Kitchen Creatures, Centrepoint – INVADED by bloggers!!

I like this place.

Kitchen Creatures

And so does the other 20+odd bloggers, judging by the happy grins & noise we made that night.

Kitchen Creatures crittersAlign Center

Honesty, direct, peppered with bits of wit, the Kitchen Creatures menu tells you as it is. You get what you pay for, you know exactly how much you gonna have to fork out for it & you will be served FRESHLy prepared & MSG-free food. What a marvelous concept!

Kitchen Creatures1

Try as I might, I couldn’t resist ordering the burger. Described on the menu as Monstrosity, yet priced at RM11, it was an excellent value for money choice considering the layers of cheese, full sized ham & bacon, EGG, fresh vegetables, pickles, tomatoes & THICK patty of chicken or beef snuggled between a lightly toasted quality bun.


Favola it is not, but their repertoire of pasta is still a pleasure to eat. Fresh paste, bountiful bouncy seafood with a good balance of flavours (not too creamy nor too salty or sweet) had all of us agreeing that Kitchen Creatures’ claim of “all our food is carefully prepared to meet the highest standards set by George Creatures (the chef)…only fresh ingredients with no MSG” is no hoax.

Marinara, RM13. Spicy Aglio Olio with Shrimp, RM12. Seafood garlic cream sauce, RM13.


Other than the food, there is good eye-candy for us gals. Or gays.
Fresh off their gym workouts, muscles stretching against their shirts, crew cut hunks congregate here for the Sizzling ribeye steak, RM19; a chunky portion of red meat, done to your preference & arrives at your table smoking. My my, I can see the gym doctor nodding approvingly.


We had more of course.

Monster Platter, RM15 – Fried shrimp, calamari rings, mushrooms, mini wings & nachos.
Grilled Chicken, RM13 – Charbroiled boneless chop with sauteed onions, baked beans & fries.
Chicken ala King, RM11 – Sauteed with mushrooms in light sour cream gravy, served with buttered rice.
Sirloin Steak, with a choice of 2 sides at RM16.

I can’t sing much praises for the Monster Platter, but I find the grilled chicken & sirloin steak decent for its price.


The pies @RM2.80 each were CUTE & although small in size, was bursting at the crust with its delicious stuffing, be it tuna or chicken & egg.
A bit dry on its own, yes, but a good order for those who prefers something savoury yet light in size.
Btw, it came with a side of mash too. We ordered a set of TWO pies for RM7.


Their pizza crust tasted generic but I reminded myself that this is after all, RM12 per pizza.
The pizza dough is made specially for them by their supplier. All the sauces & gravy however, is made in house & fresh upon order, assured Chef JJ, one half of the brothers duo who runs this place.
Each pizza is 10 inches in diameter & we stapled the Seafood pizza with Thousand Island – RM12, The Magherita, which is mozzarealla, cheddar with spinach, special pizza sauce & the Pizza Carbonara which consisted of mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan with chicken & beef bacon, also RM12.

The much raved about stuffed mushrooms (RM7.30 for 6) was a few sizes shrunken but made up for it in taste.

Meanwhile, the Garlic bread are as crisp & buttery as it should be.


Some of the drinks we ordered; Ice Cream Soda float RM7, Ice Lemon Tea RM6, Limey George (Ribenna, Sprite & Lemon) RM7.

Kitchen Creatures drinks

There is a lot more on the menu than what we tried that night & we were really spoilt for choices, both for food & for drinks.

Parking is FREE after 630pm & there is WIFI.
Food is affordable & FRESHLY prepared, portions are big, there is a medley of choices available, bill is tax free, environment is clean & comfortable…WOW.. Kitchen Creatures is probably the next BEST thing to happen for the BU area!

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  1. Sean

    cool concept. it looks like they really do care about the customer.
    i'd order the monstrosity too, but based on your pic, i think i'd request a runnier yolk =)

  2. UnkaLeong

    Now you got me craving for a steak. Go with me again soon, k?

