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A short chat with Victor, owner of Kilo Grill during the launch provided some insights to this latest grilling buzz in town.
Fully aware that the Publika area and its 10km vicinity are plagued with unimaginative Korean BBQ or Japanese grills, Victor and his partners has decided to introduce a new grilling experience to Klang Valley.
Like many young, ambitious and well traveled urbanites, Victor’s travels took him to many countries. Spoiled with choices and having had cultivate a sensitive (some say fussy but we foodies like to think of it as a well trained) palate he realized that the grilling experience can be much, much more than the typical Korean/BBQ grills.

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With that in mind, his team designed the Kilo Grill Barbecue Restaurant’s menu to feature ingredients from around the world.
The best Japanese charcoal smoked my spanish pork jowl while my fat prawns swam in Argentinian waters before they were doused in alcohol and flamed in front of my eyes.
My appetiser was a fine bowl of smoked salmon from the pristine waters of Scotland.
Delicious house-made sauces provided dipping options but frankly wasn’t necessary.

BELOW: Sashimi grade wild catch Argentinian sea prawns – 1pc RM14.90/ 7pcs RM79.90.
Barely cooked, we consumed these giant babies nearly raw and sitting here 3 days after the dinner without any negative side effects, I can attest to its freshness.
The liquor imparted a lingering alcoholic flavour to the shells and barely touched the flesh.

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BELOW: Iberian black pigs jowl 200gm – RM49.90.
Look at that marbling! But heck, give me pork belly anytime.

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BELOW: Smoked salmon from Scotland under the brand of John Ross.

kilo grill barbeque restaurant - review

Since I was there on the opening night, my meal was grilled for me and we only managed to sample about 30% of what was available.
Victor believes that there are endless possibilities when it comes to grilling and he assured us that there will be more in Kilo’s new menu in the coming weeks.
So it looks like I’ll be back here soon enough!
I’m keen to try their lunch sets too (yes, Kilo offers affordable sets that doesn’t require cooking and it is served quickly to cater for the allocated lunch hour) and if you need any additional reason to head to Kilo, just tell yourself this, “I have to try their Petai ice cream“.

I kid you not. It is good! 🙂

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Recap of the prices of items we sampled that night:

Iberian black pigs jowl 200gm – RM49.90
Sashimi grade wild catch Argentinian sea prawns – 1pc RM14.90/ 7pcs RM79.90
Whole flying squid – 400gm – RM29.90.

Kilo is ideal for both families and friends. I reckon the kids would have a field time grilling their own food (as long as there are parental supervision) which would make for a nice interactive meal session for the family.
A gathering of friends would certainly appreciate the relaxed ambiance, good food and not to mention the Taiwanese beers, Korean rice wine and a variety of GAB beverages.

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Kilo Grill Barbecue Restaurant (above Ante, same level and row as Osteria Blue, Hot Shots)
Publika Solaris Dutamas A2-UG1-01 No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone 03-6419 0811
Email: [email protected]

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