Kenny Hills Bakers: great pies, breads, croissants & pizzas!

Kenny Hills Bakers has been my to-go-to croissant place since I first stepped in back in August 2015.

kenny hills.25 PM.png

If my memory haven’t fail me, I had the egg flamenco on the same trip but felt that the portion was too small for the price.
On another trip my god brother and I had the croissant again as well as their chia seed pudding which was notably good.
** (I’ll insert the images here if I could find them)

All in all, my experience here were positive and I’ve revisited often since then. It is one of the venues that I’ll recommend for quick meetings and we would usually order a cake or 2 to go with our coffee.

BELOW: I can’t remember what cake was this but it was nice.


BELOW: Tiramisu (non-alcohol) – RM15 and Hot Chocolate (RM13).

There is another an alcoholic version as well but it was sold out that day so I opted for this.
I love the nutty crust though on the whole it was a bit sweet for me.

kenny hills bakers - best pastries and cakes in KL-006

kenny hills bakers - best pastries and cakes in KL-008

Affogato (RM12).

But if you were to ask me what I’ll personally recommend here, my first choice would be the peach and banana crumble!

banana peach crumble

My first experience with this amazing pie was at Social Publika.

I have no idea how I came about it, and why I would be ordering this at Social but it has to do with meeting Pei Shyen (who works at Social/El Meson, etc) and falling in love with this at first bite.

kenny hills bakers.22 AM.png

I love the Pavlova too. It was tall with a layers of meringue and snowy cream within.
Generously loaded with berries and fresh kiwis, it wasn’t overly sweet and was the only good Pavlova in KL.


In fact, I blogged about it here, together with another cafe that serves really good cakes but unfortunately had closed down since.

Just last month, I discovered that these pies were supplied to The Social by Kenny Hills Bakers!
The discovery was quite by accident, as I remarked that the Apple Pie served here looked as good as the Peach and Banana one I’ve had at Social.

I was told then that they are actually the same and the cafe rotates the pies between apple, peach and banana crumble and the apple and cherry versions.

BELOW: Apple Pie – RM15. Add a scoop of housemade vanilla ice cream for RM4.

kenny hills bakers - best pastries and cakes in KL-009

I love the apple pie.

It is seriously one of the best (commercially available) ones in KL – low on the sweetness scale, buttery crust and chunky apples that weren’t overly spiced with cinnamon nor swimming in syrup.
It is rustic, satisfying and an absolutely steal at RM15.

The current prices for a slice of cake in cafes are in the RM14 – RM18 range and that’s for common bakes like Red Velvet, brownies, and carrot cakes which are more often than not, size of a small wedge and tasted rather generic.

Personally, I find the items at Kenny Hills offers better value for my money.

Here is their Peach and Banana Crumble – RM12 on its own, RM16 with added vanilla ice cream.
It is my default order if it is available during any of my visits.

Besides pies, their display rack of fresh bakes entices with luscious pastries, tarts and yes, cakes that are likewise rustic and big including uncommon ones like caneles.
There are also quite a number of artisanal bread, bagels as well as savoury pies.

kenny hills bakers - best pastries and cakes in KL-010

kenny hills bakers - best pastries and cakes in KL-005

Kenny Hills Bakers uses stone milled flour and organic ingredients for their breads and pastries.

Truly artisanal, the bakery is testament to the owners’ philosophy of running a F & B business – providing fresh, unpretentious good food (and coffee) with quality produce made with passion and sincerity.

Kenny Hills Bakers’ Menu (as of Feb 2017):

kenny hills bakers - best pastries and cakes in KL-001

kenny hills bakers - best pastries and cakes in KL-002

kenny hills bakers - best pastries and cakes in KL-003

This bakery has limited seating inside and I would usually opt for the outdoors under the fans. However, it can get pretty warm but on good days, it was wonderfully peaceful to be sitting outside and just chill with my writing.

More visits to try the pizzas, roast beef sandwich, Beef Cheek Pie, Chicken Avocado Croissant!

The pizzas here have a lovely charred crust with generous topping of cheese. I love the tomato base – so fresh and robust in flavour!

RM43 for half and half.
For me, the combo of Hawaiian Chicken and Beef Pepperoni works much better than 3 Cheeses & Al Funghi.

The Mushroom Tart is recommended as well – super tasty, generously loaded with a few types of mushrooms with pleasant, earthy mushroom fragrance.

Rib Eye Roast Beef (RM24).
This is one of my favourite items here for a savoury meal. I love roast beef and I love caramelized onions!

Grilled Chicken Avocado Croissant (RM19). Beef Cheeks Pie.
Both were great! 

*** Gluten free bread

For bread lovers who can’t take gluten, Kenny Hills Bakers does bake gluten free bread which can be picked up on certain days.
Do contact them for more details.

kenny hills bakers - best pastries and cakes in KL
Kenny Hills Bakers 
I-1B, Taman Tunku, Off Langgak Tunku,
Bukit Tunku,
Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 6206 4111

Open daily: 7.30am – 7pm.

**Kenny Hills Bakers is a neighbourhood bakery in the quiet housing enclave of Bukit Tunku.
It occupies a small lot in an exclusive row of shops (look for Sid’s Pub and CIMB Bank) within a gated compound. Ample parking available and it is free.

kenny hills bakers - best pastries and cakes in KL-004

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  1. Pei-Shyen Chong

    Hey! I see my name being mentioned there! hahaha. Well, to answer your question, you tried the Peach Banana Crumble at The Social way back when because it was just too good for us not to share. We always had them supplied by KHB, except they did not have a storefront back then. Look how far they’ve come! Glad our recommendation came in useful 😛
    PS. You can still get it at The Social, if and when you’re in the vicinity and want your fix.

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