Jalan Alor yew char kueh – Chinese Crullers

Yup, this is the famous yew-char-kueh (Chinese crullers) stall in Jalan Alor (or should I say Jalan Kejora?)
The recently renaming exercise by KL City Hall has sparked such a debate among both Malaysians and foreigners that if one had not before, would have, by now realized just how internationally famous this stretch of street is.
The decision has drawn flak from almost everybody, including traders, tourists and residents. Comments and outrage poured in from all sides and locations of the world.

the pathetic piece of a “sign” someone has the gall to hang below the road sign. So substandard..

IMHO, the whole thing was a fiasco. It was so unnecessary. But I for one, have not expected such strong reaction from the public, it does shows how we do indeed treasure and take pride in our “national treasures” grin.

Back to the food.

It is not difficult to find this stall. Just look for the Jalan Alor KFC and it is right opposite the road. Available only in the evenings, the stall churned out hundreds of these tasty flour bites each day.

Indeed I must say it is that good, even for my high standards Penang tastebuds. Hehe..I would say the hype is justified. Next, I would have to try the ones at Chow Yang in PJ as I have read so many blog postings of it, most recent the one by mike.

This is how it looked like before it gets dumped into the big wok of fried oil..

The flour being kneaded, rolled and shaped into the desired shapes..

The signboard says it all. Price – see the “pasted” piece of paper? No doubt due to the recent price hike of flour and what-nots..
Choices: left to right ya..
1. The normal version – popular to be eaten dipped into local black coffee. It is the plainest one.
2. This round shaped one has red bean paste inside.. nice if you fancy something sweet in your yew-char-kueh
3. hhmmm.. for this.. I can taste the different but it’s kinda hard to explain..
4. This one’s got a patch of sweet chewy glutinous rice in the centre, again great for those who like a bit of variety
5. My personal favourite – smaller in size, it has sesame seeds sprinkled on top.

Lastly, the operation time.. so take note for those who are planning to come all the way to Jalan Alor for this!
I must warn you though, their daily closing time is basically as soon as their pre-mixed dough runs out. Normally that is way earlier than 9pm!

Now, sitting here in KK, I’m thinking of buying one each and tasting them all at one time when I get back to KL later.. as it just occurred to me, though I have eaten this many times, the texture and taste of each is distinctively different.
The “ham chin peng” and “chup chung” dough is the same I am sure..but the “nam kiok” did taste alike too.. hhmmm.. all the while just eating it and now when I have to write about it I realized hey.. I don’t really know much about it!
However, the “yau tiao” definitely taste different from the 2 above.

As for what goes into the dough, I’m no expert.. but it’s not as simple as flour, sugar and salt, maybe the basic dough is the same and for “ham chin peng” and “chup chung” I think there is 5 spices powder added(popularly used for chinese cuisine).

No problem, its’ decided. I got a craving strike for it right now, my flight is in 2 hours, my pick-up from hotel to airport is in 30 mins and the earliest I can indulge in these yummy dough will be tomorrow right after work… ahh.. hope tomorrow the craving is still there..

Stay tuned…

more pics..

As you can see, there isn’t much on the trays for display.. haha..simply because it never gets to stay there for long!

In it goes into the paper bag as soon as it leaves the wok..!

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  1. PureGlutton

    Ya i agree the Jln Alor issue was such a fiasco – a total waste of time & taxpayers' money! Glad that finally some sense has been knocked into them to let the name remain.
    I like No.5 too – the "mah keok" with sesame seeds on top!

  2. thenomadGourmand

    haha.. i’m sure the city hall finds it easier to let the name remain than to face the wrath of the “nation”! And hey, thks for dropping by n leaving a comment! appreciate it!

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