Japan – McDonalds Breakfast : Sausage and Egg, Cheese Mcgriddles!

Here’s a quick post as I prepare the next day-to-day chronicles of my Japan trip!
For day 3 I went to Odaiba, a popular shopping and entertainment district on a man made island in Tokyo Bay. There’s simply too many pictures and words to share so I should have it done by later today.

Now if you don’t already know, though I’m not a Mcdonalds’ fan, during my travels I make it a point to check out the fast-food joints in the country just to sample anything different that they may have. More often than not, McDonalds (or other fast food joint for that matter) would have bacon and pork on their menu and some rather interesting local twist to its burgers. For example, my Halloween Burger in Burger King has Kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) which is probably something that we will never get here in Malaysia.

In Japan, I wasn’t very interested to sample the Mcdonalds as the menu looked rather boring. There’s the usual teriyaki, ebi (shrimp ) burgers and a normal looking pork hamburger.

Mcdonalds japan mneu

Mcdonalds japan mneu-001

But when I was at the Kansai Airport (that’s the Osaka airport) I was early enough to try their breakfast menu! And oh my, I’m sure glad I did!

The Mcgriddles is something totally new to me. At first glance at the menu I thought it was the usual breakfast muffin. And the staff doesn’t speak a word of English. The menu was entirely in Japanese. I just took a chance and pointed at one that has everything (I was famished!) sausage, egg and cheese.

Mcdonalds Japan - sausage and egg cheese mcgriddles-001

So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this!

Mcdonalds Japan - sausage and egg cheese mcgriddles

McGriddles? What the heck is that?

Mcdonalds Japan - sausage and egg cheese mcgriddles-003

I took apart my breakfast with interest.

Oh yummy! A quick google revealed that McGriddles is a trademark of McDonalds and it’s a pancake like sandwich. The McGriddles itself is rather sweet as it’s made with maple flavoring. Both top and bottom griddle cakes are embossed with the McDonald’s logo!

Mcdonalds Japan - sausage and egg cheese mcgriddles-002

It was delicious! Both sweet and savoury paired perfectly for a good start to the day. Please McDonalds Malaysia, even if we can’t have the pork sausage (YES, the sausage patty is PORK!), can we have the McGriddles anyways??

Mcdonalds Japan - sausage and egg cheese mcgriddles-004

This was 280 Yen = RM12+-.
Not bad as it’s got cheese, egg, pancakes and a sausage patty and its quite a substantial- sized portion too. Not sure if it was my imagination but the patty seems thicker, the egg bigger and there’s more cheese in comparison to our Sausage McMuffin.

Am I the only one who thinks that McDonalds everywhere else in the world are so much better than what we get here???

PS: Additional info – Osaka McDonalds’ menu. Slightly different from Tokyo.

Mcdonalds Japan - sausage and egg cheese mcgriddles

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  1. Winnie

    Rebecca, ou are definitely not alone. I do find McD’s overseas is better than in Malaysia : )

    1. rebeccasaw

      You’re loving it there too huh? 😛
      When I was in Chengdu, the McD was really fab! Got many many porky burgers

  2. Sean

    mcgriddles! singapore used to have them, but it was a chicken sausage/patty instead of pork. definitely looks divine, especially for fast food fans! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh really? Cool! But I tell you, it’s good even for not fast food fans, cos I’m not really a fast food fan but I love it too!

  3. ulric

    I second ur motion for McGriddles in MY!…such as cool name I might say…hehe =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      I never heard of it~ And I’m so glad I took the chance and just order!

  4. minchow

    Looks like you’re having a swell time! I dare postulate that the art of fast food, among many many many other things, is miles better in Japan!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup, desserts are fab too!
      Ah, Japan. A country that warrants MANY MANY return trips!

  5. LeAnn

    Thank you for posting! I’m in Tokyo right now, and I gather that they are not big on breakfast, but I figured McDonalds must be open, and I wondered if they had McGriddles! I actually like to put grape jelly on mine hahah. I don’t eat McD’s often, but yeah. I’ll go there now! 🙂 I wonder if they have grape jelly

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