knomo Bags from London – sold in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2013 and I got my first designer handbag! 🙂

Well, I’m more of a shoe girl, buying them in every shape, colour & size and priced from RM10 – RM1000 (no Jimmy Choos yet) but I have yet to splurge this much on a bag. This is the knomo Rubi Dome Zip Top, RRP 1099.


I was given a few to choose and selected this one as the rich colour and luxury finish caught my attention. I won’t deny that I was attracted to the pink one, but I thought the understated elegance of this Rubi in bronze would suit my wardrobe & corporate profile better.

knomo bag in kl malaysia-010

In truth, I go from colourful to prints to subdued blacks anytime, anyday and as and when I wish and the Rubi seems to match my chameleon nature easily enough.

In colours.

knomo bag in kl malaysia

knomo bag in kl malaysia-009

In black.

knomo bag in kl malaysia-Rebecca Saw

For those who have seen me during events would have noticed that I usually lugged 2 bags around, one a handbag for the camera, purse, pens, tissues, hairbrush (you get the drift) and another for the laptop. Due to the amount of travel and walking I do (from the car to the event venue to the carpark) and taking into consideration the odd hours (events do finish late), my bag for the laptop is quite an ugly looking one but one that’s very inconspicuous, so much so that you won’t take another look at it.

I have been looking for a nice bag that doesn’t look like a laptop bag for the longest time. I buy a new bag every 2 months or so and they never last, the handles are always to the first to go as it can’t take the weigh of both my ultrabook and camera. And my ultrabook is only 1.3kg max!

So when I was contacted to review the knomo bags, I was immediately interested as knomo are known for their range of laptop bags but in stylish, sleek designs. Exactly what I need! 🙂

knomo bag in kl malaysia-007

Here’s the interior. It fits everything that I’ve got pretty well!
My Asus Zenbook, Padfone 2, Sony NEX 6, hairbrush, purse and still with sufficient additional space for snacks (yes I keep food in my bags!), power cord for the Zenbook, mouse and etc.

knomo bag in kl malaysia-008

A full review, with regards to comfort, shape (does it stay in shape with me stuffing so many things in it?) and ease of handling (meaning carrying around,  whether the handles are comfortable on the arms, and its hardiness (it is a laptop bag, so can it take the weight? are the handle sturdy) would be next week or so.

Right now, for the many many inquiries of how you can get your hands on one, do browse through the catalogue below and drop me a comment if you are a serious buyer.

1) knomo bags are available in limited designs at all Switch Apple Stores nationwide. Specifically, the outlets with the widest range are located at:

i) Gurney Plaza, Penang ( 04-2295591)
ii) Queensbay Mall, Penang (04-6465591)
iii) Straits Quay, Penang ( 04-8995591)
iv) The Spring Mall, Kuching (082-425591)

All of the other outlets carry at least 3 different models in store.

Here’s the complete link to all the outlets :

2) Radioshack outlets throughout KL also carry Knomo in limited designs.
Outlets are in Mid Valley, The Garden Mall and Times Square.

knomo bag in kl malaysia - mid valley-003

knomo bag in kl malaysia - mid valley-002

knomo bag in kl malaysia - mid valley-001

3) The distributor is still working to get the Rubi and other women’s bags into fashion outlets. So right now if anyone really wants one, it has to come from the distributor directly. So contact me! And no, I don’t make any money out of this, just spreading the word for a friend.






Women’s Line





Men’s Line







Seasonal (not available in Msia currently).



This is available.


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  1. Oooh, I really like the fun, bright purple inside! Not what you would expect of a classy looking tote. 😀

  2. Sean

    very nice bag! i agree, it looks great for all occasions, for work functions during the daytime and for elegant evening dinners too! 😀

  3. ulric

    At least u eliminated 1 bulky bag…hahaha =)

  4. Yee Ling

    Nice..the color you choose does match for any occasion.

  5. sycookies

    Good, this is pretty looking and most importantly the space. The size is looking promising.

  6. Sandy

    Wow, I didn’t know we can get this in Msia!

  7. ALAN

    Hi Becks, it seems you had a good deal. I looked up this model to see if you would have saved if I brought one with me. Here in UK this model is ÂŁ255.00 or RM 1,224 at today’s ex rate! 🙂

  8. Charmaine

    Awesome bag! The inside looks stylish too 😀

  9. Ninaz Syafinaz

    I will check this out when I comin down to KL on March.. Thank you for the info!

  10. nurmisnan

    hoho.. i love all d design.. Simple + elegance
    realy2 in love with Rubi + Austin + Bungo..


  11. Choi Yen

    I would like to pick the bright Teaberry colour!

  12. cleffairy

    You’re killing me with the bags! I’m a huge fan of bags… (and shoes whenever I’m stressed). One question though…I always have problems with leather bags. The most they could last is just a year. The skin will never fail to fall off like some snake changing it’s skin, even the branded ones like Bonia and Polo. 🙁 Have any tips to remedy that? So sick and tired buying expensive bags and they couldn’t even last for a year! So kesian me… these days I got fed up and just opt for canvas backpacks… 🙁

    ps: the bag is lovely. Love the colour!

  13. Stefanie

    Hi, are you still in contact with the distributor? Am interested in either:
    1) Bayswater Laptop Sleeve (15″)
    2) Avignon Laptop Tote (15″)
    3) Jesi Slip Tote (15″)

    Let me know if available and the prices, thanks!

  14. Toni

    Do you know where I can find the Knomo Rubi Dome ZipTop?

      1. Nicole

        Good morning.

        Where can I get Knomo laptop bags in KL?

      2. Rebecca Saw

        Hi Nicole!
        You can get it at Robinsons – Garden MV. Do let me know if you require further assistance 🙂
        Hope u get one that u like!

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