Japanese Lunch at HALF PRICE! Shokudo – Armada Hotel, PJ

Apparently I have been missing out on this fabulous promotion  for 2 years!

shokudo japanese - armada hotel pj

This July & August 2012, Armada Petaling Jaya will be bringing back its much awaited ‘YATTA!’ promotion, once again. EVERYTHING on the menu from its Japanese outlet Shokudo is half the price without compromising on quality and portion.

Take your pick from fresh sashimi to hot pot to teppanyaki.

shokudo japanese restaurant - Armada Hotel-017

EVERY ITEM is 50% off, Mon- Sat, 12 -2.30 pm.

shokudo japanese restaurant - Armada Hotel-018

Imagine paying RM64 (50% off RM128) for this Mixed Sashimi Boat, comprising of thickly sliced salmon, butterfish, tuna, tako and more!

shokudo japanese restaurant - Armada Hotel-005

The Shabu – Shabu was only RM38++ for 2 pax. Now it’s RM19++ for the same set. Choose from Beef, Chicken or Salmon set.


This is the amount of salmon (for the salmon set) that you can expect from each set for 2. This and the whole platter of vegetables you see below.

shokudo japanese restaurant - Armada Hotel-019

shokudo japanese restaurant - Armada Hotel-006

shokudo japanese restaurant - Armada Hotel-007

All for RM19++! What a deal!

shokudo japanese restaurant - Armada Hotel-012

The stock was sweet and flavourful, and as expected from a hot pot, these flavours developed further after all the ingredients were thrown in!

shokudo japanese restaurant - Armada Hotel-011

The Gyoza was one of my favourite for lunch; plump with chicken meat and infused with ginger. Only RM7.50 (after 50% off RM15.00) for this plate.

shokudo japanese restaurant - Armada Hotel-002

The sushi were adequately prepared as well and if there were any improvement required, I hope the Chef could make the vinegared rice softer and moist. I’m not sure if it was due to the prolonged duration of picture taking, but my sushi wasn’t as sticky as I would have preferred it.

shokudo japanese restaurant - Armada Hotel-010
I had no complains on the quality of ingredients as the level of freshness and portions were of an acceptable standard for the price.
shokudo japanese restaurant - Armada Hotel-009
This Gindara Shio (Grilled Cod Fish) at RM14.00++ was a tad overcooked  for my liking but not entirely inedible.

shokudo japanese restaurant - Armada Hotel-001

The Tori Karaage (RM7.50++) is best eaten piping hot and I thoroughly approved of the Chef’s frying skill; the chicken cubes still retained its moisture within and the batter was crispy minus any lingering grease. Addictively tasty, this is one snack I wouldn’t mind munching on while writing! 🙂

shokudo japanese restaurant - Armada Hotel-014

I’m a huge fan of don (rice bowl) and the Tori Katsu Don (RM7.50++) was pretty decent.

shokudo japanese restaurant - Armada Hotel-015

This Ageshi Tofu is only RM5.00 ++.

shokudo japanese restaurant - Armada Hotel-013
This promotion is valid from July and August 2012 and only available during lunch.
Level 1, Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya.

For such a fabulous deal, prior reservation is wise. Call +603 – 7954 6888 ext 4547.

shokudo japanese restaurant - Armada Hotel-016

So who’s planning to go? 🙂

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  1. Sean

    not bad! i think, looking at the menu, that the unagi kabayaki for RM11++ and the salmon head for RM10++ might also be very much worthwhile! 😀

  2. nikel

    not bad.. good deal with it

  3. Cindy Tong

    wow i’ve been craving for japanese food…these promotion came in at the right time…I will make my way there next sat…any booking required?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ahh you know laa.. Malaysians and 50% discount.. Yes better make reservations! 😛

  4. Caroline

    ME!!! Gonna drag Eric to go there for sure!!!

  5. Alien

    wow! half price wey!!!! 😀

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