Kumogi Bakery @ Mid Valley Megamall

Move aside The Loaf, there’s a new Japanese bakery in town with better variety, taste and wallet-friendly prices to boot!

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley
Located at the LG level of Mid Valley Mega Mall, this little outlet is busy and bustling with energy. Trays of freshly baked breads whizzed past us to replenish the fast disappearing displayed loaves. Customers mulled and picked at the breads, as everything looked delish so it was understandable that is difficult to just pick just a few!
A long queue snaked from the cashier to the back of the store. The cashiers; efficient and friendly, packed customers’ purchases with well-oiled competency.

komugi bakery - mid valley-004

These Creamy Custard Krones are Kumogi’s signatures. For RM4.80, each freshly baked pastry are ONLY piped with the thick sweet custard upon purchase.

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-001

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-002

kumogi bakery and cafe - mid valley-002

The same goes for their Cookie Cream Puffs (RM4.80). Similar custard, but softer puffs. If you prefer crispier shells, go for the krones.

kumogi bakery and cafe - mid valley-001

kumogi bakery and cafe - mid valley

The standard sized store makes full use of its compact space. Right at the back is the kitchen with see-through glass where you can peek at the little army of bakers working their nimble fingers on dough and rolling out delectable baked goodies.

Iin the middle of the store is a long table displaying baskets of hard crusted loaves; and on all sides of the store rows and rows of buns stuffed with all manner of sweet and savoury options are displayed in display cases. Then I walked over to the cake chiller counter and nearly jumped in glee at the sight of the luscious cakes, all so pretty and gorgeously decorated.

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-013

These medium sized crusty loaves are reasonably priced between RM4 – RM6 each. The compact size reduce wastage as you’re more likely than not to have devoured it before its expiry dates. The least bulk also allows customers to buy a greater variety at one go.

BELOW: Orange loaf, studded with orange peel and the loaves has a lovely citrusy fragrance.

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-003

Cranberry Lemon (RM6.00).

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-004

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-005

Sausage and cheese. RM4.80.

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-006

Mini chocolate croissants (RM1.20).

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-007

This was labelled Walnut and Cheese (if my memory didn’t fail me) but that’s a lot of poppy seeds on top!

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-008

The ubiquitous Japanese swiss rolls, green tea cakes and berries tarts are tantalizingly displayed. I’m eyeing them for my next round of purchase but I did picked up the bite-sized Kumogi’s Hanjuku Baked Cheese (RM3.50).

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-009

kumogi bakery and cafe - mid valley-003

It’s probably 2 mouthfuls at most but it’s really rich and creamy! A thin layer of soft sponge lined the bottom and the top is the cream cheese. In fact, it’s just exactly like a baked cheese cake but much smaller.

kumogi bakery and cafe - mid valley-004

Over at the soft breads section, these cute buns literally begged to be bagged; pun fully intended. 🙂

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-010

There’s something to suit everyone; from raisins to cheese to sausages and corns. ..

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-011

….to green tea and plain rock melon buns as well as sweet potato buns!

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-012

For those who fancy mentaiko, Kumogi bakes the mentaiko bun too!

komugi bakery - mid valley-006

Do you remember the Royce’ chocolate post I wrote a while back? This Nama cake made me wonder if it’s made from the same chocolate.

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-014

Though I was tempted to buy everything on sight, I had to make do with a selection of hard and soft breads that keeps well in the car till the evening as I had a whole day of appointments.

BELOW: My loot – Sausage Cheese, Mini Chocolate Croissant, Honey Pumpkin, Tomato & Olive (the crescent shaped one), Chestnut Loaf and lastly the Noa Camembert (flat disc).

komugi bakery - mid valley-005

This is the chestnut loaf with chunky walnuts. The chestnut is pureed and added into the flour thus you don’t actually get to bite into any chestnuts but the sweet, nutty flavour of chestnut was present for sure. This is one of my favourite pick of the lot.
And just FYI, at Kumogi they refer to chestnuts as “Noa”. So if you see the word “Noa” on the labels, it means there’s chestnuts in the loaf.

