JJ Swiss Rolls – IPOH

Always excited with NEW, innovative & novel creations, I was intrigued when I first read of these interesting swiss rolls from Ipoh.

Hence, a recent trip to north had me coming back lugging a bag of almost 6 of them! I just couldn’t resist the funky combinations available. From the standard Pandan to the ingenious flavour of Spinach & Wolfberry, my head spun at the sheer variety in front of me.

the menu

Not being the decisive kind, I was at a complete loss of where to begin.
Luckily there was a variety pack for the Carrot, Pumpkin, Green Tea & Spinach Cream Cheese versions, saving me the agony of making a choice! Likewise, I get to staple 4 various flavours without having to buy a whole roll.

the healthy ones

Clockwise from top left:
(Prices stated are for a whole roll)
Spinach Cream Cheese – RM15
Pumpkin Cream Cheese – RM15.
Carrot Cream Cheese – RM15.
Green Tea Cream Cheese – RM15.

Green tea, spinach, carrot, pumpkin

I absolutely loved the light, soft & pillowy texture of the rolls, perfectly like how swiss rolls are meant to be.
However, as I chomp away at each one, disappointment started to set in; for it all tasted a bit bland. Yes, you do see the specks of carrot, pumpkin or spinach in the rolls, indicating the use of completely natural ingredients (without additional flavouring & essence) but that has also resulted in the rolls having very very faint taste of the intended flavours. While it is commendable that Soya Lite oil was used as a healthier alternative, the rolls lacked the richness & aroma that can only be achieved by good ole BUTTER.

All was not lost though, for alternate bites of delightful smooth cream cheese and the abundant nuts filling (pumpkin seeds for the Pumpkin one & cashew nuts for the rest of the flavours) certainly made the rolls more palpable.
It is good to note too that the rolls were certainly very fresh, and the nuts NOT rancid!

For me, the best is the Chocolate Hazelnut.
Moist, chocolate-y with ample hazelnuts chunks in rich hazelnut cream, it was not overly rich but with enough chocolate taste to satisfy the tastebuds.

Choc, pandan & mocha

The Pandan one looks absolutely delish as well, with its thick custard oozing out of the roll while the Coffee Walnut has the additive fragrant aroma of smoky coffee beans, and would be perfect dipped into a cup of hot rich Nescafe. I didn’t manage to try the Blueberry one, as it was meant to be a gift. From the looks of it, I dare say its probably commendable.

The rolls are pretty big, and are certainly value for money considering the fresh and natural ingredients used to make them. Top that off with the healthy, low sugar and made of fruits/vegetables claims, one should definitely try this, even if its just for the sheer novelty of it.

The outlet for takeaway is at the restaurant, De’ Mouth, which is open from 10am to 10pm. Address: 12, Jalan Kampar, Ipoh (beside Fairmont Hotel).
Contact: 016-5209933

the shopAlign Center
A whole huge chiller with hundreds of swiss rolls, and a steady stream of customers throughout the time we were there on a Sunday afternoon.

We bought so much we got a free bag and qualified for the buy- 5, free- one promo ;p

how much we bought!

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  1. backStreetGluttons

    These multicolor creamy sweety rolls are , err definitely a lady connoisseur's heart pounding exstacy , more so over a post-Mega Sales 2009 Ladies Sit-In say at Concourse BSC , Bangsar. Jolly days are back !

    while we will be hunched nearby near the backlane seeping Jaz beer, with samballed ikan bilis, TQ

  2. msihua

    Ooh… looks very interesting… But to go all the way to Ipoh… hmmm

  3. Selba

    Nice cakes… swiss rolls… tend not to eat the cream part when eating this kind of cake 🙂

  4. tRiEi cRiSiS

    Oo….oO eye big big… drools~~~

  5. UnkaLeong

    Hmm..Pictures look a little skewered? I whacked the pandan one that was in the Fridge 😛

  6. CUMI & CIKI

    i like licking up the cream ctr b4 i eat the roll… 😛

  7. babe_kl

    gosh first time i see so many flavours!

  8. Alexandra@Chefspiration

    mmm swiss rolls are always a yummy treat!!

  9. J2Kfm

    now you made me crave for them pulak! aiks …
    since they moved i think their biznes is way better, compared to last time hidden in a paint shop.
    i lurve the durian one most. in fact, almost all the other flavours are good.

