J’s GATE Dining Isetan Lot 10 – 18 Japanese outlets under 1 roof!

I think it took me a few months to finally be able to claim that I’ve dined in all the Japanese food outlets in The Japan Store, Lot 10.

And today, with the launch of J’s Gate Dining, I officially have another 18 more restaurants to visit!

Not to be confused with The Table (though it is on the same floor which is the 4th floor), J’s Gate Dining is a separate section entirely and this Japanese foodcourt is about 26,555 sq ft, accommodating up to 746 diners at any one time.
The 18 outlets offers a myriad of Japanese cuisine so depending on your cravings, head to any of the outlets to appease your appetite.

As of today, 17th Jan 2018, the day of the launch, I’ve sampled a few dishes from a number of outlets.
Since everyone would be most interested to know which and what are the 18 restaurants, I’ve listed them as below.

Do note that I’ll update them as I go along (meaning as I eat my way though 18 restaurants) so expect updates for the next 1 month!

1. Bonta Bonta (Eel rice bowls)

I am starting with this as eel is my absolutely favourite (other than scallops, uni) food. However only unagi is offered and no anago (sea eel) in sight.

Still, the prices are reasonable and Bonta Bonta is a “value for money” alternative.

This was my sampling portion during the launch so please DO NOT equate this to a full size portion.
After chowing down this bowl in 3 mouthfuls, I can assure you that the unagi is good; not cloyingly sweet from too much sauce, fleshy enough and fresh.

2. Tendon Kohaku (Tendon)

I think there is one in Singapore?

3. Menya Ichiyutei (Udon)

Udon fans – rejoice!

4. Kaisendon Kinme (seafood rice bowls)

I tried their chirashi don today and it was not bad.

4. Shinanoji (soba)

I sampled this during the launch too. The soba possesses superb texture – a bit of bite (not soggy) and chewy. The broth was simple and wholesome tasting.

6. Fuji no Sakura (Japanese hotpot)

I don’t usually eat steamboat or hot pot/shabu shabu since I often dine alone or at most with only 2-3 friends.
And sadly, none of my friends are steamboat fans.

However, I’ll be able to enjoy this Japanese hotpot now since they offer a solo portion starting from RM24.

Check out the ordering system below:

7. Tsujiri (Matcha sweets)

I’ve had Tsujiri in Uptown Damansara and personally I thought it was decent at best.

8. Cravebit Bar (Bar)

Cravebit Bar isn’t quite ready yet.

9. Mo-Mo – Paradise (Sukiyaki.shabu shabu)

This isn’t exactly new but it does hold a solid reputation for one of the best shabu-shabu options in the Klang Valley.

10. Torisakaba Hanazen (Chicken Izakaya)

I sampled some fried chicken here and it was good!
I’ve attached their lunch menu below for your reference. You can check out their full menu when you’re here.

BELOW: Pretty value for money lunch sets yes?

11. Hachi (Traditional Kyoto cuisine)

Out of the 14 outlets that are currently operational, I highly recommend Hachi if you are a carnivore like myself.

The imported Japanese wagyu platter we had was marvellous. Hachi offers Halal-certified Japanese wagyu too, but do not that this outlet serves pork as well.

This was what we had – “Gorgeous 4 varieties of Wagyu set” (as printed on their menu).
It consist of Wagyu steak, roast beef, wagyu cutlet, beef bulgogi, a choice of Obanzai, rice and miso soup. A dessert is included after the meal.

I could personally devour the whole platter myself though there is no rule saying that you can’t share.  Priced at RM100 nett, I thought it was a pretty good deal. All wagyu served are imported directed from Japan and it was excellent wagyu for sure!

The best one is the wagyu steak followed by the roast beef and then the bulgogi. Sadly the breaded wagyu cutlet was pink and thick but chewy as hell.

All meat will be medium rare unless requested otherwise.

12. Vito (cafe, gelato)

Head here for wastern fare, coffee and Italian gelato. The space is ideal for lingering over a cuppa while you chill or conduct a meeting.

Personally I’ve only tried the framboise and raspberry gelato. A ‘single’ and ‘double’ flavour goes for RM15 while a triple flavour one would be RM20.

Right: Single (RM15) Left: Double (RM15).

TRIPLE scoop (RM20):


13. Torikin (Yakitori)

Great news for fan of skewers – Torikin offers pork and as you can see from the menu and images below, prices are reasonable for the portions offered.

14. Umai Sushi Kan (sushi)

This might very well be my favourite after Bonta Bonta. Compared to the other outlets in J’s Gate Dining, the prices here are more premium for sure. However, from what I’ve sampled, the quality is top notch as well.

They are running a 90% off for their signatures as a grand opening promotion. 90% off! 
That’s incredible value isn’t it?

Only valid from 18th to 24th Jan 2018.

Below are the assorted sushi and sashimi we enjoyed during our tasting session.


15. OSAKA kitchen (teppanyaki/okonomiyaki)

Not open yet.

16. Kushiage Kinme (Kushiage)

17. Yayoi (set meals)


18. Kagura (Chicken ramen)

So there you go!

In short, J’s Gate Dining is like a Japanese foodcourt but with price range of individual sets (RM15++) to a few hundred RM.
No doubt J’s Gate Dining is set to become the Japanese food lover’s one-stop location to enjoy Japanese ingredients, cooked dishes and culture.

J’s Gate Dining
Lot P16, Level 4, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, No. 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
CONTACT: +603-2110 6850

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