Krispy Kreme Media Launch

THE over- hyped, ultimate sugar-rush, one way ticket to diabetes-doom, blood sugar level soaring and calorie packed Krispy Kreme donut has finally graced our Malaysian shores!

The “sneak preview” media launch was on Friday, 24th April 09 at their first outlet in Malaysia, Berjaya Times Square, while Monday, 27th April 09, would be their official launch to the public.

Hohooho..seen enough??

Ok ok..back to the event..
The Berjaya Group has definitely pulled all stops to create the build-up anticipation for the launch of its inaugural outlet on Monday.

People already buying like crazy during the launch….I can imagine each one and everyone of them has this going through their minds “must try must try.. tomorrow can tell my friends ” Krispy Kreme ahh.. .. I eat already *smug look on face*…” “

The people behind it all..
Dato Francis Lee, Director, Berjaya Group.
Jeff Welch – President, Krispy Kreme International, fourth guy from left.

The opening’s significant moment – the lighting of the Krispy Kreme symbolic logo, this is synonymous to all launches of Krispy Kreme branches worldwide…..


We were ushered in and greeted by chirpy staff who is sweeter than the donuts they promote.
I hit the “production” line and started to snap away…

Note the waterfall of white liquid in the last pic above. THAT…. is sugar. That coats this..
Saw how thick the “glaze” coating is? Super sweet stuff I tell you..

But but.. it was ok for some, and a bit too sweet for others, so really.. taste is subjective.
Go queue up, buy some and try it for yourself!

Oh yes, we did get some freebies 😉
Each attendee of the night get a voucher…
So, I claimed mine. And it is still in the fridge…anyone?

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  1. J2Kfm

    i’m wondering. is it THAT good?!!

    but Hershey’s dark choc sounds fabulously rich.

  2. Sean

    i’m hoping to go after work tomorrow, but am dreading the crowd! wonder how long we’ll have to queue…

  3. 550ml jar of faith

    Awright!! To be honest, I was just thinking how KK got here about a year too late, and they’re barely catching the tail end of the donut craze. But I have been proven wrong many times and it looks like this is another one of them! Hey, question, your link shows up earlier on my blogroll then when the post is actually active, ie. when I click on it, it’s not available. No biggie, but it’s happened a few times before. Do you have your time zone set different or is Blogspot failing us??!

  4. Allie

    Krispy Kreme! I wan… Drooling now.. too bad PG don’t have an outlet… Can you tapao for me the next time you come Penang? Pls.. hehe..

  5. burpandslurp

    I remember when a new krispy kreme station opens in america, ppl line up since the night before for the “fresh out of the oil” donuts.
    hell, yeah. the green tea twist calls out to me. I might just get over my aversion to deep-fried foods just for a taste…

  6. Myhorng

    i had one few weeks earlier. it was good. but i still think it’s too sweet, just because i don’t fancy sweet stuff maybe.

  7. Agnes Cheong

    MUst try Must try!!! since I can take monorail straight away to times square…wakakaka…donuts with movie!!Yay…heavenly good day

  8. CK Lam

    Miss buying them as it was not open during my KL trip.

  9. Selba

    OMG! Can’t believe how crowded and that long queue…

    Seriously, most of the KK shops in Jakarta are empty! And they keep giving discounts but still…. J.Co and Dunkin donuts got more customers.

  10. thenomadGourmand

    j2Kfm: ohh.. the hersheys one is good! but jz wish its not sooooo sweet!

    sean: very long Sean, trust me..very long!!

    550ml: uumm..i think KK may be too sweet for us malaysian – cos J CO n Big Apple may hve tweaked their recipe accordingly to our asian tastebuds..but we will know soon..based on the response of consumers once KK is avail to all.
    err.dunno abt the link thing worrr.

    allie: of course!

    burpandslurp: hehe..none in Sg so far right?

    myHorng: i sooo agreee!! what r they trying to do?? kill us?

    agnes: hahaha..make sure u dont buy the movie tics til u get the donuts!

    CK: ya lorr..u also missed the cakes! No worries, me sure there are more invited reviews for u to come dwn to KL more often.

    selba: i think that might be the case here soon..cos its wayyy tooo sweet..

  11. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    the craze is about to start!!

  12. UnkaLeong

    Am just a stone’s throw away from Times Square. May just pop by after work. Sorry about pulling out from the burger run and y’day’s lunch.

    *quietly raises hand* But can I have a doughnut?

  13. cariso

    Another donut outlet? So which is the best according to your taste buds? btw, I found the same prob like 550ml, about your post’s link.

  14. worldwindows

    I am patiently waiting for the crowd to thin out maybe in the next 1 month….

