La Crêperie de Caroline, Telawi Bangsar – great crepes and waffles!

Becky’s 1 Minute Summary:
What: Casual dining cafe that serves authentic french sweet & savory crêpes*, waffles, salads, sandwiches & ice cream.
What to order here: Crepes of course! I tried a waffle and while I do like it, I don’t think those who are accustomed to buttery, rich waffles would enjoy it. Still, do order one and share to try this particularly butter-free recipe.
Overall experience: 3 visits so far and I would recommend friends/readers to come here for some sweet and savoury bites.
Price: Basic sweet crepes starts from RM10/16 to RM28 for those with added chocolate/fruits/nuts. RM30+ would get you a flambeed crepe. Ice creams are RM13 per scoop.
Similar pricing applies for savoury crepes.
The crepes here; also called Galettes are made with buckwheat flour imported from France, which well, kind of explained the pricing.

For the long story, read on. :)


I was only interested to visit La Crêperie de Caroline after seeing on my big bro’s facebook about a certain ‘burger crepe’. As you may know I’m a huge fan of burgers and having one in the form of a crepe seems worth the drive to Bangsar.

So here’s the La Breitz Burger (RM32.00), not in your regular burger bun and not with a regular burger patty either.

Le Creperie De Caroline, Bangsar - burger crepe-005

Each of the savoury crepe comes with a side salad. Not the usual tiny bowl of salad mind you, but one potentially to be the main course of a small eater.
The “burger” itself consisted of sauteed minced beef, a sunny yolk in the middle of the oasis of savouriness, ring of soft, stewed tomatoes and sweet onions plus a layer of melted emmental cheese.
It was brilliant; the presentation and the flavours. And as you would have noticed, it has all the ingredients of a good burger!

Le Creperie De Caroline, Bangsar - burger crepe-003

It was really filling too, though it may not look substantial. The crepe though thin, is made from buckwheat flour which makes it more hearty compared to an all-purpose flour one.

Le Creperie De Caroline, Bangsar - burger crepe-002

After a savoury crepe we decided on a sweet crepe next.
This was marvellous! After all it’s hard to dislike toasted bananas, rich dreamy chocolate sauce and a scoop of homemade chocolate ice cream!

Le Creperie De Caroline, Bangsar - chocolate crepe

Some find savoury crepes of an acquired taste and are accustomed to sweet crepes only.
No worries, order whatever tickles your fancy.
Select your savouries from the burgers or croque monsieur/madame sections and finish your meal with a sweet crepe. Le Crêperie de Caroline offers 30 types of sweet crepes from basic sugar and honey to some with alcohol (flambeed crepes) and chocolate, nuts, ice cream and fruits.

The galettes (savoury crepes) here are served with meat or seafood fillings with emmental cheese, eggs, mushrooms plus a side salad.
Take your pick from 17 varieties of galettes and there are even vegan-friendly options.
The new menu now includes BURGERS, all accompanied with french fries and salads. That shall be my order on my next visit. 😀

le creperie caroline telawi bangsar-002

Good waffles are difficult to get in KL/PJ, or so said my friends.
Well, give the ones here at La Crêperie de Caroline a shot. I opted for a rather conservative one of Fresh Fruits and Whipped Cream (RM25++) and though it wasn’t ideal, I enjoyed it.
The waffle batter itself was a tad plain but it complements whatever that was on the plate since the waffle itself wasn’t sweet or rich, which made the overall dish fairly manageable and not overly cloying.

le creperie caroline telawi bangsar

A quick chat with the owner Caroline revealed that the waffles are made using a different recipe, and not to be confused with the Belgium thick, almost bread-y type. I had waffles in Antwerp before and the ones here at La Creperie de Caroline are so different that I asked her if it’s a special recipe.
She clarified that her waffles has NO BUTTER, and thus is another recipe entirely. There are 2 main recipes for Belgium waffles; she said. Personally she preferred this variety as it won’t make diners feel overly stuffed.


Well, good news for those on a diet! 😀
Anyhow should you prefer your waffles more substantial/sweeter/flavourful, do order the ones with nuts, syrup, ice cream or the homemade chocolate sauce. The ice cream and chocolate sauce here are heavenly!

One of the basics but really good crepe here is the Home-made Salted Butter Caramel. (RM21).

le creperie caroline telawi bangsar

The crepe was drizzled with salty sweet caramel that carries toffee-ish nuances and dusted with icing sugar. The amount of both sugar and caramel was just right to flavour the crepe.

le creperie caroline telawi bangsar-001

FYI (quoted from the menu):
Breton Crepes (Sweet) and galletes (Savory) are best known specialities from the West region of France. Brittany, a region in northwest of France where is where the tools and techniques wee created and perfected, elevating the crepe to an art form.

For drinks, choices if beers, wines and mocktails and cocktails are aplenty just as juices, French tea (Dammann Freres), coffee, soft drinks and milkshakes.

Caroline has also revealed plans for further expansion of her current menu to include pastas.
I told her I’ll be looking forward to her offering breakfast/brunch options of eggs, salted beef and maybe savoury waffles soon. She said that’s definitely WIP (work in progress) so meanwhile, instead of queuing up for some of the breakfast/brunch outlets in Telawi, why head to La Crêperie de Caroline for their savoury crepes as below?

menu - la creperie caroline bangsar

As you can see, there’s eggs, ham, mushrooms and salmon as well, just that instead of toasted bread, these are served with French crepes. Why not try something different the next time you’re in Bangsar during the brunch/breakfast hour? And there’s no queuing or loud crowd here in La Crêperie de Caroline, just soothing jazz music and attentive wait staff.
A must better way to spend your weekends/brunch hours/public holidays for sure! 😀

Also check out their Jan promo:

le creperie caroline telawi bangsar Jan promotion

Le Creperie De Caroline, Bangsar - burger crepe

Le Creperie De Caroline, Bangsar - burger crepe-001

La Crêperie de Caroline
33, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+603-2202 0238

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  1. Brian

    Really expensive but I did enjoy my burger crepe. The gf was wowed by the dessert crepe, especially with their ice cream and chocolate sauce

  2. Veron

    I love crepes!! A must visit for me. Time to plan a bangsar afternoon tea session.

  3. daniel

    Count me in for the new menu visit

  4. Chee Kit

    This is my girlfriend’s fav Bangsar outlet. She and her girlfriends love this place.

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