KFC Spicy Korean Crunch – How does it taste like?

What was your dinner? 🙂

Mine was the newly launched KFC Spicy Korean Crunch! Yes, all 3 pieces of it!

kfc korean crunch chicken in malaysia 1 (4)

The Spicy Korean Crunch is the latest addition to KFC’s offerings. This unique marinate features a blend of 7 chilies from around the world and the final fried chicken pieces are drizzled with a special spicy Korean sauce prior to serving.

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Riding on the current Korean wave in Malaysia; inspired us at KFC to create this very special fried chicken with that Korean twist. We are confident that KFC’s latest Spicy Korean Crunch will be a hit with Malaysians taking into account the ever growing popularity of all things Korean” said Datuk Ahmad Zaki Zahid, MD of QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd.

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kfc korean crunch chicken in malaysia

I’m not a huge K-Pop fan though I admit that I’m addicted to Oppa Gangnam Style and Hyuna’s “Troublemaker”. As for Korean food, oh yes, I do love my Korean BBQ, all forms of bachan, Korean pancakes, kimchi jjiage and bibimbap!

And tonight, I took my first bite of KFC’s Spicy Korean Crunch and I liked it. 🙂

kfc korean crunch chicken in malaysia -001

It’s mildly spicy with a slight slow burn but essentially it did taste pretty much like KFC’s Hot and Spicy. And I like KFC Hot and Spicy so perhaps that’s why I liked this Korean version. However, rest assured that you will be able to detect mild differences.

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The added sweetish “Korean sauce” on top after the chicken pieces are fried and then sprinkled with baked sesame seeds are the really the factors that made it different. The set above is one of the 2 Spicy Korean Crunch combos. The 2 piece combo and 3 piece combo is priced at RM12.30 and RM15.50 respectively. The combo is inclusive of an all-new potato corn salad, regular wedges and one regular carbonated drink.

kfc korean crunch chicken in malaysia -004

It’s available for a LIMITED duration of 2 months, starting with from 10th April 2013.
KFC is also the co-sponsor of the upcoming “2013 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia” featuring K-Pop celebrities that will be happening on 12 May 2013 at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

So guys, head over to KFC and try out the new KFC Spicy Korean Crunch and tell me what you think! 🙂
Don’t expect it too be entirely different in taste from the usual KFC chicken (after all, why mess with a winning formula/an accepted flavour with the masses?) but it is nice to have something else to order besides Original and Hot & Spicy right?

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    oooh, i’m definitely gonna try this! i’m surprised though that it tastes somewhat similar to hot & spicy, since it looks so very different. i’m more of an original recipe fan compared to hot & spicy, but i still like to try kfc’s promotional items whenever possible 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Same here Sean! KFC doesn’t have much promotional items so I’ll definitely make it a point to try them whenever possible too.
      As for the taste I expected more too, but in the end I guess all KFC items would more of less taste similar to its base flavours 😛

  2. Mei Yien

    Look tasty, I’m gonna try this later as my dinner……..

  3. Choi Yen

    I just had it last 2 days, not really Korean for me & the sauce is sweet instead of spicy ~.~

    1. rebeccasaw

      No la. it’s not Korean but like I said in my post, it’s just like hot & spicy with a bit of mild burn. The sauce yes is sweet.

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