  15. email2me

    Try it on the spot with all original flavor is the best to judge how good is this donuts 😀

  16. Alexandra@Chefspiration

    I never understood the craze…not even when I lived in the states…honestly JCo is better…then again I’m not a big donut fan so that could also be why I don’t really enjoy it.

  17. mimid3vils

    I’m going to have it tonight!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  18. Wilson Ng

    U shuda tag me along! I hate u!! 😛

  19. Little Inbox

    Oh, looking at those cuties, eat first think later, haha…forget about the high calories.

  20. Lyrical Lemongrass

    I hate crowds, so looks like I’ll have to wait a few months before I get to try the stuff here. 🙂

  21. thenomadGourmand

    joe: already started dude!

    unkaLeong: should hv come the BLR yesterday, i bought the whole box along! everyone was too stuff to take any so i took them home again! lol. ps: no prob abt the burger/lunch la. u made up for it jz now! 😉

    cariso: hhmm.. not sure abt the prob..mayb some IT pro out there can kindly advise?
    can’t giv opinion worr.. cos i dun like donuts!!

    worldwindows: me thinks the crowd wil thin out pretty soon. i mean its not the 1st to open..

    email2me: well i’m sure u were there this morning rite? wat do u think?
    Anyways, i did hv it fresh out of the fryer. it was a media launch after all!

    alex: yes, J Co not so darn diabetically sweet! we save our sweet tooth for Just heavenly pleasures ya? 😉

    mimidvils: ceh.. u already had it whattt!! ;p

    wilson: its by invite only. i was tryin to get one more for a friend but cant get also!

    little inbox: yes, should try at least once..then decide if its worth the calories! hehehe..

    LL: it aint tat great frm J Co or B App.
    But of course, one should at least try once…so yeahh, wait for the over-hype to die dwn 1st..i bet u got much better things to do than queue for hours!

  22. Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

    It’s good but the hype’s better 😉

    Tried mine a couple of years ago so am not a krispy kreme virgin 😉 But having said that, a friend of mine gave me some today. 😉

    Not going to queue until the hype dies down a bit. So that’ll probably be next week! hehehe

  23. Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy

    Oh ya R, sorry I couldn’t come tonight. It would have been very late la. Gym finished at 8… Anyways, there’s always another time 🙂

  24. Leonard

    Fulamak Rebecca,
    Your blog Damn Happening Sial !

    btw, is JEFF WELCH not JACK.. Jack is the Former CEO of General Electric.

  25. thenomadGourmand

    allan yap & Nigel: hey! ya, agree no pt queuing. As for tonite, no prob, totally udrstd 😉

    Leonard: hhaaha..not as happening as u worr…
    oh..darn..muz quickly correct now…

  26. Julian Si

    Ah ha … nice blog! Thanks for popping by mine (Sing Kee Mun Fan post), glad I found yours 🙂 FINALLY!

    Jeff Welch … hmm is that GE Jack’s bro!!?

    Dunno about how yummy KK would be, but KK has done a tremendous job hype-ing up their product! Oops, their brand I mean!

  27. Chong

    This is the time where I’ll patronize J.Co only. Less crowd (or maybe none at all). LOL.

  28. fatboybakes

    dangit, am i the last human being in KL not to have tried it? i havent even tried J Co yet!!! (in KL la. tried in jogjakarta)….

  29. thenomadGourmand

    julian si: hi hi! thks for droppin by ya!
    as for Jeff and his relations, i really dunno hehhee..
    Donut-wise..well its really sweet..
    i think they realize too that they got to hype it up ..cos it's a pretty late entry for KK to the Msian mkt, with JCo & Big Apple already in op so long..

    FBB: oh? not even J Co? yes, then mayb u might be the last… hahah

  30. vialentino

    omg….so many ppl queue for it….i guess new stuff, sure many ppl wanna try it.

    anyway…i just ate some donuts few days ago…this one definitely look yummy ler…

  31. CUMI & CIKI

    yummie! so this is wot i missed..thx for the invite tho;)

  32. 大头“霞”

    Emm…actually that guy is not Tan Sri, he’s KK company Director, Dato’ Francis Lee…i was there tat night…the launch is really great. Did you tried the pizza they served while waiting for the launch??

  33. thenomadGourmand

    vialentino: looks good i know, juz sweet. however, nothin beats trying it for yourself.

    cumi & ciki: so sorry cant get you in. but u didnt miss much!

    hello! my bad.. i heard clearly Dato Francis Lee, then again whe n i wanted to post, i resorted to checking otr bloggers' site and saw that they wrote Tan Sri, aiyaa.. jz flw lohh.. ;p
    lazy me…Thanks for pointin it out!

  34. CRIZ LAI

    Although I did not get the fresh on the spot taste, I would love to try them out during my next KL trip. 24 hours later and refrigerated ones could taste a lot of different. But one thing I find them to be more creative than others in their donuts presentations 😛

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