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-015

The Tomato and Olive (RM2.20) has plenty of fat olives inside! 🙂

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-016

The mini chocolate croissant wasn’t too oily and has delightful flaky layers. But be forewarned that texture-wise it was more bready rather than the crispy French croissants kind.

komugi bakery - mid valley-001

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-018

Sausage and cheese (RM4.80) – worth the price as it came with good quality meaty sausages & generous amount of cheese.

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-019

Here’s my cute honey pumpkin (RM3.50).

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-020

I love the soft bun and the sweet pumpkin filling. Well, I love pumpkins so it’s a no-brainer for me.

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-021

The Dutch Bean (RM3.50). Generous, thick, non-overly sweet azuki (red bean) paste; perfect for Azuki lovers.

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-022

Kumogi Bakery - Mid Valley-023

Last but not least, my mini disc!
It’s called Noa Camembert (RM2.60) actually. 🙂

komugi bakery - mid valley-003

There’s so much more to sample at Kumogi. I’ll be eating my way through the pastries and cakes next; especially the Nama Choco Sand and the Swiss rolls.
Mid Valley and Pavilion is not very convenient for me so what I usually do is buy a week’s supply of breads at one go.
Not when you loves breads and cakes as much as I do! :DD

Komugi (Mid Valley), near Precious Thoughts/Speedy Video.
LG 078, Lower Ground Floor (Tel: 03-2282 1994 Fax: 2282 1995)

Kumogi (Pavilion) – 6th Floor. Tokyo Street.

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  1. Laura

    OMG Everything looks so delicious!! 😀 I have a thing for Japanese-style bakeries, so I definitely have to check this out. Too bad both Pavi and MV are so far from my place. >_<

    1. rebeccasaw

      Same same Laura! It’s a pain to find parking and to drive alllllll the way there just for breads. But when I do go, i buy a dozen! Hahahah!

  2. T

    I’ve tried their roll cake and milk pudding, quite good though not as good as the one in japan 😛 And some flavors are quite interesting, the salty soya i think

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahh dear T.. nothing here can be as good as Japan!! 😀
      I’m goin again this year.. still thinking which month… 😛

      1. T

        Lucky you 😉 I hope i could make a trip there this year. But NY for me next

      2. rebeccasaw

        Wow! NY! Have you booked a few restaurants? I heard there’s quite a number of Michelin, etc, fabulous ones there

      3. T

        YES! NYC has so many interesting restaurants .. gotta choose wise so that it doesn’t burn a big hole in my pocket 😛

      4. rebeccasaw

        Oh i can’t wait to hear all about it 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yeay! 😀 Hope they keep it going as it is or with even better breads!

  3. ulric

    Wow…breads n pastry galore! I will definitely try the mentaiko buns and the Hanjuku baked cheese 🙂

  4. cleffairy

    OMG, there’s one at MV? That’s my regular lurk. I got to check this out soon.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes yes! It’s at MV. Do try. Choose wisely. Not too cheap. LOL!

  5. Choi Yen

    Is that you bread supply for 1 day? o.O”

  6. June

    looks like the location where the lavender bakery. lavender closed down already ? replace with kumogi ?

    1. rebeccasaw

      OH .. I can’t remember dear! But I’m going there today, and I’ll take note on that. All i can say is, this is right opposite Speedy Video.

  7. hp

    izit serve whole cake?can i have the list and the price for the cake flavour?thank you

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi hp
      I think for whole cakes and prices u would have to go check it out at their outlt – Pavilion or Mid valley. I’m sure they sell whole cakes! 🙂 I trust you won’t be disappointed with the taste!

  8. Lau

    looks good and attractive. Bear in mind those additives added to enhance the taste, smell, fragrance, colour, texture, shelf life ….. are mainly harmful chemicals or ingredients

  9. Dylan Cheong

    Too far for some of u?
    Coming Soon!
    Paradigm Mall Opening on Mid MAY 2013

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