Kui Lam restaurant @ Taman Yulek, Cheras for pork noodles

Fans of pork noodles may like this place. I’m a fan, but I didn’t like it.

kui lam restaurant cheras - pork noodles

Let me tell you why.

kui lam pork noodles - cheras - good pork noodles in KL

The crowd is strong. The menu is extensive. Service was commendably friendly. But the taste of the whole dish was just not right.

kui lam restaurant cheras - pork noodles-001

This cost us RM17.50; inclusive of the small bowl of mee suah at the side.
The soup base for the noodles taste lighter than the one with all the ingredients (for obvious reasons).
The main bowl was chockful of ingredients because we ordered for sharing. We wanted everything – offals such as the small intestines, big intestine, kidneys, liver, meatballs, pork slices, minced pork and pork balls. And yes even my favourite san cheong aka fallopian tubes (frankly I’m not sure but it’s that layered intestine).

kui lam restaurant cheras - pork noodles-002

So what was OUR (yes, there are 5 of us who found it dissatisfactory) problem with the meal?
For one the soup could be more flavourful. It lacked the robust, savoury, sweet flavour that such a bowl of pork noodles should rightfully have. We were perplexed as to why this is so considering that we ordered a huge bowl with so much ingredients.
Next I was rather peeved at the rubbery intestines. We chewed and chewed and it wouldn’t give way in our mouth. The liver, kidneys, minced pork, pork slices and pork balls were passable though.
Well, Kui Lam obviously has a loyal following so maybe a 2nd visit is warranted and hopefully a better experience than our first.

Kui Lam Restaurant
Jalan Kas Kas 2 Taman Cheras (Taman Yulek) Kuala Lumpur.
Opens at 8.30am and til after lunch.
Expect to queue and a short wait for your orders.

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    ooo, i don’t have much experience with pork noodles … guess will look out for your post one of these days to see which one place would be the tastiest to choose for pork noodles 😀

  2. Camelia

    I like how you’re so straightforward. “I don’t like it”. LOL

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  4. Julian Mok

    Keep your comment to yourself. If it no good why you see people lining up. And hardly get any seats. Perhaps you may not have much experience in tasting food. One man’s meat is another man poison! Based on what you have commented you are just an average “joe”. Thank you.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      My site, my say.
      If you don’t agree, you can also keep your comment to yourself.
      However, i welcome all feedback, so thks for taking the time to comment and do keep enjoying the noodles since you’re a fan.
      I’ve never asked anyone to not patronise the shop.

      from an average jane

  5. Wilson Ng

    I agree with you, not impressed. I went with my family and waited for more than 30 minutes. The taste is disappointing probably now the foreign workers now are cooking and the bosses are goyang kaki.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yes, I was so disappointed. It was barely edible! 🙁
      It’s sad when such incidents happen, I’m sure it was very good previously for them to gain such a fame. If only they maintain such quality and taste.

  6. Mei ling

    U have their contact number? Thankd

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