klia2  –  What’s In Your Bag?

klia2 has just recently opened!
As a frequent traveller I’m counting down the days to when I would be able to visit klia2 for the actual launch. I have been there since it was opened but each time I rushed through the airport as I’m always cutting it close for my boarding time.


Airports are always such interesting places to explore.
I’m personally keen to see the interior, the architecture and experience the overall surroundings of klia2. I wonder how will it fare compared to all the other international airports that I have been to?

Well, I can only wait until it is launched to find out. And I hope to be there on the launch date too.
I’ll keep all of you posted if I am alright? Do expect a video and some pictures! 🙂

If you’re as excited as I am, then the site https://www.facebook.com/IndulgeMalaysiaAirports is where you can keep yourself abreast with the latest news of klia2.
With the launch date looming close, What’s In Your Bag? is a campaign initiated just for the launching of klia2.
There will be over 100k worth of prizes to be given away to 15 lucky winners and 1 grand prize winner; one winner a day for 15 days starting from 9th June to 23rdJune, three days before the date klia2 is scheduled for its launch.

The contest is running on this microsite –> .

klia2  -  What’s In Your Bag?.10 AM.png

Now what is this contest all about?
It is about SHOPPING; an activity that’s proven to reduce stress, increase happiness and enhance well-being.
Ok I’m a bit overzealous here but seriously, what do you say to an opportunity to win RM5,000 of products that YOU have shopped everyday within the period from  9th June to 23rd June (via this website) and then claim all these products without having to pay a single cent?? 😀

klia2  -  What’s In Your Bag?.57 AM.png

And all that shopping happens right in front of your laptop/tablet/smartphone/desktop. Just click and click and add to cart.

klia2  -  What’s In Your Bag?.38 AM.png

klia2  -  What’s In Your Bag?.53 AM.png

klia2  -  What’s In Your Bag?.28 AM.png

The sitewill showcase klia2 retail offerings and the brands available so you would be able to “shop in klia2ONLINE.
Brands and retail selections will include food, beverage, lifestyle, fashion, electronics, duty-free and non duty-free.

klia2  -  What’s In Your Bag?.56 AM.png

So how do you take part in this contest? I have been trying my luck as well and here’s what I’ve observed.


1. Login to

2. This pop up will appear announcing that you have a chance to win products that you have shopped with a given budget of RM5,000.

klia2  -  What’s In Your Bag?.01 AM.png

On the main page, DO BROWSE around and check out klia2’s offerings – then DECIDE on what you will be spending the RM5,000 on.
3. Simply “add to cart” anything you want from the website. ANYTHING! Within the 5,000 budget of course 🙂

klia2  -  What’s In Your Bag?.08 PM.png

klia2  -  What’s In Your Bag?.23 PM.png

klia2  -  What’s In Your Bag?.09 PM.png
klia2  -  What’s In Your Bag?.27 PM.png

4. Budget gone? Well, 5,000 is not that hard to spend right? 🙂
Once you’re satisfied with your selection, you can proceed to check-out.

klia2  -  What’s In Your Bag?.56 PM.png

5. Upon successful completion of checkout, you are now automatically entered into a lucky draw with everything that you’ve purchased.
Now sit back and cross those fingers and toes in hoping that you’re one of the lucky winners!

klia2  -  What’s In Your Bag?.04 PM.png

klia2  -  What’s In Your Bag?.08 PM-001.png

klia2  -  What’s In Your Bag?.png

When will you know if you’ve won?
Well, it will be announced on the day of the launch but do read the terms and conditions of which one of the fine print says that names of winners will be announced but the actual shopping spree or prize collection will not take place on the same day.
However, prize redemption will only be available locally, from klia2 itself.
klia2  -  What’s In Your Bag?.png-001

Last but not least, do give Indulge in Malaysia airports FB Page a LIKE – https://www.facebook.com/IndulgeMalaysiaAirports
You can follow them on Instagram too –> indulgemyairports and tweet them on @indulge_my
If you have posted anything about this contest (please do share with your friends or what you have shopped!), then hashtag your updates with #indulgeklia2 #WhatsInYourBag.

Do note that anyone above 18 years of age, from anywhere will be eligible to participate.
So do tell all your friends from other countries! 🙂

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  1. Karmila

    Oh thanks!
    I have been thinking of taking part and your post helps a lot !

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Oh great! Good luck and I hope you managed to spend all your RM5000! 😀

  2. Sean Eat Drink KL

    let me know if there’s a bar in this airport … i can’t seem to find one! heheh 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      LOL! Good question – Alrighty I’ll look for one if there’s any! 😀

  3. Ivy Tan

    wow interesting contest! 😀

  4. Renne

    Joined after reading your post!
    Hope I win, and YOU too! 😀

  5. Veron

    My friend won! LOL. She joined after reading your blogpost. She wants to thank you!

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