Justin Bieber Movie : Never Say Never !

I have been stressed. And I mean REALLY STRESSED.

Don, my colleague wasn’t joking when he said “finally understands why it’s called Bieber Fever!
By far the most intensed campaign I’ve done“.

Facebook- Tune Bieber

My gawd, he couldn’t have said it better. I myself have been Bieber-fied. I was on medical leave for 2 days, downed tons of medications, and I am still in a state where I’m at the brink of going mad.

Yes, going nuts cos of Justin Bieber!!
Now, as you know, Tune Talk is the proud sponsor of the upcoming Justin Bieber concert and his movie “Never Say Never”.

And I want to win a pair of tickets to go watch his movie this coming Saturday! Why??
Cos I deserved it! I need a break and I got to watch for myself (preferably in 3D) the very dude that has rendered my nights sleepless the past 3 weeks. LOL.

Taking the cue from Dato Tony Fernandes latest achievement; where Dato’ Sri Tony Fernandes who was honoured with the award by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II here today in Buckingham Palace (my post HERE ) , my definition of the phrase “Never Say Never” matches Dato Tony’s personal credo of “Dream the Impossible, Believe the Unbelievable and Never Take No for an Answer” . In short, to me, that’s NEVER SAY NEVER.

(How apt too that Tune Talk is the sponsor for Justin Bieber, with a movie titled Never Say Never and Tune Talk is under Tune Group of which Dato Tony is the founder!)

Never Say Never to opportunities, Never Say Never to FOOD 😉 , Never Say Never to dreaming BIG and Never Say Never to living life to the fullest! Do not let anyone stop you from achieving what you want, and Never Say Never to watching Justin Bieber in concert and his movie! 😉

So pretty please, can I have a pair of tickets to watch this movie, that depicts his journey to stardom, and how he has achieved so much at his age, with his still pre-puberty voice? One’s got to watch and learn no? 😉

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