  3. Tummythoz

    Wow. You really sound very impressed. Guess nobody hit the chef.

  4. thenomadGourmand

    Sean: Hahah..yeah, a runnier yolk would hv been better!

    UnkaLeong: Hmm..will I still get to oogle at the hunks?

    Tummythoz: Oh, I wont want to try that. He's quite buff 😉
    And btw, I'm a sucker for value meals.

  5. PureGlutton

    Pretty good value for $, I would say! OK, I'm heading there one of these days since it's just a stonethrow away from my office!

  6. Chong

    Hhmm.. Should have 'mata kerbau' instead of fully cooked egg. 😛

    The foods look good so as the price.

  7. ai wei

    wow! what an event!!!
    i really feel like trying out kitchen creature. the food are looking good and really cheap lorrrr

  8. CUMI & CIKI

    good leh.. i dont even recognize the young bloggers! haha

  9. thule a.k.a leo

    the food was OK even though not great.. but the drinks are very diluted! but I agree that the price is cheap and no-frills 🙂

  10. Lyrical Lemongrass

    OMG such rave reviews! Gonna kill myself for not having visited this place yet!

  11. Life for Beginners

    That is a whole lotta bloggers. Maybe some restaurant should be the first to serve bloggers on their menu? 😛

  12. J2Kfm

    Indeed, a most indulgent treat at damn attractive prices. RM16 for a sirloin with two sides? What a steal.
    You can't even get a decent chicken chop in most bistros at that price.

  13. foodbin

    got to go and try it out.

  14. J

    Wah. Looks like a fun day out – so many people! 🙂
    (Mmmmm – the burger looks very seductive. I think it's calling out to me…..)

  15. thenomadGourmand

    PureGlutton: Yes, do try! The prices r a crowd puller!

    chong: food is decent for the price ya paying!

    ai wei: Yup, cheap is good no? 😉

    c&c: Of course!

    leo: We didnt get diluted drinks tht night 😉
    But tis gonna be feedback to both brothers, hope they take note! 😉

    LL: Aiyo, no nd so drama loh! Like I said, its value for $ so dont expect wood fire pizzas!

    lfb: Haha

    J2kfm: Indeed tht's what I tot too, somemore the clean, comfortable environment it came in!

    foodbin: Do bring you family, its cost – effective!

    J: Yes, too bad its halal!

  16. Paranoid Android

    OMG! I really gotta tune myself to scour PJ for food. Looking at the pics of the bloggers and Chef, I am feeling like one of the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. Maybe I should start eating food with preservatives. Ha Ha!

  17. allie

    LOL. seems to me you can't run away from burgers ya! 😛

  18. Tummy Rumble

    Will go try it someday 🙂

  19. thule a.k.a leo

    no offense but since they are aware about the bloggers, they would try to get good publicity 🙂
    for me, I normally just go and dine there.. and pay the $$$ like a normal customer.

  20. mimid3vils

    Can't believe we can get such food at such price, haha!!!! I want to go!!! I want to go!!!

  21. sophia

    I don't care if the guys are ripped or not, as long as my steak is! Those burgers and pasta looks downright orgasmic!

    Yo, and I really and truly want to meet YOU too! When are you coming to the States for your honeymoon? lol.

  22. KwOnG FeI

    nice concept restaurant..and the food seem cheap too..
    no service charge sounds good too..
    should giv a try too

  23. thenomadGourmand

    PA: well, its abt time! There's so much to discover in PJ!! call us!

    allie: Nope i can't!

    tumym rumble: slowly bro, there's a very list frm your side i can see!

    leo: Aww..well the bros seem passionate abt their venture & i hope they took note of yr feedback.

    mimid3vils: go go go!

    sophia: US?? hhmm..durin the Foodbuzz festival sounds good! ;p

    Kwong Fei: Hello!
    yup, don't expect too much for the price ya! But u do get wht u pay for!

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  25. Bingfn

    You have tested it and writing form your personal experience or you find some information online?

  26. May

    Great find! Good food, reasonably priced!

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