Korean Food Fair 2015 @ Mid Valley – halal & pork free Korean food/drinks/ingredients

When I was told of this particular halal-focused fair on Korean food, I was immediately intrigued.
Korea is a hot travel destination for Malaysians; undeniably fabulous for food, amazing for shopping, trusted for cosmetic procedures and eye-opening for cultural and history pursuits.

I was a regular Korean tourist last year, with 2 -3 trips hosted by KTO Malaysia and Korean Air as well as trips with Air Asia X to Busan & Jeju.
When I posted about my adventures on my social sites (Insta, FB) my Muslim friends and followers would comment on their concern in regards to dining options and would ask if I could recommend halal dining joints.


When we were touring as media, understandably there were Muslims media among us and we had to look for pork-free or halal dining options.
In Seoul, there are halal dining outlets, but not many.

So yes, halal Korean dining is a big market for Malaysians.
In Klang Valley, halal Korean food establishments enjoy good patronage from our Muslims friends.

I’ll list out the halal/pork-free dining options in Kuala Lumpur at the end of this post and for now let me show you what are the ingredients that was showcased in this fair which are halal OR in the midst of obtaining the Halal certification.


The K Food Fair was designed to assist Korean F & B businesses comply with the standards set by Korea Muslim Federation (KMF) and our local JAKIM for halal certification to further expand their businesses into the Halal market.
A seminar and discussion session by both KMF and JAKIM detailing the process and requirements for the approval and certification session to market their products as halal were conducted for exhibitors and buyers to understand the requirements of the Halal certification process.

halal korean fair 2015-003

Guests attending the fair were also given an opportunity to experience Korean halal products via sampling sessions.

Admittedly not all products showcased here are HALAL, but mostly are in the midst of obtaining the necessary Halal certification.

halal korean fair 2015

There are about 20 exhibitors in the hall, organised to 4 seasons representing the Korean tradition of pairing foods to the seasons.
Products displayed is an array of Korean culinary favourites such as drinks, fresh fruits, confectionaries, seafood, snacks and dairy.

Other than food and drinks, there are various activities to keep visitors occupied so visitors leaves with a full stomach (depending on how much free food you consume) and some Korean cultural background.
Fold some lotus latterns, make a “kajang” and play some traditional games.

halal korean fair 2015-002 halal korean fair 2015-001




DSC08202 DSC08158 DSC08157 DSC08155 DSC08145 DSC08142 DSC08141 DSC08139 DSC08138 DSC08137

For 2015, the Korean Food began on the 13th August with one-on-one B2B sessions at a hotel with 20 exhibitors from Korea and 40 buyers from all over the world.
This was followed by the open-to-all exhibition as I’ve posted above.
So if you are in Mid Valley during this weekend, hop in and check it out! Just turn to your left after entering MVEC.
Do share with your Muslim friends too.

What: Korean Food Fair 2015
Where: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (HALL 3)
When: August 14th – 16th 2015

halal korean fair 2015-004

List of halal dining outlets in Klang Valley:
Koryo-Won (halal)
Onsemiro Korean Restaurant (halal)

** Check out my Korean (Seoul/Busan/Jeju) adventures!
Specials thanks to Korea Tourism Organisation Malaysia, Air Asia X, Korean Air.
I went for a cosmetic/beauty and wellness tour, rode the T-Express @ Everland, watched the amazing Musical Bibap and visited the Korean Air Aviation Facility! 🙂

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