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I can’t the remember the last time I had to apply for a job. I mean like seriously. These days I get job offers over meals, at events, during parties. I haven’t updated my resume in years.
But it’s always good to keep an eye out for opportunities no? Other than these upfront offers, I thought it would good if I go back to the drawing board & do the old- school job searching practice of using jobs sites; just for kicks, to see if there’s anything out there that I may have missed; or perhaps I’ll come across an interesting job that may an entirely different genre from what I’m currently doing.
I think I could do with a change… *confused*
Anyhow, one of the job sites that caught my interest is this one –
Rebecca - jobscentral-4

Curious, I surfed around; which was relatively pain-free, since the site’s pretty well self-exemplary.

Then I clicked on this tab – “Resources” – it says..
Hmm.. what kind of resources”.. I wondered…

JobsCentral Resources - Positive prospects for job seekers

Nice! I particularly enjoyed the “Job Hunting Under the Boss’s Nose“. LOL. Just kidding.
Anyhow, that got me started & I signed up for an account.

Malaysia Jobs - New Jobseeker Registration

Sigh, filling up the form is a pain. That’s one of the reasons I don’t use these job portals. I find them time consuming.
In any case, once done the site will have your records & you’ll just have to update it when.. ermm.. you have any updates? 😉

Once I’m registered I was given access to more functions within the site. One thing that stood out is their “Personality Profiling” feature worth RM180.
Malaysia Jobs - Jobseeker - Personality Profiling

It’s FREE if you’re registered with JobsCentral ( And it’s simple. Thank God!

A straightforward list of 20 question with multiple answers with choice of 1- 4 for each.

OMG. Tried as I might to be as honest as possible, I had a hard time deciding between the choices of 1- 4 for each question.
Still, it was quite fun taking the “quiz” & I submitted my answer with bated breath. Come on, tell me something! 😉
But I would say that the results were creepily spot on!

Ok, I can’t quite share the full results here but I would recommend anyone to sign up with JobsCentral & get their personality profiling done. Amazing stuff.. seriously.

Malaysia Jobs - Jobseeker - Personality Profiling 11

I know what I am, but reading it in black & white.. well, I’m speechless.

I realized too, that there are certain areas of improvement required personally for myself. Hhmm..

Malaysia Jobs - Jobseeker - Personality Profiling 21

Also, it’s not just words. The report comes with neat analytical figures & a visually self exemplary graph!
Note: I have erased a pretty big portion of the coloured area. Haha, if you want to see how it actually works, sign up for an account here – & get started on your own profiling!

Malaysia Jobs - Jobseeker - Personality Profiling 31

This little profiling kind of got me thinking of my future undertakings. I do not take such prognostic word for word & I have personally changed so much over the years that I know for sure I could be an entirely different person next year or so if I wish to change.

But for now, yes, some parts are definitely spot -on.
Oh, further surfing around revealed an interesting contest happening here. JobsCentral has a mascot called Super Teddy!

And JobsCentral is also active on social media.
Facebook here:
Twitter: @JobsCentralMY
Lots of interesting tips there, like this animated video of interview tips for jobseekers that they have posted. You could watch it here.

Next is good news for contest freaks – “Who Let The Teddies Out?!” 

· Duration of the contest: 18 May – 15 June 2011

· Instructions:

§ Count all the missing Super Teddys in this hi-res video on YouTube. Keep your eyes open. Some of them are partly hidden.

§ Check your emails for Part 2 (to be released on 25 May 2011)

§ Get the secret password for Part 3 from our Facebook fan page. We will give it out once we release Part 2.

§ You may submit your entry once Part 3 has been released.

§ Stay tuned and we will announce the lucky winner on the 16 June 2011!

§ Terms and conditions applied.

o Prizes:

§ Grand Prize: iPad 2

§ Runner-up Prize: Acer E400 Smartphone

§ Consolation Prize: 5x Super Teddy

Yup, hop over to -“where Superheroes are hired everyday!for a piece of all that action!
Meanwhile I’ve got to get back to my job hunt! :P

Rebecca - jobscentral-1

Teddy with cape

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    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah.. so u guys got a personality test like this or not?

  1. Sean

    what a cute, witty website! and y’know, i actually love teddy bears 😀 for my 23rd birthday, my uni friends gave me a giant teddy bear, nearly half my size, that i still have in a cupboard somewhere, heheh…

    1. rebeccasaw

      OMG! u serious?? A teddy bear at the age of 23?? It was a joke right!

  2. Jens

    I would agree with Sean!
    This site has got some ‘human’ touch & personality compared to the others!

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