Jaan, Singapore – my lunch: the Autumn-Inspired Artisanal Menu

2012 had been an incredible year.
I went to places that I had never dreamt possible, dined on dishes so adeptly executed that my tastebuds are now eternally spoiled and over the course of the journey I have chatted and learnt much from many highly accomplished chefs. The wealth of knowledge and the development of my own palate for food, fine produce, wine and spirits has been wondrous. Yes, 2012 was remarkable and I don’t see myself slowing down in 2013.

Out of a sparse few, a particular meal that lingered in memory for 2012 was one I had just last month in Singapore. For the gourmet, Jaan in Singapore is no stranger on the culinary scene.

Jaan, Singapore - lunch - the Autumn-Inspired Artisanal Menu-002

For some of us, dining in Singapore can be a pain for the pocket. For Jaan, and though SGD68 (RM170) may not be your usual budget for a meal, I believe you will find the price well worth the splurge for a taste of the exquisite creations of Chef Julien Royer. Come to think of it, you would be paying north of RM120++ for some mediocre buffet in KL anyways.

Besides, portions may look dainty, but they do fill you up eventually.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-007


Champagne was poured, the menu studied and once our order was taken, I sat back and soaked in the ambiance of Jaan.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-004

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-058

Lunch commenced with the snacks platter. And for one that accustomed to ONE tiny portion of amuse bouche in most of her dining experiences, the snack platter set in front of me seemed a little extravagant!

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-008

I couldn’t remember the name of the gentleman who served us that day. He exudes an air of quiet competence as he went about his duties and I don’t think he is a mere maitre d’. I couldn’t be sure if he’s the restaurant manager. Thus, let’s just refer to him as “M”.

As each dish is served, M would carefully elaborate on the food but unfortunately in an accent that was quite difficult for me to grasp. At the same time, the visual of each dish had me distracted. Moreover, I couldn’t wait to start taking pictures. But I didn’t want to whip out my phone and start taking notes.
All in all, I just wanted to forget about “writing” and just enjoy my food.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-012

Thankfully, my dining partner Rainier had that settled for me. He had kindly supplied 70% of the information here. 🙂

Below: Rainier and Chef Julien Royer.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-041

M has advised us to start from the hot Croquette then work our way down to the Smoked Eel with pickled Radish & Apple, Teriyaki Jelly, topped with finger lime. I loved the smoked eels and this was my pick of the best from the platter.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-009

Our praises for the chef dropped a notch as we bit into this Tandoori spiced crispy chicken skin. Rainier suspected it to be overbaked, resulting in the slight bitterness that was present as we chewed.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-013

Cantal Cheese Cromesquis (also known as croquettes) with tarragon puree (far back) was faultless. These crisps wedged on the stone consists of flours of rye, graham & sourdough. Dotting the crisp are sunflower seeds, fennel, caraway, dill, sesame & lentils.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-010

In Jaan, the painstaking attention to details and the effort taken for everything that was served to its guest, even for a piece of crisp is precisely why dining here is an experience itself. And why Chef Julien is adored for his inspiring and seasonal menu.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-015

The dip from this cute little bottle is a medley of Puy lentil that is sourced from a little village called Saint Flour in Auvergne region & chesnut puree. In case you didn’t know, Royer is a French native from Cantal, Auvergene and he grew up in a family of subsistence farmers. So there was a bit of his home, so to speak, in the Cantal cheese and this hummus spread.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-016

The hummus was superb and I would have gladly lugged containers of it home if it was for sale. :DD

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-011

Appetisers were supposed to be next but we were treated to another amuse bouche of mushroom consomme – ‘Cepes Sabayon and Mushroom Tea’.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-019

I’m more familiar with the french press being used for coffee than for soups but I won’t deny it garnered marks for tableside diversion.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-020

The bottom of the glass was a foam of airy and earthy mushroom froth that rises up as M poured the warm consomme into it. The most visible and identifiable component was the buckwheat puffs. Overall it was the most exquisite mushroom consomme I have ever had, and I knew why after knowing the ingredients that went into it. But I shall not bore you with the minute details.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-022

And when the staff came over and started to offer us breads, it hit me then that our lunch had barely begun and I was already half full!

