Kaya – coconut jam : which do you prefer – lumpy or smooth?

I’m a lover of kaya (coconut jam) and as with all the food I consume, I’m anal about getting the best (according to my palate) texture and taste. Or at the very least it has to be to my liking.

good kaya - coconut jam in melaka-002

For kaya, I love the thick, lumpy version versus the smooth, runny type. The lumpy ones feels homely or less “commercialized”. Anyhow, after sampling almost 20-30 versions, I find that the lumpy ones tend to have better eggy aroma and overall flavour. Would you agree? Do correct me if I’m wrong.

And of course, if you have a recipe to share please do! I have asked around countless times but as you know humans are generally selfish. Perhaps they are trying to safeguard their recipes for future generations which may use it to start a business or something. *roll eyes*.
Anyhow the recipes online seem decent but not many are for the lumpy versions. Yes, I know I’m weird. Most people would prefer the smooth ones!

I have yet to find any that I like in KL but luckily I found one that I love in Melaka. When I first bought this one in Baba Low in Melaka, I was ecstatic as it has all the prerequisites of a good kaya (again, this is according to my palate).
This has been on my “best kaya” list since then. A year back it wasn’t available in KL but during my recent visit (yesterday) I was told that Baba Low in Bangsar does sells it too.

But good things doesn’t come cheap. It’s RM5.00 for the standard kaya bottle.
However it is worth every cent as I believe in paying for the best. Baba Low’s kaya is a beautiful golden colour with a wonderful eggy taste that hits you immediately. There’s no doubting the richness of creamy coconut milk within too. It would have been perfect for me if it could be a little less sweeter.

good kaya - coconut jam in melaka-003

A local Malaccan friend recommended Sin Yong Seng’s kaya, a smooth homemade version. This has a good eggy aroma as well but not as strong as Baba Low’s one.

kaya - coconut jam in melaka-001

It is also slightly sweeter than Baba Low’s. I guess this would be a good alternative if I can’t get the Baba Low version. Anyhow, Sin Yong Seng’s kaya still triumphs over many other homemade/commercial ones in KL so if you’re a kaya lover and you happen to be in Melaka do get yourself a bottle. It’s RM2.80 only.

kaya - coconut jam in melaka

So which do you prefer? The lumpy one or the molten smooth kaya? Care to share a recipe? 🙂

Baba Low (behind a bungalow)
486 Jalan Tengkera, 75250 Melaka
everyday from 8.00a.m- 4.00p.m except on Friday.
Landmark: Masjid Tengkera Masjid

Sin Yong Seng
101, Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho
75000 Melaka
o12 – 681 5858/019 666 7588

* This Melaka trip was made possible by Casa del Rio, Melaka. Thank you to the management for the splendid stay and providing me the opportunity to explore the rich cultural state of Melaka! 🙂

Rebecca Saw - casa del rio Melaka

Casa del Rio Boutique Hotel
88, Jalan Kota Laksamana 75200 Malacca, Malaysia
+606-289 6888

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    oooo, i’m a kaya fan too, but i must admit i’ve not contemplated the smooth-vs-coarse argument before. i think my ideal kaya would be smooth-ish (but not an artificial smoothness). more importantly, it should be very thick and very fragrant and flavorful! maybe i’ll buy some from baba low and see how 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      yes Sean! Favorful, eggy and thick is the way kaya should be! I do not recognize some of the so-called kaya available in KL. Ridiculous! LOL.

  2. ulric

    I m gonna get me some from Baba Low’s…lumpy n luscious kaya! :3

    1. rebeccasaw

      Will let you try some! 🙂
      Maybe spread it over some burgers at mbl or BJ

  3. Alan

    Hi Becks,

    Best kaya? Yut kee. Have a dollop on your toast or in the Swiss Roll which Jack Lee makes himself. Wouldn’t mind a slice now with my tea!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Sorry Alan. I tried before. Not my type. 🙂 I’m really fussy about kaya

  4. Jean

    I’ll ask my mum if she’s free to teach you her kaya recipe 🙂

  5. jonathan

    do you have a lumpy kaya recipe?

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