Kedai Kopi Ti Ee for dim sum and bao in Klang @ night

As obsessed as I am with food, I would never, never drive on my own for 45 minutes at the ungodly hour of 9 pm for food.
Naturally, the time and distance wouldn’t have mattered that much if I had a chauffeur!
But I got lured to Klang, on a Friday night no less, with the promise of an “excellent char siew bao“.

“The best char siew bao in KL.” she (Ms F) had promised.
My infatuation for a good char siew bao as well as as the privilege to meet her after months of conversing on FB had me agreeing to the meet up.

So I did exactly what I normally won’t do – drive 45 minutes to Klang on a jammed Friday night after a long day of work and cooking.
Thank god I had company, my trusted foodie friend Karen; though half asleep due to the long journey, but still game for a makan rendezvous.

We got to Kedai Kopi Ti Ee in due time and was instantly enveloped by Ms Fang and her hubby’s warm hospitality.
While waiting for the dim sum stall to start business, she fed us a homely bowl of thick congee, an elusive lala omelette (gosh, where else can we get this?), rich curry laksa and bouncy fishballs.

By the time we got to the dim sum, we were half stuffed!

Fried lala omelette

Not easily available so do give it a try if you like the small ‘lala’.

Pork Porridge

Mix porridge with pork and spare parts, (RM5.50) – delicious!

Curry Laksa

Rich and aromatic.


Bouncy, fishy spheres.

But it was the dim sum that we came for.

This family-run dim sum business enjoys a strong patronage from both loyal and new customers.
With the convenience of mass produced dim sum these days, due credit should be given to this family for keeping their dim sum strictly homemade for four decades.
The food is not exactly cheap, but reasonable considering the quality, quantity and tasty.

Dim sum are meaty and plump, baos are stuffed with ingredients with thin, fluffy skin and
I like the variety too, and how some are pretty uncommon like the steamed chicken wings.

The baos freezes well and thus it is common to see a dedicated queue strictly for takeaways. I personally bought TEN (yes, 10!) and enjoyed one per day for over a week.

One of the more popular items here is this little bunny pau filled with lotus paste.

On the whole, the dim sum is fresh, not overly salty (except for the dai bao and loh mah kai)or greasy.
Would I return?

Yes, definitely, IF someone else is driving!

Thanks again to Ms Fang and her wonderful hubby for their time and generosity!

Kedai Kopi Ti Ee
Persiaran Raja Muda Musa,
Taman Gembira,
42000 Klang.
* Kedai KOPI TI EE located at Taman Gembira Klang, at the corner traffic light opposite Ambank and before Port Klang.
HOURS: 10.00pm until finish (typically 12am)
Closed: Wednesday and Sunday.

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  1. Sean EDKL

    i’ve actually never eaten in klang before … but i’m very tempted by the stuff you’ve highlighted here – the lala omelette, pork porridge, and cockle-topped curry laksa all would float my boat! 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Well, this one opens late in the evening so the timing would suit u! The only thing missing is Klang Bak Kut Teh! 😀

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