La Bodega, Pavillion

So sorry guys, for the longgggg hiatus from blogging.. I have been really busy baking cookies for sale and playing host to friends from HK, UK, Penang and Pakistan.

The best part is, I managed to try out many food places (having had to bring them around KL and of course they paid… hahahah) and now… me got a HUGE backlog of posts to share!

Though i would rather blog about the middle eastern fare I had recently or the really enjoyable Laotian meal I had at Indochine, I chose this to get myself warmed up again to blogging again ;p as this post would be pretty straightforward.. AND I REALLY did loveeeddd the pasta!

Vege Penne alla Pesto.

YES, IT IS green. You’re NOT getting a year older over the New Year and neither are you going colour-blind.

To me, it was delicioussss-ly green. For I like my greens.
(hhmmm.. a bit too much of the use of the word green here ;p).

But hey, going green is the new pink!

Anyways, it was an attempt to eat light after a whole week of celebrations you see; and from the menu, it said “grilled vege with penne”..
“Grilled veg.. hmmm.. I could do with some..” I thought.

Admittably, I did had a shock when it came looking all alien-green and was deliberating on whether I have made the right choice. Kinda hard to push the whole plate away and not eat it in front of your guest, though I must say it didn’t look too appetizing at first sight. LOL.

As usual food never fail to surprise me. I’m sure we have all been there – looks great but tasted bland, looked like a mess but was absolutely delightful in every mouthful. This fortunately, falls in the latter category.
It was really really good. And I mean really good. Heavily tossed in Olive oil, with the blend of greens which consist of basil, parsley and pinenuts (info courtesy of the chef), it was served with strips of grilled mushrooms, zuchinni slices, aubergines and tomatoes.
It was a dish that’s scrumptious although meatless. If being vegetarian means eating this, I don’t mind!
In short, I truly enjoyed it. Welcomed a pasta dish that is out-of the-ordinary.

My dining partners was less adventurous and the UK one ordered a tuna sandwich. Tuna sandwich??
The bread for the tuna sandwich was supposed to be a panini. Slap me but my mind register panini as 2 square piece of bread with criss-cross pattern on the top, courtesy of the panini press.
This one came looking like this.

Of which got me wondering “La Bodega can’t afford a proper panini press?”
Taste-wise? was…uummm..edible? Ok ok.. it was..errr.. ok la. Sorry, it was quite forgettable really..

Waldorf apple chicken sandwich.

Sounded interesting from the menu; green apples, walnut and chicken. Got my friend Karen hooked on the first sentence.
But was she hooked from the first bite?

Oh no. Sadly no. It wasn’t bad, mind you. But all F & B establishment should really really be mindful of their dishes that comes with nuts. Rancid nuts are a heavier turn-off then a man with sagging chest in a tight tee. SERIOUSLY.

I guess this dish made up for it in size, for the bun was a thick slab of dough, though a bit dry and hard in my opinion, but filled generously with chunks of chicken & green apple.

Let me get on with the drinks. Nothing much for me to blog about when you have dining partners who orders soft drinks in an establishment like this. *slap my forehead*.
But I ordered this – from London.

Liked the pic? (Half naked girl jumping over a bloke..real holiday drink. Just having it on my table makes me feel relaxed already ;p)
It is utterly preservative free, colouring free, sugar -free (darn, why can’t they just make it price-free? Hahaha)
Blood orange (whatever that means), ginger (yeahh!) and Manuka Honey.
Very refreshing. Tangy. Makes me feel like health -freak. Ha.

Dessert. Never miss ordering dessert. Ever. And the choice is Creme Brulee. Why? Cos it says on the menu “Spanish version…”
Ok, that’s it. Decided. Bring it on.

Smooth, rich and creamy but with a mild ginger aftertaste. Not sure is that the Spanish-ed part of it?
As I’m a fan of ginger, I’ve got no complains. Not sure about others. Don’t say you’re not warned.
However, as to the rules of how a creme brulee should be, I’ll say its got it. The top was crispy with the sugar nicely burnt and crystalised. The whole custard was not too sweet, though the burnt portion is. But that’s Creme Brulee for you.

It was overall an enjoyable meal. Been here for its tapas and the famous cheese burger before (that was before I blog so no pics) and it haven’t disappoint so far. But do avoid ordering the Spanish omelette, cos it’s basically thick egg omelette that you can fry at home.
Prices are reasonable and it’s a good place for people watching if you are sitting outside, as it is at the busy walkway of the Pavillion al-fresco dining boulevard.

Ok, that’s it! My first post of the year! Finally! So much later than all the other floggers! Hehee..

Still, I hope it’s not too late to wish all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!
Happy eating, blogging and great knowing all of you!

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  1. Selba

    Nice to see you back again 🙂

    Woohoooo…. love pesto!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. J2Kfm

    creme brulee is good with ginger taste. milk and ginger cant go wrong.

    happy new year … and you’re playing host to so many international guests?! wow.

  3. thenomadGourmand

    selba: to get the engine started! ;p
    J2Kfm: yaa lorr.. u in KL also never tell!

  4. 550ml jar of faith

    Ooooh I was there last night drinking their sangria but didn’t eat anything. Should’ve had myself some creme brulee… looks gorgeous!

  5. thenomadGourmand

    550ml : ya lorrr! something light to go with ur drink 😉

  6. Nic (KHKL)

    i was at la bodega pavilion too! last sat night. but just had a guiness stout..hehehe…good place to watch the world go by. 😉

  7. thenomadGourmand

    Nic: why didnt tell me! ;p
    Yeah..its a cool plc. the whole row is. Avoid Michelangelo though, not worth the price for the food n drinks they serve ;(

  8. email2me

    Wah …. always see you hang around Pavilion. You working nearby?

  9. thenomadGourmand

    email2me: USED to work nearby. Very familiar w the area and I stay in Maluri, 10mins drive. Most of my kakis still work ard Pavillion so i come to hang out w now u know, call me if ur there!

  10. Big Boys Oven

    hmmm the food seems dont look appealing, must be me colour blind. lol!

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