Kronenbourg 1664’s “Fun Office Chair Race” – A Wednesday Affair

Those who know me (on the surface) would be label me a workaholic.
Well, they aren’t far off the mark, but then again they don’t spend every minute with me so they won’t know my rest hours.

But yes, work-life balance. It is a phase bounced about, but is work-life balance a luxury or necessity?
The “Kronenbourg 1664 Wednesday” 9-month long activation aims to raise the bar in championing work-life balance.


The campaign kicked off with a bang with the “Fun Office Chair Race” about a month back and though I was busy (it’s mid-week after all!) I made time to check it out.
I must say it was a very fun activity, and turned out better than I expected!


At least it wasn’t just drinking beers and watching some performances.
We got our adrenaline pumping and was left gasping for breath as we attempted to manuveur our office chairs as fast as we could to get through 4 obstacle courses that closely resembled work-related challenges whilst friends and the crowd cheered us to the finishing line.



Why Kronenbourg 1664 Wednesday? We simply wish to brighten up a lethargic mid-week and turn it into a lively Wednesday for hardworking Malaysian beer consumers to take time off once a week to enjoy quality moments with Kronenbourg 1664,” said Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia Henrik J. Andersen.

Prizes are RM5,000 worth of travel voucher for the winning team as well as RM3,000 and RM1,500 worth of travel vouchers respectively for the 2nd and 3rd team.
Other prizes are dining and spa vouchers as well as hotel stays.

Besides the chair race, Kronenbourg 1664 consumers were treated to various entertainment, including free massages, paper toss and chair race dice games and a live band performance from the Dusty Tunes.

All in all, it certainly made midweek less of a drag so let’s CHEERS to that! 😀


And no, I didn’t win. It looked simple but turned out to be quite a challenge to be fast and at the same time holding on to the balance of the weight of your partner in the chair as you take the turnings on the obstacle course. Gosh, I did sweat out of every pore! 🙂

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