sure about breads as the Italians, French and Germans are better known for that) though I find Australian confectionaries a bit too sweet.

So will I revisit Las Delicias even after the offensive experience above?

The answer is YES, for while selecting my desserts, the Operations Manager came up to me and asked for feedback. Naturally, I told him about my appalling experience and he was very apologetic about it.

Well, at least I ended my dinner on a better note.

Iced blended cafe latte RM11.90. Iced latte RM10.90. Made from strong and aromatic Brazilian beans.

las delicias - citta mall-5

We were all not in the mood for alcohol that night but Las Delicias has an extensive selection of wines, including Japanese wines and Sapporo beers on draft. Obviously Las Delicias is targeting the night drinking crowd as well, which is a smart move, as there isn’t any pubs within the vicinity other than The Saujana.

Ah, here’s another juicy titbit that I found out, Las Delicias is managed by the same group of people behind:

1. Bar Madrid, Jaya One
2. Suka and Modesto (the outlet at Jalan Nagasari) , Parkroyal Suites
3. Le Bouchon, Changkat Bukit Bintang. (Takeover and new Spanish outlet is in the works)
4. Fitou, Desa Parkcity
5. Hokkaido Bier Garten, IOI Boulevard
6. Las Delicias – Citta Mall

So guys, any comments about Las Delicias? 🙂

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  1. minchow

    Nice to know some sense prevailed in the manager! Gotta say, that duck confit looks pretty damn seductive! And Sapporo on draft? Music to my ears! 😀

  2. Andrew Chiam

    Hhhm…what’s up with places with no photography. So even if I take with iphone4…tak boleh?

      1. Hanie Hidayah

        That’s nonsense! Why don’t they allow photography? -_-

      2. rebeccasaw

        Apparent so by that shorty specky fella. The ops mgr didnt say anything of that sort.

    1. rebeccasaw

      yea man! Actually I find anything Aussie is oversized and overly fatty or sweet!

  3. Sjl

    There is actually a German pub nearby in ara damansara – Bavarian Wirtshaus.

    1. rebeccasaw

      How is that pub and where exactly is it?? Good pork grub too?

  4. ulric

    Aiyo…din know u were tat upset lor! For me…it’s like ‘OK ur loss not mine…free publicity given but not appreciated’ 🙂

    I take d credit on ordering the omglicious Double Cheesecake =)

    I’ll go back for their pastas and cakes…maybe for d Japanese draught n wines…hehe 😀

    Btw ur photos are good! Better than mine anyways…hehe 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hah i have yet to chk out your pics! later during lunch ok?

      1. ulric

        Haha…alrite =)

    2. rebeccasaw

      And yes, it’s in the post, YOU are the man! YOU ordered the yummy double cheese cake! 😀

      1. Andrew Chiam

        the double cheese cake does look delicious. I’ll give it a shot but sad. no photography =.= Can take away right? haha 😛 buy back and snap

      2. ulric

        Andrew, if they’re smart…they would have change their policy by now…hehe =)

      3. rebeccasaw

        I think there’s take away for the cakes. It would be ridiculous if otherwise. Hhmm maybe I’ll drop in tonite for more cakes! Nd my cake fix soooooonnn

      4. ulric

        Ahem…pls dun overdo d crediting….hehe =)

      5. rebeccasaw

        LOL! Nx time incl pic of u somemore ;p

  5. kianfai87

    wow strictly no photography huh . . . camera phone can ar? 😛

    The duck meat looks tempting for me lol

    And also pork bacon pasta as well @@

    1. rebeccasaw

      All is good!
      Just the photography part that’s all. Funnily enough, the Ops Mgr that spoke to me didn’t say so, I wonder if it’s just the staff..

    1. rebeccasaw

      the thing is, we should get to take pics freely! Not having to mute this and that..
      But it was really the way he talked to me that got me jeezed off!

  6. Isaac Tan

    eh, then how did you manage to take these nice photos?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Rmbr in the post I said he said “I will let you take photos this time only “.. ?

  7. Merryn

    U ended up with great pics though. I can tolerate if they say no FLASH photography as some restaurants do live by that rule to respect other patrons there but NO PHOTOGRAPHY whatsoever even on the self-ordered meal? Nonsense!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes, cos that fella did say “only this time, exception”. SO I took pics. And also cos I wanted to post on this incident.
      Yea, restaurants should understand that it’s not just bloggers, it’s everyone! Everyone take pics of their food to share on FB, to show friends or even just for keepsake!
      And heck, if your food doesn’t look good, no one will take pics anyways. So they should take that as a compliment!

  8. MichLeong

    Don’t really like restaurants as such. Makes them look so lansi. lol. But you did managed to get really good photos. And it sounded really good. But really, customer service is the most important thing in the service industry :/

    1. rebeccasaw

      Customer service is top priority!
      It’s jst that ONE fella la. I hope he gets reprimanded!
      Food is good, though a bit pricier than normal, but worth a try! The sandwiches and quiches were very reasonable!

  9. cutebun

    Hate it when place like these don’t allow photography. When I was in Taipei, no matter where I went.. in shops..normally no photograph. =(

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yea I know right! Esp for us bloggers were we are so “attached “to our cameras!
      In shops, I understand as they do not allow people to “copy” their designs etc..
      But food? mehhh
      In Taipei – no photography of food also??

  10. henrytan

    wow the food looks awesome. but why no photography? =S they scared ppl to curi their recipes/idea etc?
    you are lucky to get to take those photos! haha

    1. Rebecca

      I think so – which is stupid really.
      Oh, I was allowed to in the end, so all was fine.
      Thankfully the Ops Mgr has some sense.

  11. Andrew Raj

    I live in the condo opposite Citta Mall. I’ve been to Las Delicias on several occasions and have enjoyed all my meals. Last night was an exception as I discovered that the normal chef was not in. The Salad with Pork Belly was smeared with mayonnaise; it was never done like that before. Then the Pork Ribs stew we ordered had a strange taste; like the meat was off! The staff there are generally friendly and eager to put things right. I sincerely hope that last night’s meal was just one of those days.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Andrew!
      Thank you for taking the time to feedback here 🙂
      I did enjoy my meal at Las Delicias too, though on my 2nd trip the food was way off. I must agree, they can be inconsistent.
      I do hope your future meals are as pleasant again. I might want to revisit one of these days! 🙂

  12. Jotaro

    Holy Moses!
    You should have contacted Moses, then there should be no problems on photography.

  13. S.M. Chew

    Business must be bad as I see them selling cash vouchers at 50% off on groupon. Wanted to try but after reading, am put off already. I like to look for places to eat then take pictures and share with my friends. No wonder they need to sell vouchers at 50% of to get customers. Taking pictures and sharing with friends is actually free advertising like what you did, but now becomes negative

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