Kampachi Japanese : “KANPAI! With Sake Masters” – a review of 12 sakes!

Tonight’s itinerary:
An exclusive engagement by Kampachi that showcases prominent Sake Masters and the finest artisanal sakes from different prefectures in Japan.

For the first time, special zones will be designed to host the many activities taking place and this rare assembly is the largest get together of four Sake Masters and one Sake Sommelier at one time in Malaysia.

Kanpai with Sake Masters at Kampachi Plaza33

This interactive epicurean experience of 12 distinctive “pure rice” Junmai-style sakes with an array of Japanese spread promises to be both delectable and highly entertaining.

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And it delivered on it’s promise and more.
There couldn’t have been a more educational or enjoyable evening. The best Japanese produce were served and both the sake knowledge and drink flowed by abundance.

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4 interactive “booths” were set up and guests are free to visit any at any time for a chat with the sake masters and to sample as much sake as they wish.
The sake can be requested to be bought to your table as well by any of the attentive Kampachi staff too.

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We were given pointers via charts and short notes which I felt was extremely helpful during interviews with the sake masters.

Drinking 12 sakes in a few hours was a mammoth task but we managed! Here’s our thoughts of each:

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Kampachi Japanese restaurant - KANPAI! With Sake Masters -008

Taketsuru Junmai Nigori

Like all nigori which is not pressed fully from the fementation process, this ‘cloud’ sake has a creamy white opacity. Guest indulging in it will experience a sharp spike of flavor due to its very dry and high acidic nature but it’s no less easier to drink. Best enjoyed with fatty fish.

Taketsuru Junmai

Junmai, or pure rice sake made based on formula or technique handed down for generations. Take the time to savor each and you’ll discover unique characters of each drink. The Taketsuru’s example is yellow in color and the nutty and umami flavor with a mild vanilla tinge greets you only after when it passes your throat. Foods such as sukiyaki, teppanyaki and simmered fish pairs well with it.

Taketsuru Omachi Junmai Sanmi Ittai

One word describes this; sour. Not to the point where your eyes squint like something poked your eyes. It’s mild, flavorful and serves well in stimulating appetite. Partaking this with deep-fried dishes.

Hiokizakura Junmai

Sakes are masterpieces of Japanese alcoholic beverages. At different temperatures, different flavors and aromas can be experienced and the Hiokizakura Junmai is one of the finer specimen. Made from a perfect concentration of umami rice, this sake offers a well-rounded bouquet of taste. Blunt yet flavorful, it’s an absolute delight to savor its richness, especially if taken with grilled fish, sushi with red or blueback fish, yakitori and simmered dishes.

Hiokizakura Junmai Kimoto Goriki

The best emotion to describe this sake is anger. Not the destructive type but the sudden flash of passion. Strong and tangy, patrons of this crisp and tart junmai is will be reminded how zesty life can be. Best had with simmered or grilled fish.

Hiokizakura Junmai Ginjo Densho Goriki

Possibly the smoothest among all the choices here, this sake reminds one of the coming of spring, where the mildest warmth caresses you and you feel a mild, light flavor, left behind almost as an afterthought as the liquid flows down your throat. Ladies would love this as it is refreshingly sweet when warm and is perfect to be taken with soba or light dishes.

Fusozuru Junmai Nigori

Although it is a nigori, this particular sake has a more tangible aspect, where fine residual flakes of rice are poured together with it and this creamy liquid brings to mind summer, where one experiences a sense of freedom and lightness. A diet of salty dihes as well as fatty fish goes very well with it.

Fusozuru Junmai

For those who seek sake that’s not too light and not too astringent, this would be the one ideal for them. Mellow yet smooth, this well-bodied specimen is perfect to go with deep-fried or simmered dishes as well as red, blueback and fatty fish.

Fusozuru Junmai Ginjo Sakanishiki

Tasting crisp and sweet when cool and strong and heavy-bodied when warm, this delicate sake serves as an excellent illustration of how unique the nature of sake is. It is an amalgam of flavors that tantalizes the palette and marries well with simple dishes such as sashimi, carpaccio and salads.

Benten Musume Junmai Ginjo Kosyu 2008BY

Sake in Japan are marked by its Brewery Year (or BY for short) and in this instance, you can guess which year was this full-bodied sake bottled. It introduces a whole spectrum of taste to you yet light and soft almost like velvet and food such as saikyo yaki-style and fatty dishes are brilliant delicacies to go with it.

Benten Musume Junmai Kimoto

They say nothing is more complex than a woman. Among the choices served tonight, nothing is more complex than the Benten Musume Junmai Kimoto. When first sipped, you would experience a plethora of taste except the acidic nature of alcohol. That comes later as you swallow. This sake is sour yet sweet and if you wish to impress your date by being playful and cheeky, you must order this sake. Tastes particularly well with unagi kabayaki, simmered chicken and vegetables

Benten Musume Junmai Ginjo Nakadare

Made of three different types of sake, this refreshing example offers a smooth, dry taste. Its moderate nature makes it an ideal selection in long discussions over the table and ladies in particular would appreciate the stimulating earthly aftertaste. Servings of white fish, cold prawn with avocado salad together with it makes any meeting too short to complain!

Thank you again to the Kampachi team for hosting this event. Food, sake and service was top notch! 🙂

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Tel: +60 3 7931 6938
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  1. Sean EDKL

    Hiokizakura Junmai Kimoto Goriki sounds good … i like the description of a flash of passion! that sounds like the one that would perk up our taste buds 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hahhaha indeed it was one of the more memorable sake that night! 😀

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