Korean cafe in Damansara Uptown – Villa Ju Bakery

Villa Ju Bakery isn’t exactly new in the Korean bakery/cafe scene. This is in fact their second outlet after the original at Mont Kiara.
I’m glad that Villa Ju is closer to me now, for a affogato with 3 solid scoops of quality housemade ice cream for RM10.90 nett isn’t exactly common!

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Yes, I kid you not.
RM10.90 is the current price for one measly scoop at most ice cream parlours, not three!

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But the main reason we are here is for the bingsu, one of my favourite desserts since I love anything icy and refreshing.

Now, if you are a fan of bingsu, i would recommend Villa Ju over Bingsu (also Uptown), dal.komm, OW:L Expresso @ SS15, Crazy Penguin (Kota Damansara) and Cafe Bene.

The ice is rightfully milky and truly fine. The overall flavour is not overly sweet and quality, imported components such as the matcha powder and rice cakes are added so it makes all the difference in textures and flavours as you savour your RM20+ dessert.


Most of us balk at the prices for bingsu here in KL and just like yourself, I keep a tight budget on dining out as well, especially with our current ringgit’s sad state.

In Villa Ju Bakery’s case it is the bingsu and the affogato that are worth ordering.
The breads are unfortunately ordinary, which came as an unpleasant surprise, for I’ve always associated Korean bakeries with superior bread textures.
Perhaps it was the 3 buns that I was given (by the owners) that was as such, and the rest may be better.
The cakes at the chiller did look promising too.

best bingsu in kl - Villa ju Damansara uptown

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I ordered one bingsu to share but ended up sampling 3 bingsus that night because Fred was there with his family as well.
This is my first time meeting Fred in person and he is just as fit as he looks on Instagram!
I don’t have his permission to share his photo but Fred writes about fitness on his blog so you can check it out here –> http://fredkwong.blogspot.my/.

So here are the 3 bingsus; Oreo Bingsu, Mango Bingsu and the Matcha Bingsu.
There are the smallest size at RM25 – 29.90 each.



Portion is huge for the price (certainly bigger than any of the other Korean/bingsu cafes mentioned above) so although the price of each bingsu starts from RM16 to 30, you can lessen the pain on the wallet by splitting the bill.

Service is shaky as the owners are Koreans but they do have a local staff to assist me with my queries. There are pictorial menus so there are images for reference but we were still shocked when the bingsu were served!

villa ju bakery - damansara uptown review-001

Ambience is comfortable and the tables are nicely spaced out. Each table is allocated a dedicated power socket so mobile working is possible here as the WIFI works as well.
Hip Korean music plays at a comfortable decibel and the air conditioning isn’t too cold either so it is a pleasant venue indeed.

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What they serve: Breakfast sets, pastas, sliced cakes and buns.
Prices: Affordable (for buns). RM5 – RM40.
Coffee beans: Not focused on coffee but beans imported from Korea.
Food: Yes.
Cakes: Yes.
Pork-free/Halal: Pork-free. Korean run & owned.
OOTD/Instagram friendly: So-so. There are a few spots for photography.
WIFI: Yes.
Tax: No.
Service: Warm and helpful.
Your orders are served to you.
Ambience: Comfortable. Casual.
Aircon: Yes.
Outdoor seating: No.
Powerpoints for charging: Yes.
Parking : Damansara Uptown is challenging and it is advisable that you park at the underground or the dedicated parking building at Uptown 7 since the MPBJ is diligent here.
Payment: Pay upon order.

Villa Ju Bakery
26, Jalan SS21/58, Damansara Uptown
47400 PJ, Selangor.
+603 – 7733 2423

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