  10. thule a.k.a leo

    spinach and cheese??? Eewww…. lol! Maybe I have to try before giving any verdict but I have to say, the combination is quite weird!

  11. Sean

    wah very interesting indeed. i usually avoid swiss rolls cos they're dry and rather dull, but these ones definitely seem like they're worth trying at least once. i'd have gone for the spinach cheese one too, so too bad it wasn't tasty enough!

  12. Chong

    I think I saw 4 rolls of chocolate ones in my aunty's fridge. My BIL always buy this whenever he goes back to Ipoh. It's pretty good. Hehe.

  13. worldwindows

    Rolls, yes … but with that kind of combination hmmm…

  14. thenomadGourmand

    bsg: ;p

    msihua: Hello!! Yes, only in Ipoh..for now!

    selba: Me too! Cos mostly they are quite yucky & cheap tasting. BUT these are divine! very fresh cream cheese.

    tRiEi cRiSiS: calm dwn, calm dwn..later ok!

    unkaLeong: Its green tea one tht u had. Wht do think of the taste?

    c&c: LOL, cute! I bet u'l like these then, the hazelnut cream was divine!

    babe_kl: Yup, I'm a sucker for novelty!

    alex: U like them too? normally i dont its boring but these are worth a try!

    j2kfm: Humrphh..someone asked me to walk back to KL if i buy the durian ones..

    thule: Hehe.. tht's why must try mah!

    sean: Same here! I totally agree w ya. If i hv known earler tht we are havin lunch at WIP I would hv bought them along for u guys to try!

    chong: Oh yes! the choc ones are delish!

    worldwindows: hehe.. i tot so too, but the flavours were rather faint hence it felt like eating sponge cake anyways. The cream cheese was good tho.

  15. FoOd PaRaDiSe

    ah next time you tapao for me ya……

  16. Jason

    RM15 per roll? *rolls eyes* 😛

    My mom would probably scream at me when she know the price.

  17. 550ml jar of faith

    What nostalgia! As a kid, we loved these swiss rolls from this halal bakery in Taiping, where our relatives lived and we visited often – they only had like 2 flavours, but how we LOVED them! Certainly the unfanciest of cakes, but the loveliest!

  18. Bangsar-bAbE

    Becks…sharing is caring hor?? =P

  19. thenomadGourmand

    food paradise: Hehe..if my trip is frm Ipoh to Pg can!

    jason: Hehe.. Paying for the concept of LOHAS.

    Bangsar-babe: Can, ya jz got to come pick it up!

  20. burpandslurp

    I'm in love with all those rolls and the freaking fascinating flavors! AND YESSS! You got all the stuff I'm most intersted in: Carrot, Pumpkin, Green Tea & Spinach Cream Cheese!
    I would also LOVE to try the chestnut, and the durian!

  21. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    definitely some funky flavours out there!

  22. Myhorng

    traffic light Swiss rolls

  23. Steven Goh

    JJ is the name of my dog leh. Btw, the cake looks very creamy and delicious. Please tapao one for me when come to penang.

  24. Steven Goh

    JJ is the name of my dog leh. Btw, the cake looks very creamy and delicious. Please tapao one for me when come to penang.

  25. thenomadGourmand

    burpandslurp: yup yup, lke u, me a lover of veg too!
    Definitely will buy more when I'm in Ipoh again, I want to try the otr flavours too!

    JOe: Are u a fan of cakes?

    myHorng: oh? why ah?

    steven Goh: Of course I will ;). If i go Ipoh be4 Pg.
    U can count on tht!

  26. msihua

    Ola back!

    I want durian spring rolls… I miss durians… *boo*

  27. Mediterranean Turkish Cook

    I am also very indecisive about choosing food, so I choose a variety instead of settling for only one kind!

  28. Lyrical Lemongrass

    This is our standard request whenever my BIL comes back from Ipoh. Really nice, and well worth the money spent.

  29. thenomadGourmand

    msihua: aiyoo u poor thing! When u come back ok! Bring u there!

    Mediterranean Turkish Cook: Hehe..*high five*!

    LL: Yes yes, indeed worthwhile. Yums..

  30. Ibcbet

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