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-023

Left to right: Walnut bread, mini baguette, sourdough and Truffle Brioche.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-024

I had to try one of each of course. If food at Jaan is good, then the breads should be too.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-025

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. The truffle brioche was worth a bite though.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-026

My appetiser; the 55′ Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg arrived at my table in a rather melodramatic appearance, a lone egg on an egg tray with swirling smoke.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-027

Table theatrics aside, the eggs barely had any actual flavour of rosemary but I took delight in the presentation and the smoking rosemary at the bottom of my glass.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-030

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-032

All in all, it was a glorious creamy egg dish with ratte potato, chorizo iberico and some sauteed grey chanterelles with buckwheat puffs for crunch. An egg dish that I wouldn’t mind waking up to every morning. 🙂

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-035

Scottish Salmon Tartar. A perfect salmon tartare would look and taste like this.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-034

Rainier believed that they used ocean trout as the texture, taste & aroma does reminiscent those of ocean trout but he couldn’t be sure. The composition of the dish begins at the bottom of salmon tartare, where some julienne of kohlrabi was mixed with freshly grated horseradish. Then it is just diced salmon tartare by itself topped with a generous layer of Aquitaine caviar which lends the saltiness to the salmon. Circling the timbale are noisettes of kohlrabi & kyuri (japanese cucumber). On the top right is a piece of French almond, peeled.

For the uninitiated; this is kohlrabi. A member of the turnip family and tasted almost like broccoli stalks.


*picture credit to farmfolly.com

Next is a complimentary dish presented by chef Julien himself; the Pan Fried foie gras, Perigord black truffles with a Veloute of Musquee pumpkin.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-036

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-037

Pumpkin and foie gras; both creamy, both rich, one with a livery, fatty taste while the other complements with its sweet, fresh flavour.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-038

The main took its time to appear; as we were presented with yet another complimentary dish, the Pan Fried Scallops with grilled Japanese Baby Corn, pickled shallot along with Dolche Forte Sauce (sweet sour butter based sauce).
Oh god, what a mouthful for a lone scallop!

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-040

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-039

I echoed Rainier’s sentiments that while all the supporting components of the dish were fabulous; the sauce to every piece of vegetable in the bowl, the scallop was not. I would prefer my scallops to be a wee bit undercooked (remaining opaque inside) from this.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-043

Then Chef Julien decided that he has teased us enough and our mains finally made its way to the table.
I peered with delight at my juicy looking, red venison.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-045

The Venison Saddle with Poached Pear with mulled wine, celeriac & truffle, blood orange & Grand Veneur.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-046

The sauce has a little dark chocolate added which gives a slight hint of bitterness. The meat itself was above reproach. I devoured everything, even the blood orange segments. But in particular the poached mulled wine pear was fantastic. It was adeptly done and didn’t have the slightest tannin that Rainier and I could detect. I’m guessing that it’s due to the mulled wine used.
Mulled wine are usually made with red wine with the additions of spices & raisins.

I have little respect for dory but John Dory is a totally different fish compared to the cheap, frozen dory in the supermarkets that we know.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-047

This white, boneless, meaty fish is firm and subtly flavoursome which probably explained the “heavier” flavoured sauce served- crayfish bisque. The small portion I had of this from Rainier’s plate told me its good, but I’ll stick stick to my venison.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-049

Chef Julien spoiled us again, sending a pre-dessert complimentary of exotic sorbet & textures of coconut. Coconut cake lined the bottom while the coconut espuma sits on the left topped with dried bananas. On the right is the exotic sorbet with the coconut meringue.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-050

Our dessert was served tilted at an angle of the Leaning Tower of Pisa so I got really curious. Once I polished off its contents (which was fabulous by the way), I fiddled with the dinnerware and found out that it was held in place by a magnet at the bottom! Cool yes? 🙂

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-051

Lastly, desserts.
The “Christmas Choconuts” – a delectable trio of Valhorna Tanariva ice creams consisted of 33% cacao, white chocolate (or was it Tonka Bean?) & Gianduja ice cream. The other components are sable breton, brownie cake, almond crumble & the crispy chocolate croquant.
I enjoyed this much more than my own dessert of Chestnut Gourmandise as it was a rather playful platter with many flavours and textures to explore on one plate, ranging from creamy and nutty to crunchy and brittle.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-053

As for the mine; the ‘Chestnut Gourmandise’, it consisted of meringue, eglantine and speculos andine.
eglantine is an Eurasian rose with prickly stems, fragrant leaves and bright pink flowers followed by scarlet hips. In this dish, it came in puree form, which was on the right. The golden jelly is made from rum. Then there is the chestnut ice cream, topped with Chantilly cream cylinder.
After the pre-dessert and the Christmas Choconuts, this barely left an impression.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-052

Sated, both in curiosity of Jaan and in appetite, we headed into the kitchen for a glimpse of Chef Julien’s domain.

