Japan 2012 – Day 7 – Kobe Beef Lunch at Steakland Kobe, Osaka

Ahh.. the last I was at was day 4 at Tsukiji market right? Well, I just had the mood to blog about this kobe beef lunch I had in Kobe, Osaka after a rather awful hamburg set lunch I had at Senya Dining at 1U today.

When I was in Japan, there was very little (or rather no) itinerary planned. But Tsukiji Market was well on the list of places to visit; the other being Kobe. You could probably guess by now that my trips are very much centered around food and fun/adventure, rather than cultural or scenery.

I guess there should be no better place to eat Kobe beef than in Kobe, Osaka itself right? My attempts at finding a Kobe cow farm to visit was in vain as the farm is not open for public viewing. There was one; the Rokkosan Farm in Kobe but activities were cheese making, horse riding and even cooking classes for kids but NONE for the public to actually see the cattle or the butchery. I was hoping to have an up-close and personal experience seeing the cattle graze, slaughtered as well as the butchery process and of course, explanations about the marbling, cuts and etc.

Well, I guess there was nothing left to do but eat the Kobe beef. Based on my hostel’s recommendation as well as online sites, Steakland Kobe had pretty good reviews for both taste and price.

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (2)

So Steakland Kobe it is. We were there for lunch which is a viable option for those on budget as the lunch sets are straightforward and cheaper than the dinner sets.

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (3)

But do read carefully of course. The lowest priced set is 980 Yen – RM40+ is actually NOT kobe beef. The only Kobe option is the 2,980 Yen – RM120+ .

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (4)

For a Japanese dining outlet, Steakland Kobe is considered spacious. Diners sits around the main attraction – the teppanyaki grill and gaze with wonder as their precious meat are cooked right in front of them.

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (6)

Call me a spoil-sport but I rather not dine this way. I came out smelling like kobe beef myself! The smell stuck to my coat, my top, my scarf, my pants and even my bag! Urghh!

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (5)

But, but of course I was just venting there. Nothing can pull me away from good kobe beef! 😀

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (7)

My friend who lives in Kobe had made prior reservations just in case. That’s recommended actually; unless you’re walk-in early. At 12 pm there were still empty seats but it filled up pretty quickly and Steakland was full house by 12.30pm.

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (8)

Another word of warning; though Steakland is popular with tourists, the service staff here barely speaks English. If you do not have many queries, then just point at the menu and you’ll get your lunch. But if you want to know what cut it was, where was the beef from, etc, tough luck.

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (9)

We ordered a set to share. Our 2980 Yen Kobe set was shown to us prior to being grilled.

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (10)

If you’re like me who cringed every time the cook (I won’t even acknowledge them as chefs) at the Teppanyaki outlets here in KL dump a ridiculous amount of margarine onto the grill as they cooked the vegetables and meat, then you’ll be pleased to know that none of that nonsense applies here. Same goes for the seasoning. There were only a few shakes of seasoning when my vegetables were stir-fried on the pan. In fact the main reason I avoid teppanyaki in KL is because of the over-seasoning and liberal amount of oil added.

BELOW: The chef started with the garlic.

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (11)

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (12)

Then the beef.

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (13)

Lightly seared on all sides and then sliced before it was served on our plate.

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (14)

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (15)

This was my half portion.

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (17)

Marvelous! The light searing on all sides ensured a slight crisp that added to the pleasure of chewing as the crisp outer gave way to its succulent pink insides as I devour each piece. Hhmmm…

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (18)

Next was the vegetables.

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (19)

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (20)

Here you go. My full set, but with half portion of the Kobe meat.
It comes with a salad, dipping sauces (which was nice but totally unnecessary), pickles and beautiful translucent, chewy Japanese rice.

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (21)

See the garlic chips and the vegetables? So fresh and “clean“.
My vegetables tasted naturally sweet and remained crunchy. Definitely unlike those served by our KL teppanyaki outlets!

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (22)

Time to start eating! 🙂

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (24)

All I remembered was hot juices oozing out when I bit into each slice!

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (25)

Medium rare as how I like it.

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (27)

Lastly, the orange juice was served. It was such a value for money set, both in quality and quantity. I was stuffed even with half the portion of meat!

kobe beef lunch at steakland Kobe Osaka (1)

I’m spoiled. Totally spoiled. Let’s just say that even Wagyu won’t cut it for me now.

Steakland Kobe,
1-8-2 Kitanagasa Dori, Kobe
** Just 10 minutes from Hankyu or JR train platform at Kobe’s San nomiya station. Steakland Kobe is opposite the Hankyu San nomiya train station.

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  1. ulric

    Ehhh…did I hear tat correctly…half-portion?…

    1. rebeccasaw

      whats wrong with half portion? Not everyone eats like u u know

  2. Sean

    the beef looks truly beautiful! i’d like to teleport there right now and sink my teeth into it! 😀 though actually, i think kobe beef is still from the wagyu breed of cattle. it’s just that kobe beef refers specifically to wagyu cattle that’s raised in kobe, and not the wagyu that’s raised in australia, the us, etc. or at least that’s my interpretation, heh 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ah yes yes. That’s correct i think. Just like champagne is only the wines that’s from the region of Champagne in France. Anyhow, I’m up for Ohmi, matsuzaka and any other Japanese beef. They seem more flavourful somehow

  3. Fui

    I would like to try Kobe in rare although I believe medium rare is so good as well! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Rare?? I believe in France they serve their steaks blue too? Someone told me. Anyhow I’m ok with whatever preparation as long as it taste good! 🙂

  4. T

    Haa .. I had lunch (2980 yen set) in Steakland kobe as well 🙂

      1. T

        Just so-so for me 🙂 Again, i’m not a steak person (prefer sliced marbled beef for sukiyaki/ shabu-shabu) and was quite full when i had the meal

        But quite an experience nevertheless

      2. rebeccasaw

        Ahh I missed out on sukiyaki and shabu shabu thsi trip cos I was alone or just with ONE friend. And I’m opposite of you, I like steaks and not sukiyaki! LOL.
        But I can imagine that the stock /soup for sukiyaki or shabu shabu here will be so much tastier!

      3. T

        The sukiyaki I had in Mishima Tei Kyoto (150 years old meat shop) was truly amazing .. thanks to the marbled and ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ beef. Even my sis who is no-sukiyaki-fan like you approved of the sukiyaki in Japan

        I hope you could give sukiyaki a try when you next in Japan 🙂

      4. rebeccasaw

        OMG did you say amazing?? Darn…ok, next trip is sukiyaki binge time!

  5. Choi Yen

    Agreed with you, cooking vegetables should keep it simple and less seasoning 😉

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes! And we actually bite into crunchy greens versus wet salty vegetables!

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