Korea Beauty & Wellness Show in Malaysia 2014 : WONDROUS K-BEAUTY SECRETS REVEALED

Dear readers!

As you know I’ve just got back from Korea and I had experienced some very good facials, massages and beauty procedures in Seoul.

The good news is, some of these key companies are going to be in town on 31st of May and I would like to invite YOU (yes, you, my friend/reader) to join in for the half day fun session!
There are no charges.  🙂

0957_invitation Card

Date/Time : 31 May(Sat), 14:00~18:30

Venue : Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur <Grandballroom>


 Session Contents
Session 14:00~14:40 – Registration
I – B2C Pre-session
Session 14:40~15:30 – K-Beauty Make-up Show (Ra Beauty Core)- Welcoming Address (MD, KTO KL)- Congratulatory Address (Embassy of Rep. of Korea in Malaysia)
15:30~16:10 – Case Presentation (Let Me In)
– Medical Presentation
Session 16:10~17:30 – Coffee Break & Korean Hospital Presentation
III 17:30~18:20 – B2C Session (with experience program)
– Media Interview
18:20~18:30 – Lucky Draw/Photo Session

Program Highlights: Divided into 3 key areas – Let ME In, Beauty by RA Beauty Core & lastly, experiences in wellness hospitals. 

  1. Let Me In (Let  美人) Show case (Before & After) by Regen Medical Group

–                    Video Show case
–                    Celebrity (After surgery)
–                    Doctor to explain the process
–           Website Reference: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj3sm5tCOwM

  1. Beauty : Ra Beauty Core – Make Up Show by Korean Famous Artist, Mr. Bin.
    Read about my experience in RA Beauty in SEOUL –> https://www.rebeccasaw.com/seoul-korea-beauty-fashion-grooming-spa-and-inha-international-medical-center-tour/

Mr. Bin Profile
–          BOBBI BROWN (2001-2007 senior makeup artist)
–          Senior team manager, Bourjois make-up artist
–          Korean TV Show Guest– “Get It Beauty”
–          Make Up Artist for Korean Famous Magazine Model (FENDI, GUCCI, Vancleef&arpels, ST.John, Desel,Tommy Hilfiger20 anniversary, Feragamo 2005, 2006 ELLE Fashion week in Bangkok)

  1. Hospitals

Type 1: Oriental

Company Name Specialized Website
Medical Palace Detox (Enzyn Bath) + Diet
Lee Moon Woon Korean Medicine Clinic Hair loss (hair care) http://www.eng.leemoonwon.com/

Type 2: Skin Care + Plastic Surgery

Company Name Specialized Website
Regen Medical Group Plastic Surgery, Skincare, dermatology http://regenglobal.net/index.php?menu_gb=EN
Other Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eUKZ4tD8LM
Wonjin Beauty Aesthetic Surgery Clinic (face, body, anti-aging) http://www.wonjinbeauty.com/
Other Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8qdqr6f6zchttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xpN5WzP5Kc
Beauty Korea Plastic Surgery Aesthetic Surgery Clinic (face, body, anti-aging) http://english.bkhospital.com/

Doesn’t it sound like an exciting day-out? Come to this Korea Beauty & Wellness Show in Malaysia 2014 by:

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2. LIKE my FB page (https://www.facebook.com/RebeccaSawBlog) & after liking, leave a comment on the page – “Hi Rebecca, I want to go to  Korea Beauty & Wellness Show in Malaysia 2014″
(this is so I can track and message, etc if necessary).

Here’s a bit more info about this Korean Beauty Fair: 

Long renowned for its cutting-edge beauty and cosmetic enhancement technologies, holistic health and wellness philosophies that adhere to ‘you are what you eat’ and ‘food is medicine‘, and the importance of being well-groomed and looking good regardless of age, Korea is now taking the health, beauty and fashion world by storm with its wondrous K-beauty secrets.

KTO’s Managing Director Malaysia & Brunei Peter Park Chul-Hyun says “In view of Korea’s advanced medical facilities and services that range from clinical treatments to cosmetic enhancements to its centuries-old holistic approach towards health and well-being, we want to open Malaysian visitors’ hearts, minds and eyes to discover and discover Korea’s wondrous K-beauty secrets.
Besides enjoying the country’s natural splendours and tourism attractions, we invite them to pamper and care for themselves by revitalizing their inner well-being, strengthening their overall health and enhancing their own beauty via Korea’s state-of-art facilities, client-centric and dedicated physicians, highly qualified specialists and well-trained surgeons.”

Organized by the KTO, Kuala Lumpur Office, the “Wondrous K-Beauty ~ Korea Beauty & Wellness Show in Malaysia 2014” will highlight a video showcase featuring a celebrity from Let Me In (Let  美人) by Regen Medical Group and a presentation by renowned Korean medical centres followed by a make-up show by famous Korean artist, Mr. Bin Seong-Won of Ra Beauty Core. Formerly senior makeup artist of Bobbi Brown (2001-2007), he used to be the senior team manager and make-up artist for Bourjois, and has made a guest appearance on Korean TV “Get It Beauty”.

Also participating in the event will be Medical Palace, Lee Moon Woon Medicine Clinic, Regen Medical Group, Woonjin Beauty and Beauty Korea Plastic Surgery – specialized entities focusing on Oriental Medicine, plastic surgery, anesthesiology, dermatology, dentistry and hair transplantation.

This invite is open to 2 pax per invite – meaning you can bring along a partner! 🙂
So bring your girlfriend, spouse, mother, etc!

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