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-055

It was surprisingly compact and plain. Perhaps I had watched too many TV reality shows with large and flashier looking kitchen with all sorts of complicated looking equipments! 🙂

Last but not least, here’s the Festive Degustation Lunch menu for Jaan.
5 courses: SGD118 (RM295). 3 courses: SGD68 (RM170).
I hope the next change of the menu is soon as I’m already looking forward to return for another splendid meal just like the one I just had. 🙂

Jaan, Singapore - lunch - the Autumn-Inspired Artisanal Menu-001

Jaan, Singapore - lunch - the Autumn-Inspired Artisanal Menu

I’m thankful to Chef Julien for his generosity (namely the complimentary dishes) and the time he took to speak to us.
However, if you noticed, I didn’t take a picture with him though I love having pictures taken with chefs that I admire and where I had enjoyed the meal. Somehow, his distant attitude and almost indifferent air that he exuded was a put off. It’s hard to explain as he did paid attention to us though it did came across as pretty “grudgingly”. I think I figured out why but that’s a personal matter.

No doubt I’ll return for his food but I won’t say it would be cos I’m fond of him.
However, for all of you reading this, I would still highly recommend Jaan for a meal if you’re in Singapore. Oh, on the other end of the dining spectrum, do remember to try the Omakase Burger too! :DD

Singapore Dec 2012 - JAAN-003


Operating Hours
Monday – Saturday: 12.00pm – 2.00pm
Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

Monday – Sunday: 7.00pm – 10.00pm
Closed on Public Holidays

Level 70, Equinox Complex, Swissôtel The Stamford

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  1. Sean

    Wow to the hummus! Sounds like great use of ingredients to put together hummus that’s far from the ordinary! Everyone I read about this place, I get more and more impressed 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      You would be broke if you go Sg Sean! There’s so many impressive restaurants and even more impressive accomplished chefs there!
      Even the ramen and burgers and breakfast and beers and coffees and breads are better in Sg.

  2. ulric

    I spot a Venison Saddle….chomp chomp chomp!…hehe =)

  3. rainier

    thanks for the mention.:-D
    For $68, I wudnt mind paying again for that scrumptious lunch.
    Teased my taste buds whole afternoon.
    Besides, to have a faultless&impeccable dishes,thats a whole new experience!

    1. rebeccasaw

      I totally agree. SGD68 is money well paid for (quoting u) faultless & impeccable dishes like these! 😀
      No worries about the mention. The next round, I would need to record that guy!

  4. Fui

    Love JAAN too much, you dick up my lust for JAAN now 😀

  5. rainier

    let u know when they start new launch menu! 🙂
    jaan isnt quite there yet, but theyr on the track

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yay! 😀
      You’re my Sg spy. LOL. For my tummy.
      Eh what u meant not there yet? Where’s even better?? 😀 Also a friend on twitter asked me to try Andre. Need booking months ahead he said.

  6. T

    Lovely post! I must visit this place when i next go singapore 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh thank you T! Your kind words meant so much 🙂 It took me quite some time to write it, hahah at least now i know there’s someone who read it! 😀
      Oh do visit Jaan. I trust Chef Julien won’t disappoint!

  7. rainier

    jaan had some hiccups, its these minute little details that separates great restaurant&exceptional ones.
    Amazingly,Andre used to helm jaan too, prior to ex Ebbe Vollmer&current Julian Royer.
    It was featured on NYtimes as one of the 10 restaurants worth a plane ride in 2012.
    If ur desiring to sample andre’s lunch, I can try to get a table.;-)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Wohooo.. ok.. let me know how much is a meal at Andre’s gonna cost me. LOL!

  8. veron

    Seriously, SGD68 isn’t bad for all that!

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