JOHNNIE WALKER(R) BLUE LABEL™ presents Symphony in Blue

As I dine and wine my way around my home country and slowly but steadily around the world, I happily expanded my knowledge and palate to many experiences and learnt numerous ways to appreciate the ingredients and methods of food preparation.

Just last month at Genting the JOHNNIE WALKER(R) BLUE LABEL™ Symphony in Blue event demonstrated the possibility of manipulating human palates’ response to the whisky by using different types of music, lights, and colours.

Johnnie Walker - blue label, blue symphony-003

Sounds intriguing?
Well it is.

The Symphony in Blue’s main star was the rare Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Johnnie Walker Global Brand Ambassador Tom Jones was on hand to mentor guests on the impeccable characteristics of the whisky.

BLue Label2

Only ONE in 10,000 casks of whisky are selected to form this blend and this Symphony in Blue event is an exclusive occasion where invited guests are given the opportunity to experience the perfect serve of this rare liquid.

Not content with just sipping the Blue Label and pairing it with food, Symphony in Blue supporting star; a musical instrument dubbed The Flavour Conductor, created by architectural foodsmiths Bompas & Parr was bought in.

Johnnie Walker - blue label, blue symphony-011

This instrument engaged guests in a theatrical performance using the latest techniques in projection mapping, combined with a corresponding contemporary sound and light spectacular to emulate the experience of tasting Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Yes, sounds very high-tech but essentially The Flavour Conductor is a pipe organ where its pipes are tuned to highlight each of the six flavours of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label – fresh, fruity, malty, woody, spicy and smoky.
Thus when played, it produces music that, in combination with a visual display, enhances the flavours of Blue Label to the person drinking it.

So how does it work?

During dinner, the organ was played by musician, composer and producer Simon Little.

As he hit the keys, a colour denoting the flavour lit up the organ. We saw the whole instrument lit up and switched colors from brilliant red to fresh green and smoky grey-white, each representing the six flavours of the coveted Blue Label – fresh, fruity, malty, woody, spicy and smoky.

It was a mesmerizing spectacle to say the least; one coupled with a drink of the brand most expensive whisky in hand and the parade of nimble bodies from the Rouge Dolls Burlesque girls, and all in all can be described as quite simply, unforgettable.
If the Johnnie Walker team had seek to etch this occasion to be labeled one of a kind, they had no doubt succeeded in every aspect.

BLue Label

We must not neglect to pay homage to the menu that was specially crafted by Resort World Genting Group’s Chef Oliver Lopez and his team for the night, which bought to whole our gastronomical experience that evening.

Staying to theme, each dish reflect each of the five classical elements Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood. These are expertly matched to the flavour profiles of the whisky to bring about a perfectly harmonious pairing.

How is served: the palate must be prepared and cooled with ice water for that first sip.

Johnnie Walker - blue label, blue symphony-008

The first course came swiftly; an amazing dish with fresh seafood and uni (sea urchin).
I’m fond of fresh seafood and anything prepared Japanese style so this totally rocked my boat.

Johnnie Walker - blue label, blue symphony-006

This Buri Kaburamushi & Uni with spinach sauce dish is linked to the element of water for obvious reasons.

Johnnie Walker - blue label, blue symphony-005

The next dish delighted in the element of WOOD where the nourishing herbs and herbal character of the ginseng came into play.
I’ve said this before and I’ll say again; double boiled soups and Johnny Walker neat just work wonders to the warm the whole soul.

Double nourishment I’ll say!

Blue symphony - Johnnie walker

The Pearl of Paragon, a whole abalone in fragrant curry ignited the senses with its aromatic blend of spices. This potency of flavours was equated with the intensity of the element of metal.

Johnnie Walker - blue label, blue symphony-007

A summer affair simmered next, when the temperature rises and the heat escalate, the flavour came forth in force as the element of fire set flames to our surf and turf main.

Johnnie Walker - blue label, blue symphony-010

Johnnie Walker - blue label, blue symphony-009

Finally the essence of earth was emulated in the rich chocolate dessert. A Johnnie Walker Blue Label Infused Crème Brulee matched with cooling ice cream completed the finale.
We sat back, appetite sated and took a few more swallow of the Blue Label for good measure.


This is one good night.

BLue Label1

Malaysia had the honour of being the 3rd country to host the Symphony in Blue occasion right after metropolitan London and glamorous Monaco.
For once we are a step ahead of our little neighbour. Ha!

I’m honoured to be able to lay claim that I was there to experience the Symphony in Blue. From observation, it was clear that with the rarity of the brand in mind, the team had seek to realize memories that are equally rare for their guests.
They have stepped up the game to create an interpretive, one-of-a-kind show with visual effects, music, dance, theatre, choreography and sensory wonders thrown in, which in a nutshell showcased the ultimate whisky tasting experience of Johnnie Walker Blue Label brilliantly.

Thank you again for having me. Keep striding forward Johnnie!

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